How To Make Money Off LeBron’s Scoring-Record Chase

How To Make Money Off LeBron’s Scoring-Record Chase

So long as LeBron James isn’t injured, it looks like he’ll be breaking the NBA’s all-time scoring record for an individual player during the upcoming 2022-23 season. But don’t just watch history unfold — make money off it too! Read this to get the best ways to bet on LeBron’s pursuit of NBA history!

What Is The NBA All-Time Scoring Record?

Before we get into our betting advice, we need to get into where the NBA scoring record currently stands. This will help level-set the expectations for LeBron to shatter the mark. It’s one of the most storied records in all of sports and is currently held by Kareem Abdul-Jabbal. He’s been atop the scoring list since 1984 with a point total of 38,387 (over 20 seasons).

Entering his 20th career season, James is 1,325 back of the No. 1 overall ranking. Given his career point average is 27.1 per game, he would need approximately 49 games to eclipse Abdul-Jabbal. Of course, that’s if everything goes to plan, which is not something you should expect over the course of an unforgiving NBA season. Allow us to explain that with our betting picks below.

Best Prop Bets For LeBron Breaking Scoring Record

There are really only two players who’ve ever been NBA scoring leaders — Abdul-Jabber for almost forty years and Wilt Chamberlain before him. This is rarified air that LeBron is embarking on, which is why the best basketball betting sites have rolled out a bevy of props around the scoring-record-breaking moment. Among those, these three special bets are most worth your money:

When Will James Break The Record

Let’s begin with an over/under per se. Bookies have marked a game on the Lakers’ season as the jumping-off point for the record being broken or not, and that’s January 31, 2023, when Los Angeles visits New York in the famed Madison Square Garden. Both betting options are practically split:

On or before Jan 31st2023-110
After Jan 31st2023-120

The Lakers' 49th game of the season — which matches LeBron’s scoring pace to reach Kareem — is a week before that on January 25 against San Antonio. Let’s be real, it’s not realistic to expect James, who will turn 38 years old this season, to not miss a single regular-season game. An injury will likely pop up and at the very least, new Lakers coach Darvin Ham will have James sit for “load management” reasons.

Matter of fact, James didn’t play his 47th game until the team’s 67th game last year. The prior season was one of James’s most injury-riddled as he missed 16 of 72 games (22 percent). Want to know the last time James suited up for at least 70 games in a single regular season? That would be 2017, which was his last in Cleveland.

Given that recent history, there’s no way we see James breaking the all-time mark before that Knicks matchup, which is the Lakers’ 52nd game overall. James’ body has a lot of mileage after 19 years (involving mostly deep playoff runs), which lends itself to lengthier injuries and rest. Bet the after Jan 31 option here.

After January 31, 2023 for LeBron James to break scoring record

Where Will James Break The Record?

The Los Angeles fans didn’t exactly embrace James with open arms when he first arrived — not after countless years of arguing Kobe Bryant was his superior. Still, James smashing the record would be special to see at the recently-renamed Crypto Arena. Will it happen there or away? The betting lines hint at the away:


Let’s say that James’ playing pace mirrors his injury-inflicted 2021-22 campaign. If so, game No. 49 for himself would not happen until March 10 when the Lake Show host the Raptors. To us, this March time period is the sweet spot for the record to fall. The Lakers will play 15 games this month — 10 at home and 5 on the road.

That’s a huge disparity favoring a home game. Therefore, we’re taking the underdog betting options and saying James will get the record whilst at home. The Lakers have two separate five-game home stands during March which is an opportune time for it to happen.

Road game for LeBron James to break scoring record

How Will James Break The Record?

Alright, let’s finish off with the actual history-making moment itself. Will it be a one-, two-, or three-point shot? Here’s where the odds stand for each:

2-Pt Field Goal-135-135
3-Pt Field Goal+200+200
Free Throw+500+500

Let’s be real, this is an absolute crapshoot bet. Unlike the previous two picks where we could guesstimate based on James’ averages, there’s really no telling what type of shot James will use to eclipse Abdul-Jabbar. Regardless, we can’t help ourselves by taking a shot in the dark here. We mean, when else in your life will you have a betting opportunity like this?

We’re going to rule out a free throw shot right away. LeBron will never admit it publicly, but he’ll have this record top of mind when it’s near. There’s no way a basketball historian like James won’t think about how this moment will be etched in history forever. Given that, he’ll try to earn the record on a normal shot attempt instead of a gimme free throw.

So that leaves us with a two-point field goal or a three-point. James has developed the latter shot over his career, but make no mistake about it, James remains a two-point shooter primarily — via his mid-range game or taking it to the basket. Our money says the record comes in the form of a two-point shot at home sometime in early March. Bank on all those outcomes with our three unique picks.

2-point field goal for LeBron James to break scoring record

How To Bet James’ Scoring Record Moment?

Not every sportsbook will allow you to bet on James’ record-breaking moment, but the bookmakers listed on the underneath table certainly will. Start here to be a part of history AND make cash at the same time. The table has up-to-date sportsbook reviews and sign-up bonus offer details marked so you can pick the best bookie for this potentially once-in-a-lifetime betting opportunity!