Best Prop Bets To Make For 2022 Super Bowl

Best Prop Bets To Make For 2022 Super Bowl

Super Bowl 2022 MVP Betting Pick

Let's begin with the most popular prop at top online sportsbooks, the MVP winner. A litany of players have lines available to win the award, but at the moment, these seven have the best chances at winning the Super Bowl 2022 MVP bet:

Matthew Stafford+100+100
Joe Burrow+250+250
Cooper Kupp+550+550
Ja'Marr Chase+1600+1600
Aaron Donald+1800+1800
Odell Beckham Jr.+2200+2200
Joe Mixon+3300+3300

Here's the first way to narrow down this bet: who do you think is winning? Because believe us, a player on the losing team isn't being named MVP (it's only happened once in history, by Chuck Howley in 1971). We're on record with picking Los Angeles to become champions, so instantly that cancels out picks like Joe Burrow, Ja'Marr Chase, Joe Mixon, among others.

On the Rams, the "safe" bet would be Matt Stafford. That's because 31 of the previous 55 Super Bowl MVPs have been quarterbacks. But you know what, we're taking the "riskier" pick and taking Cooper Kupp. Why? Because he's almost a lock to catch for over 100 yards and a TD. He has 20 touchdowns and 2,333 receiving yards in 20 games this year (an average of 116 yards and a TD per game). He's unguardable, which makes him a worthy MVP pick, especially at +550 odds.

Cooper Kupp to win 2022 Super Bowl MVP award

Super Bowl Longest TD Over/Under Pick

Over 42.5 Yard TD-115-115
Under 42.5 Yard TD-115-115

Alright, here's a fun over/under on the longest touchdown of the game. Typically, long scores come from passes — not runs (or even less probable, kickoff and punt returns). Therefore, when evaluating this longest TD over/under prop, one must evaluate the big-play potential of the pass-catchers. Immediately, there's a lot to like between both teams.

We've already told you Kupp is unstoppable, but in the same regard, so is the Bengals' Chase. The rookie's 18 yards per catch in the regular season led the league among qualified candidates (players with at least 25 receptions). Other playmakers like Odell Beckham Jr., Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd can also break for long TD's. 

We're betting the over — not only because of the dynamic pass-catchers but also the vulnerabilities in both secondaries. LA's defensive backs are depleted, so much that they had to bring Eric Weddle out of retirement to fill the void (which he still is occupying). Cincy, on the other hand, allowed the seventh-most passing yards on defense during the regular season. All signs point toward at least one long-ball TD.

Longest TD to be over 42.5 yards in LA vs. Cincinnati game

Super Bowl Longest FG Over/Under Pick

Over 45.5 Yard FG-110-110
Under 45.5 Yard FG-120-120

Kickers rarely get love from bettors, but this Super Bowl longest field goal over/under is one you shouldn't miss betting on. Why? Welp, because both the kickers in this meeting — Evan McPherson and Matt Gay — have been near automatic. In the postseason, McPherson is a perfect 12-of-12 for the Bengals. The Rams' Gay, during the entire year (regular- and post-season), has knocked down 39 out of 43 tries. 

When you have reliable kickers, as both teams do, they naturally earn trust from their respective coaching staff. And it takes trust to attempt long field goals 46 yards or more — especially in the biggest game of the year. That's trust that both Gay and McPherson have more than earned with one clutch kick after another. Combine that with their kicking percentage and we sense another over hitting here. 

Longest FG to be over 45.5 yards in LA vs. Cincinnati game

Super Bowl Halftime Show Pick

For our final prop bet pick, let's ditch the football game altogether and focus on the Super Bowl halftime performance. It will feature five different musical acts — Mary J. Blige, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Snoop Dogg. This Super Bowl halftime show prop centers on whether all five artists will collaborate for a song together or not come performance time. Here are the simple yes-or-no odds:


On this one, we're hammering the no — and we mean hammering it. Five artists, of this caliber, sharing the stage cohesively? We just don't see it happening as there's no song in either one's library to pull off such a thing. 

Calgary Stampeders To beat the BC Lions

How To Bet On NFL Super Bowl Props?

There are literally hundreds of prop bets for the NFL Super Bowl available. The four we covered above are our favorites, but if you want a full list of prop bets, check out one of the most popular NFL betting sites below. They have you covered for all things betting Super Bowl LVI.

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