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New players at 5Dimes are set to receive a Reduced Juice Bonus. You’ll receive more profitable odds for the lifetime of your account as long as you don’t opt for another 5Dimes bonus program. For example, if at another sportsbook you have to risk $110 to win $100 on a certain wager; at 5Dimes your line for that same wager would be risk $105 to win $100. In lieu of the Reduced Juice bonus, new players can request a 50% Free Play bonus on their initial deposit instead. [+]

Remember, bettors are eligible for Reduced Juice lines for the lifetime of your account! The deposit minimum is $100, with a maximum of $2,000. Keep in mind that the maximum deposit varying according to deposit method. For this bonus your initial deposit must be at least $100. This bonus comes with a 10-time rollover requirement and is manually issued into your player account in 10% increments as you wager.

If your bonus totals, say, $250, the 10-time rollover means you’ll have to bet a minimum of $2,500 before that money becomes yours to withdraw.

As of now, it doesn’t look like you need to meet that requirement within any certain timeframe, but be sure to check out 5Dimes for further details. They, like many other sportsbooks, have customer reps available 24 hours a day, and you can often get the most direct and informative answers from them.


50% Bonus 50% Sign Up Bonus - Up to $520
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  2. 2Activate your personal wagering account today!
  3. 3Initiate a FEE FREE first time deposit of at least $100
  4. 4Profit from up to $520 in cash back bonus offers!
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Min Deposit
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Worth noting about 5Dimes
  • 3D poker room with free entry prizes.
  • Receive a casino rebate win or lose
  • Safe and friendly playing experience
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5Dimes Poker Bonus

5Dimes also offers a 3D Poker Room which awards Free Tournament Entry Prizes. During every month the 5Dimes poker room distributes free tournament entry prizes to cash game players. In order to qualify players must play in at least one of the NL Hold’em tables with stake levels that range from as low as  $0.10 and up to $10 blinds. One Leader Board point will be awarded for every qualified raked hand played. Check out 5Dimes great new 3D Poker Room to learn more.

5Dimes Casino Bonus

Casino players at 5Dimes are set to receive a casino rebate based on their play regardless of whether they win or lose. Rebate percentage varies according to games played. Other promotions, such as 100x Craps on Thursdays and 2 to 1 Blackjack Blow-Out Fridays  are offered throughout the week. 5Dimes also offers a variety of casino games that come with specific bonus offers including Radical Roulette Wednesdays and Reversed Commission Pai Gow Tuesdays.

5Dimes Racebook Bonuses

Wager on the nation’s top tracks and get yourself a pretty rebate while doing it! 5Dimes rebates are calculated on all horse wagers posted online within the 5Dimes Rebate Racebook, even on losses! Click the + symbol for more details.

Track A: Win, Place or Show wagers receive a 5% rebate. Exotic wagers receive a 9% rebate.

Track B: Win, Place or Show wagers receive a 4% rebate. Exotic wagers receive a 8% rebate.

Track C: Win, Place or Show wagers receive a 3% rebate. Exotic wagers receive a 6% rebate.

Tracks D, E, F and Harness: Win, Place or Show wagers receive a 2% rebate. Exotic wagers receive a 4% rebate.

5Dimes Review

Since 1999 the 5Dimes Sportsbook has built their reputation on being a serious Sportsbook offering every imaginable betting option with original posted lines. This sportsbook marches to the beat of their own drum, which is why more often than not you will see more favorable lines at 5Dimes than at any other sportsbook online!

Because you are getting better odds on every wager placed with their Reduced Juice lines bonus program, the supplementary bonuses offered by 5Dimes are more of added perks rather than a reason for signing up.

Providing a safe and friendly playing experience inspires confidence in all 5Dime players. This sportsbook keeps your information fully protected, the way it should be kept. At 5Dimes you can fund your account with a variety of deposit options including Visa, pre-paid Visa cards, money transfer and a variety of eWallets.

Whether you choose to fund your account with credit card, or eWallet, you can rest assured that your payment will be processed in a quick and secure manner. You can initiate payments online and via telephone. Payouts via check are right up there with industry leaders at only 3-5 business days!

5Dimes main selling point is pretty straightforward, not only do they offer the same wagers as everyone else, but at 5Dimes you have the opportunity to risk less and win more on those same wagers.

Other Promotions

When you make an account with 5Dimes, be sure to check out their cash-bask promotions. They have campaigns that will allow you to recoup five, 10, 15, even 20 percent of your losses.

Plenty of conditions apply on this front. For instance, 5Dimes will refund 10 percent of your losses every Tuesday between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. This, remember, applies to only money you’ve forfeited, and you cannot have taken advantage of another cash-back program in the previous seven days.

You can also receive 20 percent of your overall losses back twice a year. This request must be made within two weeks of the opening NFL preseason game, or within two weeks of the Super Bowl. If you took advantage of any other cash-back incentives during the window for this bonus, however, you won’t be eligible to receive it. And if you finished up in other areas of the site, but down in NFL betting, you still won’t be able to use this.

These rules go on and on. Be sure to visit 5 Dimes’ promotions page for more details, or simply ask a customer service rep if you’re eligible for a certain one, and how much you’re eligible for. They can even tell you want you need to do to use one of these bonuses in the future.

Another nifty incentive is 5Dimes’ On The House program. You can get your 8th and 9th deposits on the house, so long as you’ve made seven consecutive deposits without making a profit via withdrawals. Other stipulations apply, so again, be sure to check out the site’s promotions page.

5Dimes Minimum Deposit

You can start laying your bets down with a minimum deposit of $50 online ($25 if you deposit through Bitcoin) and $500 on the phone.

On the withdrawal front, 5Dimes currently runs a program that allows you to make one free transaction every 30 days, no matter which day of the week it is. Subsequent withdrawals within the next 30 days are subject to a fee, which usually checks in at $40 or so.

However, make sure you request this benefit directly, either by phone, email or live chat. It won’t always be available unless you prompt 5Dimes to give you the free withdrawal.

Our 5Dimes Rating

To get a complete assessment of our 5 Dimes rating, consult our complete 5Dimes Sportsbook Review.

5Dimes Rollover Requirement

The 5Dimes 50% Free Play bonus comes with a 10X rollover rate.

5Dimes Max Bonus

The maximum free play sign up bonus offer at 5Dimes is $2,000.


5Dimes Website URL

Visit 5Dimes Sportsbook by following this link: www.5Dimes.eu