Must-Make Bets On NCAA Tournament Bubble Teams

Tourney Betting

There are dozens of college hoops programs “on the bubble” of making March Madness or not. So many that there are special bets on each of these teams, and there’s sneaky good betting value to be had too. We have free betting advice on these NCAA tourney bubble teams so keep on reading if you want to make some money!

2024 NCAA Tournament Betting Advice

These are all going to be simple yes-or-no bets on whether a team makes the 2024 NCAA Tournament. Two betting options, but not an easy selection when there are so many variables at play to be one of the 68 programs chosen for March Madness. Let’s get into it:


If you haven’t followed college basketball as of late, you might be surprised to see the Wildcats on the bubble. Here you have arguably the most successful program of the last decade with two national titles. But that was then and this is now as Villanova is a marginal favorite to go dancing in March. Here’s the latest odds at the best betting sites for basketball:


Villanova missed last year’s March madness event, going to the NIT instead. That looked the case again when the team got off to a measly 11-10 record that included a five-game losing streak.

However, the Wildcats have caught fire, going 4-1 as of late. They’ve caught momentum at a perfect time because tough games against tourney-bound clubs like UConn, Providence, and Seton Hall are next. Going 2-1 in this stretch could propel Villanova back to the NCAA Tournament.

We’re throwing money on the yes. There’s something to say about Villanova’s recent success. Plus, they are a brand name, and let’s not pretend that doesn’t influence the voting committee that wants to squeeze every dollar out of this event.

Yes Villanova to make 2024 NCAA Tournament


The Bulldogs now appear to be on the outside looking in on the tourney, at least if the latest odds are to be believed. Look below as Butler is favored to miss March Madness:


When talking about Villanova before this, we neglected to mention they just played Butler earlier this week. It was the ultimate bubble game and Butler lost 72-62 on the road. With the defeat, the Bulldogs really have their backs up against the wall.

The loss brings Butler to three defeats in a row. They’re cold at the worst possible time, mainly because the defense has faltered big time. They’ve now allowed at least 70 points in seven consecutive games. Personally, we’re sticking a fork in the Bulldogs. There’s almost no time to figure this thing out anymore.

No Butler to make 2024 NCAA Tournament


Compared to the other teams we’ve covered up until this point, Nevada has pretty lopsided odds in favor of reaching March Madness. Just check out these betting lines:


The Wolf Pack has been a sneaky good program since 2017. In that span, they’ve qualified for the tourney on four occasions, even going to the Sweet 16 one of those times. With an impressive 5-4 record against Quad 1 teams, odds are high they can make a fifth trip back.

But honestly, we see some value in taking the no bet. Not because we don’t think Nevada can play ball (they can), but because they could very easily trip up the rest of the way. If the Wolf Pack flounder in the Mountain West tournament — a conference that potentially has four or five tourney bids in it — Nevada could easily be on the outside looking in.

The thing is the Wolf Pack has almost no margin for error from here on out. It had one of the easiest non-conference schedules (238th in strength of schedule) so they’re living and dying on that Quad 1 mark. If a few losses get added to the record, Nevada could miss out. To us, those +195 odds are worth taking in the decent possibility event it happens.

No Nevada to make 2024 NCAA Tournament

Wake Forrest

Bracketologists are quite split on Wake Forrest. They’re only 5-9 against top two quadrant teams so the resume is only so-so. Deposits that, they’re currently favored to qualify for the Big Dance, as seen below:


We think the Denon Deadons need one more Quad 1 win to solidify their tourney spot. At the moment, they only have one to their name, a double-digit win over Florida. But playing in a stacked ACC, Wake Forrest will have their chances against tough foes. We say they earn one win and get into the tournament. Bet the yes on this one!

Yes Wake Forrest to make 2024 NCAA Tournament

How To Bet On March Madness?

In under a month, March Madness betting opportunities will be everywhere as the tourney will be well underway. Now is the time to position yourself cause you don’t want to miss out on this big money-making opportunity.

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