These Fury vs. Ngannou Bets Will Pay The Best

These Fury vs. Ngannou Bets Will Pay The Best

We have ourselves another gimmick boxing match between two of the most feared heavyweights in the world — boxing’s Tyson Fury and MMA’s Francis Ngannou. We’ve analyzed the Fury vs. Ngannou betting markets to hand-pick our favorite bets. Keep reading to get our expert advice!

  • What: Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou boxing match
  • When: Saturday, October 28
  • Where: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Fury vs. Ngannou Fight Preview

This fight is going to be mostly a boxing match (more on that soon), therefore, it’s zero surprise that Fury is the overwhelming favorite to win in his own sport. The odds are a perfect way to start this Fury vs. Ngannou preview. At the moment, here’s how one-sided things stand on top-used betting sites for boxing:

Tyson Fury-1000-1000-1000
Francis Ngannou+600+600+600

Officially, it’s an exhibition match so no one’s records will be affected. The fight is a ten-rounder with three-minute rounds a piece. From there, it’s standard boxing scoring. So yes, the deck is stacked against Ngannou, and heavily so.

The question is, why is Ngannou even doing this? Well, cash grab is the No. 1 reason. But two, Ngannou has long dreamed of boxing — and this was way before becoming UFC heavyweight champion. Ngannou grew up idolizing Mike Tyson and originally wanted to become a boxer before being introduced to mixed martial arts. The rest, as they say, is history (he's being trained by Tyson for this too).

You never want to use the word “never” in boxing, but let’s be real, Ngannou isn’t winning this fight. His only realistic path to victory is stun KO’ing Fury. After all, Fury has tasted the canvas on multiple occasions and Ngannou is believed to be one of the heaviest hitters around — albeit with smaller MMA gloves, not boxing ones. Despite the outcome we all expect, a Fury win, there are prop bets that can make betting this more worthwhile than the -1000 moneyline. Those picks are listed below.

Best Beta For Fury vs. Ngannou

There are about a dozen or so Fury vs. Ngannou prop bets right now. Our eyes are on two of them that are sort of interlinked. Allow us to explain:

Exact Outcome

There’s more betting value in the exact outcome bet. With this wager, it’s not about merely picking who wins, but how so — stoppage or decision. Here’s the list of betting options:

Fury by Stoppage-450-450-450
Fury by Decision+600+600+600
Ngannou by Stoppage+700+700+700
Ngannou by Decision+6600+6600+6600

The question now is, can Ngannou actually last inside the ring? Nevermind just the disadvantages of this not being his sport, but there are physical limitations too. Most bettors are surprised to learn that Ngannou is actually two years older than Fury. He’s also five inches shorter. Neither of those disadvantages is easy to overcome for a seasoned fighter, little less a complete newcomer like Ngannou.

It’s also been nearly two years of fighting inactivity for Ngannou. His last UFC match was in January 2022 so you’d expect more physical decline in that span.

Any way you slice it, Ngannou has zero advantages in this fight besides his punching power. That’s it. But honestly, Fury proved his mettle against Deontay Wilder, who is the best knockout puncher of his generation. If Fury can go toe to toe with Wilder — including being knockdown multiple times — then Fury can eat Ngannou’s punches, no questions asked.

The next biggest question is, how hard will Fury actually try? Cause believe us, Fury going at 100-percent capacity could easily finish Ngannou. But we have a hard time believing he’ll go max effort — not when a showdown with Olek Usykis looming. That’s a legacy fight for Fury to be the best heavyweight of his generation, and there’s no need to take unnecessary risks in this one.

Screw it, we’re throwing money on Fury by decision. That betting line is too juicy to pass up. Fury is friends with Ngannou — in spite of any trash talk that’s just for show. We think he’ll play nice and win by decision rather than embarrassing Ngannou.

Tyson Fury to win by decision vs. Ngannou

Fight To Go The Distance

Piggybacking off the last bet, there’s also a prop on whether this goes the distance at 10 rounds or not. Here’s the odds both ways:


Since we’re on record with Fury by derision, then you know our betting choice here — yes at plus money. It might be worth parlaying the two outcomes together. If our hypothesis is correct, that would be a fat payout. To us, that’s worth the risk so we’re doing it.

Yes to go the distance in Fury vs. Ngannou fight

How To Bet On Ngannou vs. Fury

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