The Rockets are an unpredictable team, going from conference powerhouse to bubble team in a short span. James Harden was brought in to solidify the roster and help team leader, Dwight Howard. the move hasn't panned out the way Rockets ownership would have hoped. Some nights the Rockets show up to play, absolutely obliterating opponents and the over bet in the process. It's a beautiful thing when Howard and Harden are firing on all cylinders. But on their off nights, watch out, as they can play some subpar basketball. 

The Houston Rockets Next Game

Check out the Houston Rockets next game and get an idea of how the opponent is playing heading into the fixture. Do the Rockets have any worrying injuries?

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The Houston Rockets Regular Season Schedule

The Houston Rockets schedule will help you look ahead and choose games that are ripe for the picking. Some games are better avoided, so choose wisely. 

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The Houston Rockets Standings Today

The Houston Rockets will most likely be on the cusp of the playoff picture so pay close attention to teams in their close proximity and see how they matchup. 

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How to Make Money on the Houston Rockets

Th Houston Rockets are an inconsistent team. Rare are the performances where Houston seems to manhandle their opponent. Houston, like many other teams, plays better at home than on the road, but only marginally. Keep in mind that they fair much better against Western Conference teams than their Eastern Conference counterparts. 

James Harden Highlights

Houston made the move to acquire Harden from the Oklahoma City Thunder and, as you'll see below, is responsible for some  incredible highlights.