The Suns look back fondly on the days with Mike d’Antoni as their head coach. The Suns have struggled since, mishandling their personnel so severely in the past few years that every good wants to leave soon after arriving. They say that things have to get worse before they get better and it appears that adage is especially true in Phoenix. However, that’s not to say there isn’t a lot of money to be made on the Suns because there is. They’ll be the underdogs in most games so do your homework and pick the smart bet. 

The Phoenix Suns Next Game

Check out the Phoenix Suns next game as you formulate a betting strategy. Use the matchup to get an idea on what the Suns might be in for and look for how the other team has been performing lately to get a good idea on over/under possibilities. 

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Phoenix Suns Regular Season Game Schedule

Wondering what bets to make in the future? Take a look at the Phoenix Suns schedule and plan your attack weeks in advance. Notice trends and circle key games you want to bet on. 

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Phoenix Suns Standings Today

The chances of Phoenix cracking the playoff picture are slim to none and you want to use other avenues to make some money on the Suns, like over/unders, point spread and moneyline. 

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How To Make Money Betting on the Phoenix Suns

If you notice that Phoenix hemorrhages points you should consider taking the over against top teams. Trends such as scoring differential and things of that nature are the key to making money on the Phoenix Suns. 

Eric Bledsoe Highlights

The bright spot for the Suns in Eric Bledsoe. Check out the 2015 Eric Bledsoe compilation presented by the Phoenix Suns.