Although New Orleans has not been blessed with championship seasons, they definitely have the talent necessary to make a playoff push. Anthony Davis was picked first overall in the 2012 NBA draft, when teams were salivating over his skill set, potential and othewordly mobility. As long as he avoids the injury bug, Davis has all the makings to become a superstar. Davis has missed a lot of time due to injuries so far in his career, a worrying trend for both player and team. He needs to stay healthy for the Pelicans to ever threaten for a title.


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The New Orleans next game is important for sports fans and bettors alike. Pay close attention to the pre-game odds and make your wagering choices wisely. 

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Look at the New Orleans Pelicans regular season schedule before you go ahead with any bets. You may notice that they stumble on the road, a very basic yet important fact. 


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Where do the Pelicans sit in the standings and what teams are in their vicinity? Explore the details and stats in more depth and find the potential wagers calling out for you. 

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How to Make Money Betting on The New Orleans Pelicans

Anthony Davis is the prototypical NBA star, his explosiveness and size is bound to dominate team on any given night. The only issue is that on any given night Davis might have to leave the game due to yet another concerning injury. 

Be weary of the Pelican's inability to win games on the road. They are terrible on the road, only winning 9 of 41 goad games during the 2015-16 season. And they concede a lot of points, too, so bet against the Pelicans in combination with the over.