Updated Wooden Award Pick You Can NOT Miss Out On Betting

Updated Wooden Award Pick You Can NOT Miss Out On Betting

The end of college hoops regular season is about a month away — and then, it's March Madness time. However, there are other ways to get your gambling fix on the end of the NCAA season beyond just who wins the tournament, conference and national tourneys alike. Another future worth looking into is the Wooden Award, given to the best player in the nation. Keep reading to get our up-to-date picks on who becomes the latest Wooden Award recipient.

Before we go any further, let's take a hard look at the odds listed at top-used basketball betting sites. At the moment, these are the collegiate players most favored to take home the 2022-23 Wooden Award:

Zach Edey (Purdue)-1000-1000-1000
Jalen Wilson (Kansas)+900+900+900
Trayce Jackson-Davis (Indiana)+1800+1800+1800
Azuolas Tubelis (Arizona)+2500+2500+2500
Oscar Tshiebwe (Kentucky)+2500+2500+2500

2023 Wooden Award Betting Advice

Alright, we're going to be sharing different tips for betting on the 2023 Wooden Award. It's not as clear-cut as who's going to win the honor because as bettors, the value of the bet matters just as greatly. Allow us to explain:

Skip Betting On Edey

Look, you saw the odds above, Purdue's 7-foot-4 and 300-pound big man, Edey is running away with the Wooden Award — and for good reason. He ranks top-5 in both scoring (22.4 points per game) and rebounds (13.2). Edey is leading the "big man movement" that is taking fold in the college world — but certainly not in the NBA.

Not only is Edey excelling individually, but his Purdue team is ranked No. 1 in the country too. Being the best player on the best team is usually how these MVP awards go, whether it's in the college or pro game.

So why are we saying to avoid money on Edey? Welp, it comes down to one painfully obvious thing: there's almost zero money to be made when your betting line is -1000, as Edey's is right now. Seriously, this is the ultimate high-risk, low-reward choice, and that's never a smart position to be in as a bettor.

After all, it takes just one injury to knock Edey out of the running. And honestly, not to jinx him, but that scenario isn't unthinkable. Edey's work rate has been huge this season. He is averaging 31.3 minutes played through 23 games, which is on the high side for a man of Edey's stature. Not only that but his body isn't used to this workload. Last year, as a sophomore, Edey averaged just 19 minutes.

Do we think Edey is probably going to win the Wooden Award? Yes, but that doesn't mean he's a good bet — not at these lopsided odds. In the sole event that Edey catches an unfortunate injury, it might be worth putting money on this next player to swoop in late and take the Wooden Award.

Jalen Wilson Is Underdog Bet Worth Making

Look, we don't deny how far ahead Edey is of his competition. That's why we're of the belief it'll take an injury to the big man AND a herculean end-of-the-season run from somebody else to supplant Edey as the go-to choice. Did someone say Hercules cause that what Kansas Wilson is as of late.

Just a few weeks ago, Wilson exploded for 38 points against a highly-ranked Kansas State team. Four days later, he went off for another 30 points against another ranked foe, TCU. It's those types of performances against vaunted teams that turn heads, and earn Wooden Award votes. Does Wilson have a few more of those in him? We think so, which is what draws this bet from us.

Look, Wilson is arguably the best player in the Big-12. That is say something because the Big-12 is the best conference in the nation with one ranked team after another populating the standings. As it stands, Wilson is the conference's top point-scorer.

While we're confident in Wilson's abilities, he does need his Jayawkhs teammates to lend a hand. Those 38- and 30-point games we mentioned? Both resulted in losses. A lack of consistent scoring after Wilson has been Kansas' biggest downfall this season. If the team can figure that out, the Jayhawks can really go on a run, and help Wilson in the Wooden Award race too. At +900 odds, it's worth taking a shot on!

Jalen Wilson to win 2023 Wooden Award

How To Bet On 2023 NCAAB Futures

The Wooden Award is just one of many NCAAB futures bets currently available. Others include which teams makes the Final Four, and of course, who cuts down the nets as national champions. To get a one-stop shop for NCAA futures betting, visit one of the underneath bookmakers. In our newest sportsbook reviews, each site you see listed below graded high for its college basketball betting menu. So you won't be hard-pressed to find an NCAAB betting line at these sites.

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