Two Must-Make Betting Picks For Haney vs. Lomachenko

Two Must-Make Betting Picks For Haney vs. Lomachenko

The run of big boxing matches continues with Devin Haney vs. Vasyl Lomachenko. This is one of the most anticipated matchups in the sport and we have a complete breakdown of the title fight in this article. Keep reading to get our expert bets on Haney vs. Lomachenko, including who wins.

  • Who: Devin Haney vs. Vasyl Lomachenko
  • When: Saturday, May 20
  • Where: MGM Grand (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Haney vs. Lomachenko Fight Analysis

A few weeks ago, Tank Garcia said he was the new “face of boxing” but in reality, Haney has a strong case for the same moniker. He’s the undisputed lightweight champion after making easy work out of George Kambosos Jr. twice (in Kambosos' home of Australia, no less). Haney isn’t letting up by fighting the former number one pound-for-pound fighter in Lomachenko. A quick analysis of the Haney vs. Lomachenko odds shows that the champ is a comfortable favorite to win:

At -270 odds at top-used boxing betting sites, Haney has a higher than 70 percent chance of winning the matchup. Part of the lopsided favoritism is because Lomachenko’s perceived falloff. He’s now 35 years old and also was distracted by the Russian invasion of his native country, Ukraine. There’s evidence to believe Lomachenko isn’t the same fighter of old, but it’s not like he’s a pushover either.

After Lomachenko's shock loss to Teófimo López in 2020, he’s strung together three straight wins over Masayoshi Nakatani, Richard Comey, and Jamaine Ortiz. Lomachenko is still a slickster in the ring, confusing opponents with a weird but efficient barrage of punches from different angles.

That will be a perfect test for a defensive-minded fighter like Haney. The champ is also elusive inside the ropes, dodging punches with ease and jabbing his way to victory — at the behest of some fans who call the style “boring.” But hey, that style has given Haney a pristine 29-0 mark at only 24 years old. It’s a classic great defense vs. great offense matchup.

Best Bets For Haney vs. Lomachenko

We’ve dug deep into the best betting sites for boxing and pulled a pair of bets to make on Haney vs. Lomachenko. Here they are:

Total Rounds 10.5

It’s incredibly rare to get betting lines this one-sided when it comes to boxing over/under. Just take a look at the below options:

Over 11.5 rounds-550-550-550
Under 11.5 rounds+375+375+375

As you can see above, oddsmakers are overwhelmingly favoring the over. In other words, the belief is this fight is going the 12-round distance.

That would be on par with Haney’s style — defense, defense, jab, jab, and more defense. Fourteen of his 29 fights have gone to decision, including his last six. Haney isn’t one to go for knockouts, and even if he did, his power probably isn’t enough to score a KO. He’s more than fine with winning on the scorecards.

Lomachenko does have stopping power — or perhaps more accurately, did have it. He was a knockout artist early in his career but has only stopped his opponent once in his last four bouts.

There’s zero doubt in our minds that this fight is going the full 12 rounds. Zero doubt. However, at a -550 betting line, there’s admittedly not much money to make. For maximizing value, you’re better off taking the wager below (maybe even paryling these two together).

Over 11.5 rounds in Haney vs. Lomachenko fight

Fight Outcome

We’re going to be completely blunt with this next piece of advice: Haney is going to win. It would have been a different story if this fight was with a Lomachenko of four years ago. But at this age, we don’t see Lomachenko having enough offensive success against the speedier Haney.

However, that doesn’t mean you should just bet the Haney moneyline. At the moment, it’s set to -260 (Lomachenko is a +200 underdog) but there’s another wager that gets you way more value, and that’s the exact right outcome with prop. The point of this bet is to not only pick a victor but also choose how they win. The betting options are as follows:

Haney by Stoppage+550+550+550
Haney by Decision-170-170-170
Lomachenko by Stoppage+650+650+650
Lomachenko by Decision+275+275+275

We said this fight is going to the judges before so you know we’re sliding with the Haney by decision outcome. That wager is at -170, which is significantly more valuable than the -270 moneyline. We’d jump on that in a hurry if we were you!

Devin Haney to win by decision vs. Lomachenko

How To Bet On Haney vs. Lomachenko

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