Pacquiao vs. Spence Jr. Betting Predictions

Pacquiao vs. Spence Jr. Betting Predictions

The welterweight bout goes down on Saturday, August 21 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Betting odds are out and here's how online oddsmakers are pegging the fight:

Manny Pacquiao+166+165
Errol Spence Jr.-206-200

No surprise whatsoever, but Spence is the clear betting favorite to win. However, at only 1-to-2 odds is surprising. Then again, Pacquiao is much more known by the general betting crowd, which likely helps bring down his betting line.  

Pacquiao-Spence Tale Of The Tape

Pacquiao, or "Pac-Man" as he's dubbed, needs little to no introduction. His place in boxing history is cemented as one of the all-time greatest. The only octuple champion (12 world championships in eight different weight classes). A 62-7-2 record, including wins against the likes of Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley, and most recently, Keith Thurman (who was undefeated up until then).

But here's the kicker: Pacquiao is 42 years old. The aging star is on the doorsteps of retirement. 

Spence Jr., meanwhile, is in the prime of his career. Only 31 years old, Spence's record is a pristine 31-0. He last defeated Danny Garcia in December — his first fight post a horrific car accident.

Aside from the 11-year age difference, Spencer is also the bigger fighter of the two. His 5-foot-9 frame is three inches taller than Pacquiao's and with that, he also holds a five-foot reach advantage. Both fighters are southpaws. 

Pacquiao-Spence Preview

Let's get it over with and say it out loud: we have serious concerns about Pacquiao's durability, and specifically, his "gas tank" over the course of a 12-round fight.

Never mind that he's 42 years old. Pacquiao also hasn't fought in two years. A layoff from the ring — especially one that long — is never kind to any fighter, little less one with as many miles on the odometer as Pacquiao. 

Plus, we have seen hints of Pacquiao "gassing himself" out in fights. Take his last time out against Thurman. Sure, it was a giant upset win, but Pacquiao was noticeably slower in the second half of it. He got away with it against Thurman, but Spence, the No. 6 pound-for-pound fighter today, will make him pay if that happens again. 

Ultimately, we think the fight's biggest difference-maker is stamina. Spence Jr. likely has it, while Pacquiao doesn't. 

Pacquiao-Spence Betting Pick

If you've read this far, then you know what we're about to say: Spence Jr. is winning. He's the no-brainer bet to make here.

With that said, all the pressure is on him to do as we predict. The second-biggest dream match in boxing right now is Spence vs. unbeaten Terence Crawford, and Spence needs a convincing win against Pacquaio to keep that dream alive. 

Given his clear advantages in size, skill, and age, we fully expect Spence to triumph over Pacquaio come August 21. Pacquaio will make him work for it early on, but as the fight progresses, Spence will take full control and ensure a victory. 

Errol Spence Jr. To beat Manny Pacquiao

Bonus Bet: Method of Victory Prop

Obviously, Spence's money line near -200 isn't a bargain. Bettors looking for more value can find it in the prop betting market. One of our personal favorites is the trusty method of victory prop — knockout, draw, or decision?

Obviously, we picked Spence to win so that rules out a draw. Now the question becomes, does Spence stop Pacquiao early or not? We'd be shocked if he did drop him.

Yes, we've ragged on Pacquiao thus far about his age and fatigue issues, but he's still a warrior in the ring. Pac-Man's only lost by KO three times before — twice very early in his career and another against a steroid-upped Juan Manuel Marquez — and doesn't go down easily.

We're betting Spence wins by decision, a unanimous one at that. If this is Pacquaio's last fight (which we have doubts given he still has drawing power), he won't go out like that on the canvas. It'll be a much more graceful swan song for Pac-Man. 

How To Bet The Pacquiao-Spence Fight

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