Best Prop Bets To Take Joshua Vs. Usyk 2

Best Prop Bets To Take Joshua Vs. Usyk 2

We’re on the cusp of one of the biggest boxing fights of the year — Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk, the rematch. The prop betting market is hot for Joshua vs. Usyk 2 but we believe the three bets below are the ones most worth your time AND money. Here’s how to bet the heavyweight title fight on August 20 in Saudi Arabia:

Fight To Go The Distance Prop Pick

Let’s begin with the classic prop bet on whether the fight goes the full 12-round distance or not. The most-used boxing sites are completely split on this one, setting both lines at -110:


Of course, the first fight went to the judges as Usyk secured the win, winning the cards 117-112, 116-112, and 115-113. Though, it felt like Usyk was on the verge of stopping Joshua — in his backyard at Wembley Stadium, no less — in round 12 as he had him staggered. By that point, he had a comfortable lead so there was no point in "going for the kill."

However, Usyk might not have the same luxury in Saudi Arabia. That’s because Anthony Joshua should be a different fighter. We mean, he has to be if he has any chance of avenging the loss. In the first bout, Joshua’s gameplan failed, trying to outpoint Usyk — what became a recipe for disaster. Joshua just isn’t more technically-sound than his counterpart, but perhaps, he’s more aggressive.

Joshua’s biggest advantage is his size and a byproduct of that, his power. Usyk, a former cruiserweight, is a small heavyweight, giving up multiple inches to Joshua in height and reach. To better utilize that advantage, Joshua swapped trainers ahead of the rematch. Longtime trainer Robert McCracken has been replaced by Robert Garcia, who has a reputation for bringing out aggression in his fighters.

Joshua, undoubtedly, will try to bully Usyk more in the forthcoming match. But at the same time, is Usyk really the type of fighter you want to bully at this very moment? The man literally came from a war zone, needing permission from Ukrainian officials to participate in this matchup. Joshua might want to be careful about what he wishes for.

Someone is getting stopped (more on that soon). That’s why we’re betting on the no here because this grudge match won’t be decided by the judges.

Fight will NOT go the distance between Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk

Exact Fight Outcome Prop Pick

The regular moneyline has Usyk as a -200 betting favorite to win straight up, while Joshua is +165 to pull off the upset. But a much more lucrative way to go about betting on who wins is to pick the exact fight outcome. Here’s all your betting options available at popular online sportsbooks:

Usyk To Win By Stoppage+200+200
Usyk To Win By Decision+185+185
Joshua To Win By Stoppage+275+275
Joshua To Win By Decision+600+600

We’re going to be completely blunt here and say this is Usyk’s fight to win. He’s just the better all-around boxer. In the first meeting, Usyk put on an absolute clinic — his in-ring slickness, accuracy, and IQ were on full display in the unanimous decision won. Usyk has a strong argument as the sport’s best pound-for-pound fighter right now.

And like we predicted in the previous pick, this fight is ending in stoppage. Usyk, a master general in the ring, will be ready for Joshua’s bully tactics. And we’re confident he’ll be able to dish it back, reminiscent of the 12th round when he had Joshua clinging for dear life.

Plus, we have to mention the Ukraine factor. While some bettors are arguing the conflict with Russia is a distraction for Usyk, we think the complete opposite. Playing a sport — and getting paid millions of dollars to do so — is a welcome escape from real-world, life-changing problems. If there’s ever a fight in which Usyk wants to make a statement, it’s this one. He’s not just fighting for himself, but for an entire war-torn country. Bet on him to win by stoppage.

Oleksandr Usyk to win by stoppage

Round Betting Prop Pick

Alright, this round betting prop isn’t for the faint of heart. You see it in the steep odds across the board, this wager isn’t easy to pinpoint — not with 11 unique betting options. Regardless, we think it’s worth taking a stab so long as you bet a small sum. Take a look at the entire betting field:

Usyk To Win In Rounds 1-3+2500+2500
Usyk To Win In Rounds 4-6+1000+1000
Usyk To Win In Rounds 7-9+650+650
Usyk To Win In Rounds 10-12+700+700
Usyk To Win By Decision+185+185
Joshua To Win In Rounds 1-3+1800+1800
Joshua To Win In Rounds 4-6+1000+1000
Joshua To Win In Rounds 7-9+900+900
Joshua To Win In Rounds 10-12+1400+1400
Joshua To Win By Decision+600+600

We’re already on record saying Usyk wins by finish so that narrows down our betting options. But which one the 12 rounds will Joshua fall in? Our inkling says somewhere late in the fight. Look, you have to respect Joshua. The former heavyweight champion is no chump and it really feels like this is a career-defining fight for him. That’s why he changed trainers this late in his career.

However, a problem that could arise is that Joshua gasses himself out. If he’s really coming out more aggressive on August 20 — which all indications point toward — then he’ll be expending a lot more energy than normal. Joshua’s gas tank has never been elite to begin with. Now tack on that bully strategy? Welp, Joshua could be running on fumes in the second half of the bout.

The sweet spot for a Usyk stoppage win feels like Round 7 through 9. Our final prediction is that it’s game over for Joshua in Round 9.

Round 7-9 stoppage win for Oleksandr Usyk

How To Bet Joshua vs. Usyk For Free?

Yes, you read the above headline correctly, you can bet on Joshua vs. Usyk 2 completely free. That is, if you leverage a sportsbook bonus and earn free play from it. It’s doable and the table below lists the best bonuses currently available. Pick one and your boxing bets could be “on the house.”