Bet The House On Jake Paul To Beat Tommy Fury

Bet The House On Jake Paul To Beat Tommy Fury

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury are scheduled to duke it out for a third time — this time in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on February 26. Whether the fight actually goes through (the first two were scrapped) remains to be seen, but if it does, Paul is the betting obvious choice to make over Fury. Before you shut us down, hear us out and read the rest of this article for expert opinion. 

The first thing we want to mention is that the top-used boxing betting sites agree with us because Paul is being pegged as the favorite to win. Here are the current moneyline odds:

Jake Paul-180-180-180
Tommy Fury+150+150+150

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury Preview

The big “story” when previewing Paul vs. Fury is that, supposedly, this is the first “real boxer” that The Problem Child has faced. Paul has made a boxing career out of beating non-boxers — Nate Robinson, Anderson Silva, and Tyron Woodley, amongst others. Fury, of course, is from the famous boxing family that includes heavyweight champion, Tyson. 

But the real-boxer story is more fiction than fact with regards to Tommy. Look, the 23-year-old Fury looks the part of a boxer. He’s six-foot fall, has broad shoulders, and long limbs. Young Fury has also had access to elite boxing training since his birth. However, all these advantages have amounted to almost nothing — eight career fights (against mostly tomato cans) and now this career peak versus Paul of all people. 

Many of Paul’s critics discredit him as a mere “influencer boxer”, and while that may be true, Fury is every bit as that as well. Fury gained popularity in the U.K. after appearing on the hit reality show Love Island — where he met his baby mama that just birthed their first child in January (more on that later). Anyway, Fury has ridden the coattails of Love Island and his last name to make a name for himself, not necessarily any in-ring acumen. 

The influencer following isn’t the only similarity between the two opponents. They’re about the same age and height, which for Paul, is a new thing. Not only has Paul beat up on non-boxers, but he’s also largely beaten older fighters that he towered over. That will not be the case here as Fury is younger and slightly taller. Both boxers are orthodox punchers too. 

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury Betting Picks

We’re so confident in the outcome of this fight that we’re actually making two Paul vs. Fury picks come fight time. Here’s what we’re taking:

Moneyline Pick

You saw our headline so you already know we’re firmly behind Jake Paul in this one. But why? It’s simple, he loves the sport more than Fury. That matters significantly at this bottom-tier level since neither is particularly skilled at this sport. Cause of that, grittiness and mental toughness have a higher premium — both of which Paul exudes.

Hate him or love him, you can’t deny Paul’s dedication to the sport. Look, he doesn’t need to get punched in the face to make millions of dollars. Paul was already doing that off his social media fame — much easier money than getting in the ring. Yet, Paul has not only proceeded in the fight game but doubled down by creating Most Valuable Promotions and signing other boxers. 

Paul has been a professional all three years of his pro career but has gradually improved since then. That was on full display in his last fight versus Anderson Silva, an all-time great striker. Paul was able to outbox Silva, who was not a stationary fighter like Paul’s previous foes. 

We’ve seen no such improvements or dedication from Fury. The last time he was in the ring (just three months ago), Fury proceeded to miss contracted weight by seven pounds. Cause of that, his opponent was forced out and Fury had an “exhibition” against a random. The exhibition was a glorified sparring session with little action and a lot of boos from the crowd for the inactivity.

All evidence shows Fury’s heart isn’t in boxing — which is dangerous in this violent sport. Throw in the fact that he became a dad last month and there’s no way he’s preparing as he should. Paul, who lives and breathes the sport from training to promoting, is going to knock his head out, which leads us to our next pick. 

Jake Paul to beat Tommy Fury

Prop Pick

Every boxing match has the exact finish prop — decision, draw, or knockout. We’re firm in the belief that Paul is going to highlight-reel KO Fury. So when that prop becomes available (usually closer to fight time), then by all means plunker a big bet on it. 

Paul has a punishing right hook that’s knocked down every opponent he’s ever faced. It’s the same punch that Fury has a knack for getting tagged by. Our prediction is Paul finishes this fight early in round 4 with a thunderous right hand. 

How To Bet On Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury

If Fury somehow pulls out of this fight a third time, you’ll be happy to know any Paul-Fury bets placed will be refunded at the bookies featured underneath. All the sites are top-rated, based on our latest sportsbook reviews, so your money is in good hands no matter what. Speaking of which, you may actually be able to bet Paul vs. Fury for free with a lucrative sign-up bonus. See the table below to get a glimpse of the free-play deals available to leverage right now.