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NBA Betting Tips

NBA Betting Tips

Twenty of the NBA’s teams are in action on this super-busy Wednesday night, which means there will be plenty of opportunities for you to place a winning wager. Keep it here with us, as we use TopBet’s lines to deliver our picks for every game.

For fans of sports betting, basketball betting specifically has a special place in their heart. The high-scoring games, matchups between long-standing rivalries, and the superstars all make a wager on basketball especially thrilling. We are here to help you keep your head through the excitement. We have basketball betting tips and advice for all bettors looking to make the best bets they can.

This includes:

  • Finding the right betting site 

  • Navigating the different types of NBA bets 

  • Developing your own basketball betting strategy.

nba betting tips and odds


Basketball Betting Basics

It is important to get the basketball betting basics down pat before building a big strategy. Without these fundamentals, weather you’re betting on the NBA or college basketball, the rest of the wagering will be flimsy.


Most of us are most familiar with moneyline bets. It is a simple bet where you simply choose who you think will win on the court that night. For instance, if you think the Lakers will beat the Warriors, you simply bet on the Lakers. You do not have to think about the final amount of points or anything else.


Also known as a totals bet, an over/under in basketball games is great because it is such a high-scoring sport. In this bet type, you want to pay attention to the relative strength of the offense and defense. It doesn't matter who the underdog is, as you are betting on the total number of combined points scored between the two basketball teams.


In a parlay bet, you combine a number of single bets into one large or multiple bet. An important consideration here is that you must win all legs of the parlay in order to win the whole bet. If you miss just one, the whole bet slip is a loss.

Yes, it comes with greater risk, but it also comes with greater reward. The reward for a winning parlay can be huge, and depending on the bookmaker, it can come with some extra juice as well!

nba betting odds and tips


Point Spread

Point spreads are a lot of fun in basketball. Here, it is assumed that the underdog will lose. You are only betting on how large the point difference will be. Oddsmakers will post a number, say 6.5, and then sports bettors will choose if they think the underdog, perhaps the Knicks, will lose by more or less than that. It requires a bit more knowledge about basketball than a simple moneyline bet.

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Top 4 NBA Betting Tips

If you have been betting on the NHL or MLB for some time now, you will have a good handle on sports betting in general.

Choosing the Right Sportsbook

You really want a sportsbook that does it right for NBA games throughout the regular season and into the playoffs. That means that they provide the best odds and complete basketball betting markets all year-round, not just in the postseason.

It is a good idea to have more than one account at different sportsbooks. This gives you the most access to free bets, welcome bonuses, and betting markets throughout the NBA season.

nba tips and odds


Developing Your Basketball Betting Strategy

It is important to understand that each bettor’s basketball strategy will be unique. There is no one size fits all here. This means you should play to your strengths. Are you best when you focus on your favorite team in the NBA? Or do you do better when betting on NCAA basketball?

An important part of this process will be having a solid bankroll management plan. This means that you regiment how much you risk on each basketball bet, so that you can monitor the overall strength of your strategy. When you stabilize your risk, you have a yardstick for measuring your reward, which allows you to assess if you should shift strategy or not.

Follow Our NBA Picks

Follow our basketball predictions to stay up to date. Not only will they help you when making bets on specific NBA games that we cover, but they will also provide a good structure for you to understand basketball betting generally.

This way, you can familiarize yourself with what to research and look out for when making different types of basketball bets.

Follow Line Movement

The betting odds for basketball games will change over the course of days or months leading up to the match. This is true for any number of different types of bets.

For example, in futures betting, where you bet on big matches such as the winner of the NBA Championship, or on the winner of March Madness, will change a lot. These betting markets are available for many months, sometimes even the whole year. These lines will move throughout the year.

In live basketball betting, the betting odds can change play-by-play. Here the lines move like lightning, meaning basketball bettors really need to be on their toes in order to make the best bets.

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