NBA Playoff Futures: Conference and Championship Finals Betting Picks

NBA Playoff Futures: Conference and Championship Finals Betting Picks

Brooklyn Nets to Win it All

The Brooklyn Nets are the current favorites to win the NBA Championship 2021/22. This is a constant across all top basketball betting sites. Take a look at the latest odds to win the NBA Final this year.

NBA Outright Winners Odds 2023BovadaGTBetsMyBookie
Golden State Warriors+450+450+450
Boston Celtics+625+600+600
Brooklyn Nets+700+700+800
Los Angeles Clippers+800+800+800
Milwaukee Bucks+850+850+900
Phoenix Suns+900+900+900

You also may notice that the Nets do not have a negative value in their odds. This means that they are only the relative favorite, not the absolute favorite. If they were the absolute favorite they would have more than a 50% chance of winning, according to betting markets.

But as the relative favorite, this only means they have a plurality of probability to win. They are the most likely to win, but the field altogether is still more likely to win than they are.

This makes betting on the Nets slightly riskier than betting on a favorite normally is. However, this is also a good thing; the riskier the bet, the larger the profit for a winning bet slip.

This is a chance to bet on a favorite, but with the profits of an underdog strategy. Bet on the Nets to win it all this year.

Golden State to Win the Western Conference

The Golden State Warriors have been a shadow of their former selves of late. But, starting the 2021/22 preseason, they're looking very strong. They won all their preseason games, including back-to-back wins against state rivals the Los Angeles Lakers.

With the main man Steph Curry very much back and in form, they will look to him to do what he's always done again this season. 

While there is a lot of focus on Curry, the Warriors step into the title race with a comprehensive team. It will be all eyes on the GSW in the Western Conference as the season progresses and we expect them to go all the way. 

Best NBA Betting Sites

Remember to sign up only at the very best sports betting sites. Otherwise, the picks are not nearly as useful. The sportsbook is really key to making sure you can deploy an effective NBA Playoffs betting strategy.

A key part of the sportsbooks we recommend is the welcome bonus. This is the most effective way to make sure you get to develop a successful NBA Playoffs wagers portfolio. Of course, other types of bonuses, such as reload promotions, are also very important.

See below the top sportsbooks where you can wager online and choose the best one for you: