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JustBet offers the full gamut of bonuses and promotions — welcome/sign-up, reload, refer-a-friend, rebate, plus more. That’s fine and dandy, but what really separates JustBet from the litany of other online betting sites is its BetPoints reward program.  

Loyalty services for longtime players are starting to gain traction in the online betting space, but it’s still far from normalized. Nonetheless, JustBet are early adopters of the trend and are doing a lot of things right with it.

This guide will give you the complete scoop about the BetPoints reward program offered by JustBet. We’re talking perks of each tier, how to level up, and so much more. We’ll even cover their standard bonus offerings, but as we said, the rewards program is really where it’s at!

100% Bonus Up to 100% Cash welcome bonus up to $300
  1. 1 Create your account on Justbet => click here
  2. 2Claim a private sports and casino account today!
  3. 3Make an initial deposit into your accunt
  4. 4Earn up to $1600 in sportsbook & casino free play!
Max Bonus
Min Deposit
$ 50
Value Score
Worth noting about JustBET
  • Cash bonus on both sportsbook & casino
  • Strong rewards program for users
  • Live chat that is available 24/7
So how can I claim this bonus? The more you deposit, the more you earn — up to $1600! Sign up Now

JustBet Promos

JustBet Sign Up Bonus For New Players

In a sea of sign-up bonuses, how does JustBet compare to the best betting site offers? Well, there’s some good and there’s some bad.

Let’s begin with the positives. The standard Just Bet deposit bonus can be topped out at $1600 in free winnings. Bonus money earned can be split into both the sportsbook and casino, which is a welcome change, since most welcome offers bucket you into one or the other.

JustBet matches 15 percent of a player’s initial deposit in the sportsbook and another 50 percent in the casino. Say a player does earn the max bonus, $600 of it would go toward the sportsbook, while the other $1000 goes in the casino — both those figures are hard caps per platform, too.

On to the negatives of the JustBet bonus now, which is mostly reserved for the casino portion. For one, the bonus is applicable to only slots — not table games, video poker, etc. 

If those feel like handcuffs, then the rollover requirement feels like all-out torture. Get this, the casino bonus has a playthrough requirement of 80X. That’s not a typo, either! Of all the bonuses in the online betting market today, you’d be hard-pressed to find one higher than 80X, seriously!

At least the sports bonus rollover is only 5X, which is more than reasonable. If you’re planning on sticking to sports betting, we’d give the JustBet welcome deal a thumbs up. However, casino players should stay far, far away from it.


JustBet Rewards Program

Loyalty programs have yet to be normalized in the online betting marketplace, but sites that do feature a built-out service are using it to differentiate themselves from competitors. JustBet is one of those textbook examples with its BetPoints rewards program!

Like any great loyalty program, BetPoints rewards users that play consistently and at high volume. The rewards come in the form of cash back, gift cards, JustBet merchandise, and even airline miles. With those type of benefits, BetPoints feels more like a credit card point system than your everyday loyalty program.

The BetPoints program has three tiers — Gold, Platinum, and Diamond (from least to highest). As you'd guess, each comes with distinct benefits.

JustBet Gold Tier Advantages 

This is the introductory level. Upon sign-up, players are automatically enrolled at this tier. There are two big benefits to being a Gold member at JustBet.

One, betting account reloads of $300 or more are rewarded with a 10-percent cashback bonus. The deal is capped at $500, which would require a $5000 deposit to earn. The rollover rate on this bonus is 10X, which is very beatable. 

Second, any and all depositing fees are reimbursed. Honestly, we're of the belief that this should be a given already at all betting sites — whether a rewards member or not — but unfortunately, fees still apply here and there. 

JustBet Platinum Tier Advantages 

There's an easy way and a hard way to enter Platinum status at JustBet. Let's start with the latter, which requires at least 30,000 BetPoints during a 12-month period. However, the easier route is making a one-time deposit of $900, which instantly levels you up to Platinum.

Once at the level, you'll keep the same two benefits that we covered in the Gold tier. However, here's the kicker: you earn BetPoints at a 10-percent faster rate when at the Platinum level than Gold.  

JustBet Diamond Tier Advantages 

Being a Diamond member means you're a cream-of-the-crop player at JustBet. It also means you're membership is stocked with one perk after another.

Diamond-level players earn a 15-percent reload bonus compared to the 10 percent that Gold and Platinum members get. They also get BetPoints 10 percent quicker than Platinum.

Last but certainly not least, Diamond users have access to VIP customer service representatives around-the-clock from YouWin. This will be available to them through a special toll-free number that differs from its standard one.  

To earn this special status, players must accumulate 300,000 BetPoints in a 12-month span. 

How To Earn BetPoints At JustBet

Like we said earlier, you play, you earn BetPoints. However, the rate at which you earn will vary widely from game to game.

No game rewards BetPoints at a faster clip than poker. Cash and tournament games at the poker table are worth 10 BetPoints (per $10 rake). That's a sharp contrast to playing craps or baccarat, both of which are worth a measly half-point (on 10 unit currencies wagered).

Moving over to the sportsbook, straight bets are only worth a single BetPoint in their own right. For parlays, points are doubled to two. 

Be sure to read over the BetPoint guidelines and FAQ before signing up. This will give you a complete lowdown on the rewards program including how to redeem awards, how often points are updated in your account, plus so much more!

Using Crypto Pays Off At JustBet

The advantages of funding your betting account with cryptocurrency reads like a grocery list. However, if there's one reason above all to pick digital currency over traditional money when depositing it's because of the unique bonuses that come with the method.

Take JustBet as an example. They are offering three different welcome bonuses when making an initial deposit through crypto. Bettors have the choice in picking between this trio of offers:

  • A 25-percent match up to $500 cash (with an 8X rollover)
  • A 50-percent match at $500 again (rollover rate spikes to 15X)
  • A full 100-percent match up to $300 in cold hard cash (with a steep playthrough requirement of 30X)

A minimum deposit of $100 using Bitcoin or another supported crypto will earn you any one of the three welcome packages. No JustBet bonus code needed, just select the bonus option of your choice in the cashier. 

Reload With Crypto To Earn Bigger Bonuses Too

While going over the BetPoints loyalty program, we mentioned how each membership level comes with a reload bonus. But what we didn't mention is re-upping through crypto actually scales up the percentage of that bonus.

Get this, gold-level members reloading with a crypto get a 15-percent match up to $600. It only gets better as you ascend through the tiers because both silver and platinum players net a 25-percent cashback. While platinum users are capped at $2500, the cream-of-the-crop diamond players get a max of $5000.

Knowing all of this, you have no reason not to be transferring money in and out of JustBet via Bitcoin or crypto in general. You're literally turning down hundreds — if not, thousands — of dollars in free play by not doing so. For the sake of your wallet, jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon if you're not already!

JustBet Refer-A-Friend Bonus

When it comes to referral bonuses, few betting sites match JustBet when it comes to the associated max payout. The refer-a-friend promotion here can pay out as much as $500!

However, topping out that reward certainly won't be easy. That's because it'll take a $5000 deposit from your referred friend to get the max payout. The JustBet referral bonus works by matching 10 percent of the referral's initial deposit

Nonetheless, there's little work to do on your end for this bonus. Just get your unique referral link when logged in and share it with friends. If they sign up through it, you'll be credited for the referral.   

Better yet, there's absolutely no limits on how many people you can refer so theoretically, the bonus is unlimited. So spread your word like wildfire because you'll be rewarded handsomely for it.