For Canadian soccer fans, there is more exciting action to look ahead to than you might realize. The Canadian women’s national team is set to compete in the Olympic Games this summer and hopefully come out with another medal. At the same time, the men’s team is still playing competitive fixtures 2018. In the world of sports betting, this also means more chances to place wagers on a sport that Canadians have been growing increasingly fond of in recent years. The sport of soccer in Canada has a long history dating as far back as the nineteenth century. [+]

However, the Canadian national teams recently haven’t achieved all that much recognition by the international community until the women’s team captured bronze in the 2012 Olympics. Still, there is always potential for Canadian soccer to someday make a splash.

Who Does Canada Soccer Team Play Next

While you’re busy following the MLS, make sure to check in on what’s ahead for the Canadian national team. Nothing compares to the passion evoked in international soccer. [+]

It is true that national soccer teams don’t usually capture much attention from the average soccer fan unless there is a major international tournament taking place. Still, the Canadian national team does have some action to follow every once in a while, whether it is a friendly match or a qualification for an upcoming tournament. With the FIFA World Cup set to happen in 2018, Canada has been competing in several CONCACAF qualification rounds since 2015 in an effort to make its first World Cup appearance since 1986.

CONCACAF Nations League - Quarter-finals
Tuesday, Nov 21, 202307:30 PM
Last update on Dec 3, 2023 09:46 AM

Canada Soccer Team Game Schedule

Games don’t happen as frequently for the national team as for most league franchise teams, but they do, it’s your chance to place a wager. [+]

To see what the Canadian national team’s chances of heading to Russia in 2018 are like, the schedule below has all your go-to information.

Results / FixturesCanada

Canada Soccer Team Standings Today

Standings are also important to explore in order to get a better idea of whether Canada can qualify for the FIFA World Cup in 2018. If the team can achieve a good enough standing in the CONCACAF qualification round, then you might be in for a treat once the World Cup arrives.


How To Make Money Betting On Canada Soccer Team

While there always may be surprises, information on the team's schedule, standings, and news updates are always your closest friends when betting on the Canadian national team.

Even if you have never been too familiar with the Canadian national team, once you follow the team on a regular basis, you will very quickly become an expert. Needless to say, informed bets will always earn you more money than uninformed ones.