The Atlanta Falcons weren’t exactly an instant success story. The expansion Falcons combined to win just six games over their first three seasons from 1966-68 and won only a dozen games during the 1960s. They didn’t enjoy a winning season until a 7-6-1 mark in 1971 and didn’t make the playoffs until 1978. But the Falcons were an instant postseason success, beating the Philadelphia Eagles 14-13 in the NFC Wildcard game. Two years later in 1980, the Falcons won their first division title, taking the NFC West crown.

But after their 1978 playoff win, Atlanta wouldn’t work any postseason magic again until 1991, when they beat the New Orleans Saints 27-20 for their second playoff victory.

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Game lines have a propensity to change quite frequently in the NFL. They are usually published a few days in advance of the actual meeting and will be tweaked throughout the week to account for injuries, key returns and an imbalanced amount of action on one particular bet or team.

Say the Falcons are four point underdogs when lining up against the Pittsburgh Steelers. You bet on the Steelers around Tuesday, only to find out that star wide receiver Antonio Brown has an ankle injury and won’t be ready to rock.

Sportsbooks, in this scenario, will likely move the line down, making this a pick ’em game or perhaps moving points in favor of the Falcons. If you’ve already placed your wager, you won’t be able to rescind your bet, but you’ll be aware of the situation and can decide whether to make another bet elsewhere to account for your probable losses on that selection. If you haven’t made your bet, looking at this page will have saved you from making a possible mistake.

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Pouring over future games won’t give you early access to lines, but you can still study the matchups in a way that lets you get out in front of the sportsbooks and your betting peers. And that starts with looking back.

Previous scores and game outcomes tell you how the Falcons fare in situations. Do they struggle against strong defensive teams? Have they had problems beating above average offensive units? Are they better at covering the spread when they are home or when they are away? What’s their record as the favorite against double digit spreads? How about when they are the underdog?

Apply the answers from questions like these, among others, to future games based on the team Atlanta is matching up against and where (home or away), and you’ll have formulated a betting blueprint that takes much of the guesswork out of the gambling equation.

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If the Falcons’ record is among the best in the NFC South, you know to make them division plays. And if it’s among the best in the NFC and NFL at large, you’ll be smart enough to pencil them in as everything bets.

If their records don’t hold any water in these departments, that’s when you know to stay away.

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When it comes to the Atlanta Falcons and the Super Bowl, they tend to be part of historic games, even if they also tend to come out on the wrong end of that history.

Playing in their first NFC Championship Game during the 1998-99 NFL season, the Falcons stunned the Minnesota Vikings with a 30-27 overtime road triumph. But the joy was short-lived. The fell 34-19 to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXXIII, the last game in the Hall of Fame career of Broncos quarterback John Elway.

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The 2016-17 season appeared to be the year that the Falcons would finally soar all the way to the top. Led by quarterback Matt Ryan, the NFL MVP and mastermind behind an offensive juggernaut, Atlanta rolled into Super Bowl LI to face the New England Patriots, and charged to a 28-3 lead. But the Patriots rallied to win 34-28 in overtime, the first Super Bowl to be decided via OT. Patriots QB Tom Brady made history by winning his fifth Super Bowl and his fourth Super Bowl MVP.