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NBA Playoff Futures: Conference and Championship Finals Betting Picks

NBA Playoff Futures: Conference and Championship Finals Betting Picks

If you are looking to make some basketball bets today, you are in the right place. Here we will provide NBA Playoffs picks and betting analysis for tonight’s games, as well as a look to the futures wager of who will win the NBA Championship 2021. 


Brooklyn Nets to Win it All

The Brooklyn Nets are the current favorites to win the NBA Championship 2021. This is a constant across all top basketball betting sites. Take a look at the latest odds to win the NBA Final this year.

NBA Outright Winners OddsBovadaGT BetsMyBookie
Brooklyn Nets+225+225+250
Los Angeles Lakers+375+400+375
Los Angeles Clippers+425+400+400
Utah Jazz+800+800+800
Milwaukee Bucks+900+900+900
Philadelphia 76ers+1000+900+900
Phoenix Suns+1700+1700+1700
Denver Nuggets+2300+2100+2100

You also may notice that the Nets do not have a negative value in their odds. This means that they are only the relative favorite, not the absolute favorite. If they were the absolute favorite they would have more than a 50% chance of winning, according to betting markets.

But as the relative favorite, this only means they have a plurality of probability to win. They are the most likely to win, but the field altogether is still more likely to win than they are.

This makes betting on the Nets slightly riskier than betting on a favorite normally is. However, this is also a good thing; the riskier the bet, the larger the profit for a winning bet slip.

This is a chance to bet on a favorite, but with the profits of an underdog strategy. Bet on the Nets to win it all this year.

Picks for the Best NBA Bets Tonight

Here are our free expert picks for NBA bets tonight!

Miami Heat to Beat Boston Celtics

These two teams are very well-matched, so this will not be a blowout by any means. They have met each other twice this season, with one win each. However, each game is different, and the Celtics are going into this one disadvantaged.

One of their stars, Jaylen Brown, has torn a ligament in his wrist, leaving the Celtics severely weakened. If they were already even matched, having this big injury, for what looks like the rest of the season, is not good news.

The Miami Heat and their stellar defense will be able to keep the Celtics at bay. Bet on Miami for the win.

Lakers to beat the New York Knicks

Entering this game the Los Angeles Lakers have two big advantages: their hot streak, and their desperation.

They are coming off a recent win against the amazing Phoenix Suns. This momentum is what can really make a difference in the final stretch leading to the NBA Playoffs. Plus, they are playing for their lives. Their playoffs spot is on the line, and you will see this in their hustle on the court.

These are the types of things that will make a significant difference when the two teams are so evenly matched. In this case, both have a (.559) record.

Best NBA Betting Sites

Remember to sign up only at the very best sports betting sites. Otherwise, the picks are not nearly as useful. The sportsbook is really key to making sure you can deploy an effective NBA Playoffs betting strategy.

A key part of the sportsbooks we recommend is the welcome bonus. This is the most effective way to make sure you get to develop a successful NBA Playoffs wagers portfolio. Of course, other types of bonuses, such as reload promotions, are also very important.

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