How To Bank Money Off Inoue vs Tapales Fight

How To Bank Money Off Inoue vs Tapales Fight

The human highlight reel that is Inoue returns to the boxing ring the day after Christmas. You don’t want to miss betting on Inoue vs. his challenger, Tapales. In this article, we’ll lay out the best ways of making money off this title fight!

  • What: Naoya Inoue vs Marlon Tapales
  • When: Tuesday, December 26
  • Where: Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan

Inoue vs. Tapales Preview

Inoue has been a massive betting favorite in every recent fight he’s fought — and that remains the case here. Let’s begin a preview of Inoue vs. Tapales with a quick look at the current moneyline odds. Here’s how the best boxing betting sites have the fight pegged at:

Naoya Inoue-1800-1800-1800
Marlon Tapales+800+800+800

This bout will create an undisputed super bantamweight champion. Inoue currently holds the WBC and WBO champion belts, whereas Tapales is the reigning IBF and WBA title holder.

For those unaware, Tapales is probably a better fighter than the odds let on. The 31-year-old Filipino boxer has held championships in two weight classes. Tapales also holds a respectable 37-3 mark and has won four in a row. He’s not a “go for broke” and aggressive type fighter like his opponent, but Tapales has solid ring IQ. He picks his spots well and has a dangerous uppercut in his arsenal. Patience is the name of the game for Tapales on offense.

As for Inoue, he solidified himself as the real deal in his last fight — completely dismantling world champion Stephen Fulton Jr. The knock on Inoue was always the quality of his opponents. But against a proven commodity, Inoue finished him in the eighth. The win earned him a fourth-division championship. There's a strong argument to be made Inoue is a legit top-3 pound-for-pound fighter in the world right now.

Best Bets For Inoue vs. Tapales

You won’t make any money betting on the Inoue vs. Tapales moneyline — unless you think the underdog is winning. Spoiler alert: we do not think that’s happening. Still, we’ve found creative prop bets on this bout that are dripping with value. Here are three bets we’re putting money on:

Exact Fight Outcome

We already said Inoue is winning, but this prop goes one step further — how does he win? Here’s your list of betting options, including those for an upset win by Tapales:

Inoue by KO-450-450-450
Inoue by Decision+550+550+550
Tapales by KO+1400+1400+1400
Tapales by Decision+1600+1600+1600

We will be stunned if Inoue doesn’t finish Tapales. Stunned! That’s because this man is a knockout machine. Inoue has ended 14 of his last 15 fights inside the distance. As we said earlier, this guy is a balls-to-the-wall fighter and outright goes for the finish.

We have a strong feeling that aggression will overwhelm the much more patient Tapales. Not only the aggression but also the speed of Inoue — both on his feet and hands. Inoue by stoppage is the bet to make. Though, at -450 odds, you’ll need to dig even deeper into the props for more profitable bets.

Inoue by stoppage against Tapales

Round Betting Alternative

Let's call this bet what it is — a complete crapshoot. The task of this prop is to pick what round Inoue (or Tapales) ultimately wins. To make it slightly easier, it’s the range of rounds — not the exact one. Here’s the list of betting choices:

Inoue in Rounds 1-3+500+500+500
Inoue in Rounds 4-6+250+250+250
Inoue in Rounds 7-9+225+225+225
Inoue in Rounds 10-12+375+375+375
Inoue by Decision+550+550+550
Tapales in Rounds 1-3+6600+6600+6600
Tapales in Rounds 4-6+4000+4000+4000
Tapales in Rounds 7-9+4000+4000+4000
Tapales in Rounds 10-12+6600+6600+6600
Tapales by Decision+1600+1600+1600

Inoue’s recent KO record is a tad scattered. Amid his current six-KO streak, here are the rounds in which he’s ended it (from most recent to oldest): 8, 11, 2, 8, 3, and 7. The average of those? In the six-round range.

We could see the same scenario playing out here. Tapales is savvy enough to hang for a while, but his patient approach will eventually get bulldozed mid-fight. Our money says that happens between rounds 4 and 6.

Inoue to win in rounds 4-6 against Tapales

Over/Under Bet

All right, this is not a prop per se, but it’s the classic over/under on how long the fight goes. The number is set to 7.5 rounds right now:

Over 7.5 Rounds-130-130-130
Under 7.5 Rounds+100+100+100

You already know what we’re betting given our previous pick — the under! Though, this is a bit of a safer bet. It’s probably worth “doubling up” by betting this AND the round one. Heck, parlaying the two is tantalizing. We really don’t imagine a scenario where Tapales can hang with Inoue long.

Under 7.5 rounds in Inoue vs. Tapales fight

How To Bet On Tapales vs. Inoue

You’ll want to bet on the Tapales-Inoue fight sooner rather than later. Why? Because this bout will likely sneak up on you. It’s the day after Christmas and on a Tuesday — not the usual weekend fight (they do things differently in Japan). To avoid missing out, hit one of the bookmakers below. These sites are among are top rated in our latest sportsbook reviews and you’ll find the full gamut of Inoue vs. Tapales odds.

Moreover, all your bets could be completely free if you leverage a sign-up bonus. Each sportsbook has one of these and we’ve listed our favorite offers in the table. As you can see, there are deals worth thousands of dollars in free play right there. Pick one to redeem and boom, you’re gambling on this fight using “house money.”