Best Bets For 2022 NBA Player Futures

Best Bets For 2022 NBA Player Futures

NBA Futures Betting Pick — Regular Season MVP

Here are the up-to-date MVP betting lines, per the top online sportsbooks:

NBA CoachBetUSBovada
Luka Doncic+400+400
Steph Curry+500+500
Giannis Antetokounmpo+600+600
Joel Embiid+700+700
Kevin Durant+1200+1200
LeBron James+1200+1200

Kevin Durant is the best basketball player in the world — even more so than Giannis Antetekoumpo (just slightly). And not only that, but Durant plays for the best basketball on the best team in the league. That’s a hell of a combination when it comes to MVP consideration, hence why Durant is our unanimous pick to win.

Durant proved his greatness this summer, carrying a whimsical Team USA to a gold medal. We know what some of you are thinking, “but Giannis had 50 points in an NBA Finals close-out game.” It’s true, he did, but we think that’s extra motivation Durant needs this season to cement himself as the league’s best.

Let’s not forget, Durant single-handedly had the Bucks on the ropes in the playoffs — remember, Kyrie Irving was out and James Harden was hurting badly. If his foot isn’t barely on the three-point line, the Nets, not the Bucks, win that semi-finals Game 7 and presumably, the NBA Finals.

We fully expect Brooklyn to cruise this NBA season. Being the best player on a really good team is almost a requirement to win the league MVP. Heck, it’s this reason why we’re not optimistic on Luka Doncic or Steph Curry’s MVP chances — despite them being favorites over Durant. Look, the Mavs and Warriors aren’t real title contenders, whereas the Nets are the team to beat.

Kevin Durant To win 2022 NBA MVP

NBA Futures Betting Pick — Coach of the Year

NBA CoachBetOnlineBovada
Steve Nash+600+600
Steve Kerr+800+800
Quin Snyder+850+850
Billy Donovan+1200+1200
Erik Spoelstra+1200+1200
Frank Vogel+1200+1200

We’re already on record saying the Nets will be the best NBA team this season. Therefore, doesn’t that mean Steve Nash will automatically win the Coach of the Year award, too? No, we don’t think so.

You see, this award works a lot differently than the MVP one. Having a loaded roster — as Brooklyn does — is actually a detriment to Nash’s chances of winning the hardware. We mean, it’s obvious, isn’t it? Who couldn’t win with three all-time scorers like Durant, Harden, and Irving?

Nash isn’t winning this award unless the Nets are historically good. Think close to 70 wins or so. With Durant and Irving’s injury history, that’s not happening in our opinion. So if not Nash, then who?

A much better gambling choice is Billy Donovan. Why? Because we think his team, the Bulls, are about to take a big leap forward and naturally, Donovan will get the lion’s share of credit for it. Just as being a title contender is almost a prerequisite to winning the MVP, a big year-to-year improvement has the same effect in the Coach of the Year voting.

Chicago had a hell of an offseason, adding established vets like Lonzo Ball, Alex Caruso, and Demar DeRozan to the mix. That trio joins a core nucleus of Zach Lavine and Colby White, making the Bulls an instant playoff contender. Donovan is the best bet in this category, without question.

Billy Donovan To win 2022 NBA Coach of the Year

NBA Futures Betting Pick — Rookie of the Year

NBA CoachBetOnlineBovada
Cade Cunningham+275+275
Jalen Green+275+275
Jalen Suggs+600+600
Evan Mobley+1200+1200
Chris Duarte+1200+1200
Scottie Barnes+1400+1400

We’ll be completely honest: we’re much more split with this futures bet than the previous two. That’s because the co-favorites to cash — Cunningham and Green — are both very much worth a wager.

Cunningham, the No. 1 overall draft choice, was a Naismith College Player of the Year finalist in his one-and-done season with Oklahoma State. The combo guard can score and create shooting opportunities at will for his Piston teammates. Meanwhile, the No. 2 pick for Houston, Green, has more sheer athleticism than Cunningham. He skipped college and instead honed his skills in the G-League against stiffer competition.

Both rooks will be thrust into situations where they’ll be the focuses of the offenses off the bat. Neither the Pistons or Rockets are expected to compete and 2021-22 is all about rebuilding around their high draft picks. Here again, playing a lot of minutes and being the center of the game plan is absolutely critical to winning this award.

Instead of betting on only one player, we’re dropping wagers on both Cunningham and Green. Given their +275 odds to win, it’s not a losing strategy at all. Say you bet $100 on each player. So long as one wins, you’d still make a $175 profit. That’s an 87 percent return on your $200 stake, which is solid. Hedge yourself and bet on both young phenoms.

Cade Cunningham and Jalen Green To win 2022 NBA Rookie of the Year

How To Bet The NBA This Season

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