SBB Best Ways To Bank On Logan Paul, KSI Boxing Matches

SBB Best Ways To Bank On Logan Paul, KSI Boxing Matches

Rivals turned business partners, Logan Paul and KSI, will co-main event a massive “influencer boxing” card in October. Hate it or love it, it doesn’t matter if you’re betting profitably off Paul and KSI’s fights. We can help you do just that. Keep on reading to get our free picks on the separate fights.

  • What: Misfits 009
  • Where: AO Arena in Manchester, England
  • When: October 14
  • How to watch: DAZN

KSI vs. Tommy Fury Betting Pick

These two British lads will headline the card. The best boxing betting sites have odds out for the fight, and as it stands, Fury is the convincing favorite over KSI. Here are the odds with the fight two months out:

Tommy Fury-350-350-350

Fury has ascended to the “final boss” of the influencer boxing schtick. Back in February, Fury defeated Jake Paul — KSI’s mortal enemy — by decision. It was Paul’s first-ever loss. Now the brother of Tyson Fury will try to do the same to the undefeated KSI.

Here’s the thing about KSI: he’s best absolutely nobody. Paul is oft-criticized for not facing “real” boxers, but KSI is an even worse offender. KSI not only doesn’t battle boxers but pro fighters of any kind either. He’s racked up wins against fellow influencers like Joe Weller (which birthed this influencer boxing thing), Logan Paul, and a FaZe clan member. Fury will be a huge step up in competition for KSI.

Only one of KSI fight (the rematch with Paul) was even sanctioned — that’s how much of a novice KSI is. The same goes for this fight, which will count as an exhibition for both. Fury is 9-0 professionally, against tomato cans, sure, but at least against actually trained boxers.

We don’t see KSI winning this — he has no fundamentals or natural athleticism to fall back on. Fury is the easy pick to make here. Once the fight nears and betting props are released, taking Fury to win by decision might lay out slightly better. We expect Fury to outclass KSI in a one-sided fight, but not knock him down (Fury is a pillow puncher).

Tommy Fury to beat KSI

Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis Betting Pick

Logan Paul has not stepped into the ring since he fought Floyd Mayweather in 2021. But get this, that's a shorter in-ring layoff than Dillon Danis. He hasn't fought since 2019 — and that was in mixed martial arts. Danis has zero boxing experience. Zero! That's a major reason why Paul is a runaway betting favorite over Danis on the moneyline. Have a look-see at each's odds to win:

Logan Paul-800-800-800
Dillon Danis+500+500+500

Honestly, we'd be stunned if this fight even happens. Danis is the most-known fighter that doesn't actually have fight. Seriously, the man has two pro fights under his belt, a pair of wins in Bellator. His claim to fame is being Conor McGregor's buddy, having Khabib Nurmagomedov attack him after a UFC fight, and being a master Internet troll (more on this shortly). Danis doesn't fight, for real. He pulled out of a scheduled bout with KSI before, and it could happen here again.

Supposedly, there's a $100,000 clause in his contract if Danis backs out. Assuming the clause doesn't kick in and Paul vs. Danis actually goes down, expect this to be an uber personal fistfight. Danis, the troll that he is, has been savagely going at Paul's fiance, Nina Agdal. He's posted nonstop picures of her — mostly with other men (including Leo DiCaptrio), but also a nude shot of her. Maybe Danis has crossed the line, but the point is, Paul is looking for blood in the ring.

Once props come out for this fight, bet a signifcant amount of money on Paul securing a knockout victory. Honestly, a win that's not by KO would make Paul look real bad. You can't let a man do that to your future wife and not punish him badly. You just can't. Plus, Danis has almost zero striking ability (his background is in jiu-jitsu) so he'll be open for plenty of shots. Paul is going to hurt him badly if it ends up going through (big if).

Logan Paul to beat Dillon Danis

How To Bet On Influencer Boxing

Influencer boxing might not be a purist’s idea of “boxing”, but there’s no disputing it’s carved out a niche in sports culture. It’s also become a betting attraction. To get a one-stop shop for influencer boxing betting, you’ll want to hit one of the bookmakers featured underneath. Any one of these will have every major event available for gambling, this diversity is a big reason they shake out high in our newest sportsbook reviews.

Even if you’ve never bet at one of these bookies before, that’s actually to your benefit. That’s because there are big-money sign-up bonuses available to newbies that pay hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play — money that can be spent on these bets. These bonuses effectively guarantee you some money no matter who wins on the Misfits card. Check the table to see our favorite deals right now.