2022 Australian Open Betting Guide

2022 Australian Open Betting Guide

2022 Australian Open — Men's Singles Betting Pick

The very best tennis betting sites have been in a stir the past few weeks with the will-he, won't-he-play drama of Novak Djokovic. The world's number-one ranked player — and perhaps of all-time — is in a legal battle with the Australian government whether he can participate in the Grand Slam despite not being vaccinated against COVID-19. Betting odds for that bracket have varied, but as it stands, here are the players most favored to win the men's singles bet:

The Djokovic drama doesn't have a hard answer. As of this post, he's in Australia already and preparing for the challenge ahead. Government officials, however, have made it painfully obvious they want the nine-time Australian Open winner deported as his excuse for not taking the mandatory vaccine doesn't make him exempt from national law.

Until this Djokovic situation is sorted out (if ever), we advise bettors to stay away from the Serbian's +125 betting line. He's the best player in Australian Open history, but for all we know, he'll be deported mid-event and be forced to withdraw. No one knows for sure — which is the scary part for bettors. Save your money and instead wager on this player to win the bracket:

Daniil Medvedev

Our best bet is Medvedev of Russia, who is currently seeded second in the singles bracket. If Djokovic is indeed deported, Medvedev would slide up to one. But the key for a Medvedev win would just be to avoid Djokovic altogether.

When we called Djokovic the best player in this event's history, we weren't kidding. He is 82-8 all-time in Melbourne. Djokovic owns these hard courts, which Medvedev can attest to, having lost in the finals of the 2021 Australian Open to him. But not only is the threat of deportation large on Djokovic, so is the distraction element, which could cause an upset loss.

If there's someone to seize the opportunity of either no Djokovic or a distracted Djokovic, it's Medvedev. Since playing his first Aussie Open in 2017, he's never done worse at the next event than the one before. Having been a runner-up in 2021, there's only one way to go for the Russian — up into a second-career Grand Slam championship. 

Daniil Medvedev to win the 2022 Australian Open

2022 Australian Open — Women's Singles Betting Pick

Thankfully on the women's side, there's no drama near the likes of Djokovic. But what the women lack in drama, they make up for in competitiveness because the betting field is more wide open. But here are the top-five players favored to take the Grand Slam, per the top online sportsbooks

Ashleigh Barty+275+275
Naomi Osaka+550+550
Garbine Muguruza+1000+1000
Iga Swiatek+1200+1200
Simona Halep+1200+1200

Naomi Osaka

We're going to be completely up-front: we're saying "YOLO" and making a higher-risk, higher-reward bet on the women's side — especially since we picked a 2-to-1 favorite on the men's side. You saw the headline above, we're taking Osaka to win at staggering +550 odds.

Since winning the 2021 Australian Open, Osaka's young career has tumbled. She withdrew from several tournaments citing "mental health" and feuded with national media about things not related to the sport at all. But this is a chance to get things back on track and we're of the belief she does just that.

Here's why: the hard courts of Melbourne suit Osaka's playing style, which is big on movement and heavy-handed striking. That's why she's won the Australian Open twice already and holds a career record of 22-4 (88%) at this event.

A win for Osaka here would be the ultimate stop in her comeback tour, which is already in full swing. Quietly, Osaka has looked like the Osaka of old in recent outings. Just days ago, she strung together three straight wins at the Melbourne Summer Set before withdrawing to an abdominal injury. Talent has never been Osaka's problem — it's been off-field drama.

We sense she wants to put that to rest and there's no better way to do so than winning the 2022 Australian Open. We love Osaka's +550 odds, which are as "bang for your buck" as you'll find in either bracket

Naomi Osaka to win the 2022 Australian Open

How To Bet On 2022 Australian Open?

Of course, futures betting is just one of several ways to bet on the 2022 Australian Open. Want others — such as moneylines, spreads, over/unders, and props? Welp, you'll find all that, plus more, at one of the betting sites listed underneath. At these same bookmakers, you'll also get sportsbook bonuses that pay in free play. Bonuses can reach as much as $2500 at some sites, as seen in the table below which details current offers. Click around the table to get started before the Aussie Open begins and don't leave free play on the table!