Must-Make Bets For Ryan Garcia vs. Devin Haney Fight

Must-Make Bets For Ryan Garcia vs. Devin Haney Fight

One of the most-hyped boxing bouts of the year is Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia. It might also be the easiest bet of the year because we’re quite sure how this fight goes. For our expert betting picks on the Garcia-Haney fight, keep on reading!

  • What: Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia
  • When: Saturday, April 20
  • Where: Madison Square Garden in New York City

Haney vs. Garcia Preview

It only makes sense to begin our preview of Haney vs. Garcia with a look at the betting odds. At least on the moneyline, the best boxing betting sites are quite convinced Haney is running away with this fight. Here’s the latest odds:

Devin Haney-750-750-750
Ryan Garcia+500+500+500

The careers of both Garcia and Haney should be mandatory studying for up-and-coming boxers. It’s a tale of how careers can unfold —for the better and for the worse. Once upon a time, Haney and Garcia were near equals in the ring quite literally. They fought one another six times in the amateur ranks and split the series 3-3. The last of those fights was in January 2015 during the quarterfinals of the USA Youth National Championships.

Since then, both careers have dovetailed. Haney dedicated himself to training, and dividends are paying off right now at only 25 years old. He’s won championships at both 135 and 140 pounds, making him one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the sport. Haney isn’t flashy in the ring, but his slick style has earned him a 31-0 record.

Garcia has taken the opposite approach. Whereas Haney is comfortable jabbing his way to victory, Garcia only knows one path to winning: knockout. Garcia has knocked out 20 of the 25 opponents he’s faced. But more importantly, Garcia hasn’t dedicated himself to the sport nearly as much as Haney. Garcia has gotten more attention for his social-media antics rather than in-ring prowess. It’s helped turn him into a known commodity, but you can’t help but feel Garcia has squandered his in-ring potential.

Those antics have marred the build-up to this fight. Garcia has publicly beefed with his promoter Oscar De La Hoya and flamed conspiracy theories with Andrew Tate on X. As a bettor, the first question on your mind should be: is Garcia even in the right state of mind entering this fight? We can’t know for sure, but boy, it doesn’t look like it.

Haney vs. Garcia Betting Picks

You saw the fight’s moneyline odds, there’s just about zero betting value there. So we won’t waste your time picking the outright winner. However, there are better Haney vs. Garcia picks to make that at least have some betting value. Allow us to point out two:

Over/Under 10.5 Rounds

Over 10.5 Rounds-290-290-290
Under 10.5 Rounds+200+200+200

Let’s assume Garcia has his head on straight — big if — but let’s analyze this fight purely from a skills standpoint. How do the two stack up against each other?

It’s clear-cut that Haney is miles more skilled than Garcia. That goes in just about every single aspect of boxing aside from speed and power. Those two departments definitely lean toward Garcia. The thing is, Garcia doesn’t have the in-ring IQ to use those advantages against top-end fighters.

This was apparent when Garcia fought Tank Davis last year. It was the biggest challenge of Garcia’s career and he failed miserably. At one point in round two of the bout, Garcia spammed left hooks — his trademark weapon — like a video gamer smashing buttons on a controller. Over and over and over again. Davis flooded Garcia that same round then again in Round 7 to score the KO victory.

Has Garcia improved since then? We seriously doubt it. He’s changed trainers since then and did best Oscar Duarte in December, but again, his out-of-ring shenanigans have overshadowed anything he’s done in the ring in ages. Garcia has one shot and one shot only at beating Haney: KO’ing him.

We’re not banking on that happening. Haney’s a defensive savant inside the ring. He’s slick and has brilliant footwork — traits that help him evade pressure and also connect with his jab repeatedly. Some may call Haney “boring”, but his style is obviously working. There’s no reason to go away from that, especially when Garcia does have a punishing left hook he has to be wary of. All this is to say, this fight is going over 10.5 rounds and we’re super confident in that outcome.

Over 10.5 rounds in Haney vs. Garcia fight

Exact Method Of Victory

Because of how one-sided this fight is expected to be, value is hard to come by when betting this. However, wagering on the method of victory prop is probably your “best bet” at securing some value. Have a look-see at the possible betting options:

Haney by Decision-190-190-190
Haney by KO+240+240+240
Garcia by Decision+1200+1200+1200
Garcia by KO+900+900+900

Slam a bet on Haney by decision — and we mean slam it. Getting him at -180 odds here is significantly better than Haney’s -750 moneyline.

There’s no way we see Haney stopping Garcia. It’s just not his MO, hence why he has only 15 KOs in 31 career fights — almost all early in his career. Haney is a pillow puncher and even as careless as Garcia is defensively, there will be no stoppage in this one.

Haney by decision over Ryan Garcia

How To Bet On Haney vs. Garcia

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