Pick These Props To Profit Off Inoue vs. Fulton

Pick These Props To Profit Off Inoue vs. Fulton

Is Naoya Inoue vs. Stephen Fulton finally going to happen? The fight was delayed until late July, but it appears all signs are a go now. You’re going to want to read what Inoue-Fulton betting props are most worth taking. We’re giving out potential winners if you keep on reading!

  • What: Stephen Fulton vs. Naoya Inoue
  • When: Tuesday, July 25
  • Where: Ariake Arena in Tokyo

Inoue vs. Fulton Betting Preview

If you remember, this title fight was originally slotted for May 7. However, Inoue injured himself during camp, forcing the delay. How and what Inoue injures are remains a mystery because his team has been mum on the issue, which is slightly worrying as a bettor. Regardless, let’s preview Inoue vs. Fulton based on the information we do have.

Inoue is a -315 moneyline favorite to win at top betting sites for boxing. That has not changed since the injury so if bookies have inside information on the injury, it’s not worrying them. For Inoue, this is another opportunity to pad his legacy. He’s moving up to 122 pounds to face Fulton, the WBO and WBC champion. Inoue is going for his fourth divisional championship with this bout.

Because Inoue has spent his career almost entirely in Japan, he’s one of the most unknown second-ranked pound-for-pound fighters in recent memory. For those that may have heard but not seen Inoue, the closest comparison to him is Manny Pacquiao. Obviously, that’s a lofty comparison given Pac-Man is an all-timer, but the similarities are too close to overlook.

The first similarity is the size. Inoue began his career at 108 pounds, while Pacquiao started at 106. Pac would go on to fight as high as a light middleweight (147-154). Along the way, Pacquiao racked up world titles in eight different divisions — an accomplishment no one else in history can lay claim to. Despite packing on weight, Pacquiao’s speed and power hardly floundered.

We’re seeing the same play out with Inoue. As we said, he’s already picked up three divisional titles with a similar fight style as Pacquiao — fast and furious. Inoue is a highlight reel waiting to go off as 21 or his 24 wins have come via knockout. Like Pacquiao, Inoue’s career is also being guided by Top Rank’s Bob Arum.

But here’s where Inoue and Pacquiao differ: the caliber of competition. Pacquiao fought the best of the best in the United States, whereas Fulton is easily the biggest test of Inoue’s career. Fulton is a perfect 21-0, albeit with only eight KOs. Still, he’s a career-long 122-pounder and his current gold proves he’s the best in the division right now. Fulton will have to beat Inoue in his own backyard of Japan though, which is a challenge in itself.

Inoue vs. Fulton Betting Props To Take

There are about a dozen different Inoue-Fulton props available. However, we’ve honed in on two that are most worthwhile. Here’s where our money is going:

Fight To Go The Distance

Here’s a simple yes-or-no bet on whether or not the fight lasts the full 12 rounds. The betting options are as follows:


Look, if you think Fulton is winning this right, then it almost HAS to come by decision. Fulton is not a power puncher whatsoever. However, he is a high-volume puncher that will push the pace. That could wear out Inoue and lead to a decision upset.

However, we are not of the belief Fulton earns the upset. At the same time, it’s not to Inoue’s benefit the longer this bout goes. So we’re predicting an early stoppage (more on that next).

Yes fight to go the distance in Inoue vs. Fulton fight

Exact Fight Outcome

This prop bet is two-pronged. For one, it requires the bettor to pick the winner. But secondly, how that boxer wins also has to be chosen. That creates five different betting options:

Fulton By Stoppage+1000+1000+1000
Fulton By Decision+450+450+450
Inoue By Stoppage-110-110-110
Inoue By Decision+225+225+225

We already called a Inoue stoppage win so you know where our money is going. What makes Inoue so dangerous in the ring is his unpredictability. Inoue throws punches at a variety of angles, which could put Fulton in trouble in a hurry. All it takes is one big Inoue punch to turn this fight into a stoppage, and that’s exactly what we predict happens here.

Inoue to win by stoppage against Fulton

How To Bet On Inoue Vs. Fulton

Get your Inoue vs. Fulton bets sooner rather than later. You see, this fight goes down on a Tuesday night in Japan — not your typical Saturday night in the United States. This means the likelihood of you forgetting about it is high. We recommend placing bets at one of the bookies featured underneath. Per our latest sportsbook reviews, these sites are the best of the best for combat sports betting.

Heck, if you need a few spare bucks to bet with, there are lucrative sportsbook bonuses available too. Every single bookie has a free-play deal of some sort, usually worth hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play. That’s enough money to not only fund your Inoue vs. Fulton bets, but others across sports too. Free play earned can be spent however you like so don’t think it’s for Inoue-Fulton only.