Bet These Teams To Win 2023 NCAAF Title

Bet These Teams To Win 2023 NCAAF Title

Can you believe it, we’re one month away from the 2022 NCAA football season starting? Welp, it’s true and if you keep reading, we’ll tell you the team we believe is winning the 2023 NCAAF title. This prediction will pay a pretty penny when betting NCAA futures.

Let’s first begin by taking a look at the current odds to win the College Football Playoff, per the most-used online sportsbooks. The programs listed below are getting the best odds at winning the championship right now:

Ohio State+300+300
Texas A&M+2200+2200
Notre Dame+4000+4000

Interesting enough, the defending champions, Georgia, have fallen to third in the above betting odds. But no surprise the two programs ahead of them — Alabama and Ohio State — are the usual favorites year in, year out. Let’s evaluate which of them is most worth a bet right now.

Betting Picks To Win 2023 College Football Championship

We’ll be making two different betting picks on 2023 college football championship futures. One is our “safe” choice and the other is our “wildcard” pick. There’s a lot to cover so let’s get right int:

Safe Pick — Alabama

Historically speaking, the CFP has been dominated by three schools since it first came into existence. Those schools are Bama, Clemson, and Ohio State. The trio have combined to make 17 CFP appearances — most of all teams. That’s why the trio and the reigning champions can all be considered under the “safe” betting category.

If we must pick one team to bet on in their group, then it’s undoubtedly the Rolling Tide. Who else right? This team should always be betting contenders so long as head coach Nick Saban is at the helm. But our confidence in Bama this looming year not only stems from Saban, but also it’s dual-threat quarterback, Bryce Young.

Young is an odds-on favorite to win the Heisman (for a second straight season), per football’s top betting sites. There’s little we can say about Young that you don’t already know — he’s electric with both his arm and feet. Moreover, his uncanny ability to evade pressure and buy time opens up the Tide’s vertical passing game so much.

Of course, the biggest question mark all off-season for Alabama was its wide-receiving corp. The lack of production from the unit in the previous NCAA football final was largely to blame for the loss. It didn’t help last year’s leaders, John Metchie III and Jameson Williams, are now goners and in the NFL. But we have full faith that Young can elevate this crop of pass-catchers — that’s what elite quarterbacks do and he’s the definition of elite.

And on defense, Alabama has another elite player leading the group — Will Anderson. His 2021 performance was just as Heisman-worthy as his teammate. Amazingly, Anderson racked up 17.5 sacks and 34.5 tackles for loss. He’s a complete game-wrecker and one of the most dominant defensive players in college football in recent memory.

With Anderson, Saban, and Young leading the way, we’re extremely confident Bama can cash this futures ticket. We’d bet on them and not think twice about it.

Alabama to win the 2022 NCAAF championship

Darkhorse Pick — Michigan

With +5000 odds, the Wolverines fit the bill as a darkhorse candidate. Here’s a team coming off a 12-2 season that included a win over Ohio State (finally) and a CFP appearance. We actually think the Michigan betting line is undervalued given that 2021 success.

If the Wolverines are going to shock teams, it’ll be because of standout quarterback play. Look, we know the defense will do their job — it’s a trademark of a Jim Harbaugh team. What’s held this program back over the years is inconsistent play under center.

Michigan has a decision to make at the most important position between Cade McNamara and JJ McCarthy. Who starts the season? Or perhaps more importantly, who ends as the starter? McNamara is underrated and McCarthy, welp, we all know his glass ceiling is through the roof. Our gut feeling says McNamara starts early on before McCarthy unseats him.

This prediction is contingent on McCarthy becoming the real deal as most expect. His athleticism is tailor-made for college football. Like the aforementioned Young, he can do damage with his feet, either by gaining yards or dodging defenders to throw down the field. Michigan is worth a prayer bet here given McCarthy’s insane potential.

Michigan to win the 2022 NCAAF championship

How To Bet On NCAA Futures?

The championship title is just one of several NCAA futures you can bet on. Other one include conference winners, Heisman Trophy recipient, and plenty more. Want to get the full list of bets, plus lines for week 1? Then visit one of the underneath bookmakers. They’ll have it all for you on-site.

One last thing before we let you go: join a bookie now and you can cash in a big-money sign-up bonus. By big money, we mean anywhere from $500 to $2500 in free play — which you can then spend on college football wagers at your own will. See the table below for details on what bonuses are available on what sites.