Make Money Off Haney vs. Kambosos 2 With These Bets

Make Money Off Haney vs. Kambosos 2 With These Bets

Only months removed from their first fight, Haney (28-0) and Kambosos Jr. (20-1) will meet once more for the undisputed lightweight belts come October 15 in Melbourne, Australia. We’re previewing the rematch right here, as well as offering our best money-making bets to make on Haney-Kambosos 2. Read on for expert betting advice!

Let’s begin with the current fight odds, as set by the best betting sites for boxing. Despite the home crowd advantage, Kambosos is a massive underdog. Here’s where the lines stand for each fighter: 

Devin Haney-800-800
George Kambosos+500+500

Preview Of Kambosos vs. Haney 2

Kambosos' longshot odds are a direct reflection of how the first fight — also in Australia — went down and it wasn’t a pretty night for the then-champion. Let’s recap that fight because it provides a base case for previewing Kambosos-Haney 2. 

Back in June, Haney’s betting line closed at -175 for the first meeting, whereas Kambosos was a more modest +150 underdog. The fight itself was completely dominated by Haney, however. True to his usual self, Haney might’ve not dazzled with flashy moves, but he did with efficiency. Using his jab to perfection, Haney won on scorecards with 116-112, 116-112, and 118-110 from the official judges.

Kambosos never had a moment in the fight where he looked in control. Not one. The Australian had zero answers for Haney’s jab, and cause of that, Haney was content with mostly throwing that only — not many combos or power punches needed.  In the end, Haney outlanded Kambosos 147-100.

Still, Kambosos enacted his rematch clause, which is why this fight is happening only four months after. Is that enough time to correct his mistakes and best Haney? You’re about to find out in the next section.

Haney vs. Kambosos 2 Betting Advice

We’re not going to pull any punches with our Haney-Kambosos 2 betting advice: the challenger is not built to avenge his loss. Look, Kambosos has a dangerous offense — just ask Teofimo Lopez, who touched the canvas in his upset title loss to the Australian. But that offensive ability means little if you can’t actually get to your opponent, which was the case in the first fight. 

The younger, more elusive Haney is simply faster than Kambosos. His entire game plan in fight one was jab, move, jab, and move some more. Simple, but highly effective considering Kambosos couldn’t overcome it. How much can things really change in four months' time? Not a whole lot is our prediction. 

That’s why we’re backing Haney to win. He’s just much more technically sound in the ring than Kambosos. And while Kambosos does have more knockout power, we have serious doubts whether he’ll be able to use it against the slick-moving Haney. We’d be shocked if Haney doesn’t win by unanimous decision once more. 

Devin Haney to beat George Kambosos Jr.

But let’s be real here, there’s almost zero money to be made betting on the Haney moneyline. The guy is -800 for Christ’s sake. Any betting value in this rematch will have to be found in the prop market, which won’t be available until closer to fight night. Still, there will undoubtedly be a prop on the exact method of victory for Haney — decision, knockout, or draw.

We expect odds to be much more value-rich with this prop, and when it’s up, you should hammer Haney by decision. We’ve already said this fight will unfold like the first one did and we’re sticking to that.

It’s not like Haney has dangerous fists anyways. All five of his last fights have gone to the scorecards and he’s completely content with that given his boxing style. Banking on another decision win for Haney is really the only way to cash-in on this championship bout.

How To Watch Haney vs. Kambosos 2

For those in the United States, ESPN is where you can watch the Haney vs. Kambosos bout, plus the whole undercard. It will be aired on regular ESPN, ESPN Deportes, and ESPN+ for those that prefer to stream it. For those interested, ESPN+ costs $10 a month or $100 for a yearly subscription. 

We should mention what’s on the event undercard — which is ripe with betting opportunities, as well. There’s a second world title fight, pitting the Melbourne-based IBF super-bantamweight champion Cherneka Johnson (14-1) and ex-two-time world belt-holder Susie Ramadan (28-3). The Moloney brothers, Jason and Andrew, will also have separate fights of their own. 

How To Bet Haney vs. Kambosos 2

If you’ve read up to here, you should have everything you need to bet on Haney vs. Kambosos 2 except one thing: a reliable sportsbook to lock in your wager. But don’t worry, we got you covered on that front too. Take a look at the table below. It’s loaded with the top betting sites (read our unbiased sportsbook reviews to prove it) across the whole Internet marketplace. 

You can go from reading this very sentence to putting money down on the fight within minutes. Any one of these sites offers a variety of deposit methods, which allow you to transfer money into the sportsbook quite easily. From there, just pick your bets and, if you take our betting advice above, wait to cash out come fight time on October 15.