Must-Make Betting Picks For Chocolatito vs. Estrada III

Must-Make Betting Picks For Chocolatito vs. Estrada III

Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez and Juan Estrada have gone to war with each other twice now — and both ended in absolutely epic fashion. A third fight on Saturday, December 3 will, at last, determine who the better fighter is of the two. Not only is this bout must-watch, but it’s also a must-bet. Keep reading to get our best betting picks of Chocolatito-Estrada III right here!

Chocolatito-Estrada III Preview

Any Chocolatito vs. Estrada III preview has to start with the two previous bouts, both of which are modern-day epics. The first fight went down 10 years ago on November 2012. That night, Chocolatito escaped with a unanimous decision victory. At the time, Chocolatito was the light flyweight champion and expected to win. He did, but it wasn't easy as Estrada exceeded all expectations in a back-and-forth affair.

A rematch went down in March 2021. By this time, Estrada was considered the better fighter — and one of the best pound-for-pounders in the entire world. He suffered only one more loss after the 2012 bout, whereas Chocolatito was on a career downswing following two straight losses. But again, prefight expectations were off as Chocolatito looked like his old self. Estrada was awarded a split decision win, but controversially so. Poll many boxing fans today and they'll say Chocolatito should've won.

It's worth noting in the second fight, the two set a stunning record for the 115-pound weight class: most punches thrown. Together, they tallied a stunning 2,529 blows thrown. 2,529. Now do you know why we said this bout is both must-watch and must-bet?

Speaking of betting, let's take a gander at the current boxing odds. Per the most popular boxing betting sites, Chocolatito is the betting favorite. That is despite being three years older than Estrada and also being the title challenger. Estrada is defending his The Ring super flyweight title (the vacant WBC super flyweight title is also up for grabs). Here's where the betting lines stand on the moneyline:

Roman "Chocalatito" Gonzalez-220-220
Juan Francisco Estrada+180+180

Chocolatito vs. Estrada III Free Betting Picks

We'll be offering two separate Chocolatito vs. Estrada betting picks. If you're feeling extra risky, feel free to parlay these together to maximize a potential payout (while adding more risk). Either way, we're confident in both of the following outcomes to play out come fight night:

Over/Under 10.5 Rounds

Let's begin with the over/under, which is conveniently set at 10.5 rounds. Perhaps to no one's surprise, the over is the clear betting favorite. Here are the current odds:

Over 10.5 rounds-350-350
Under 10.5 rounds+250+250

Yeah, you got to bet the over in this one. That's just a given based on how the first two fights went down — rock-em-sock-em-robot wars having to be decided by the judges. We'd be stunned if this ends in a finish before then.

Over 10.5 rounds in Chocolatito vs. Estrada fight


We're in the camp that believes Chocolatito should've won the rematch and has outclassed Estrada more rounds than not over the 24 they've fought. But that point could be rendered moot based on in-ring regression. Being as both fighters are past their prime, that's an important variable to account for in this trilogy bout.

One would think the 35-year-old Chocolatito is at more risk of decline than the 32-year-old Estrada. However, we're not so sure. Chocolatito absolutely smoked JC Martinez earlier this year, whereas Estrada won but struggled against Argi Cortes. Estrade will be more motivated in this "legacy" fight than Cortes, but there were some red flags in his performance.

With that said, we're picking Chocolatito to gut out the victory and grab the championships once more. His punches remain as sharp as ever (despite the age) and we expect Chocolatito to dissect Estrada, who at this point, might be worn down from the two previous wars hence his steeper in-ring decline.

Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez to beat Juan Estrada

How To Watch Chocolatito vs. Estrada

For most of the world, the exclusive place to watch Chocolatito-Estrada III is on DAZN. The streaming service will live-air the fight in 200 countries, including the United States. Subscription costs are $20 a month in the US, but do differ in other markets. Signing up for the service not only allows you to catch this trilogy fight but more boxing content on the all-encompassing service.

The entire fight card starts at 8 pm EST on December 3. Ring walks for this highly anticipated main event aren’t expected until 11 pm EST, however.

How To Bet On Chocolatito vs. Estrada

If we haven’t made it clear by now, we’ll say it one more time: betting on Chocolatito vs. Estrada III is almost mandatory. Not only because of our confidently-backed betting picks but just from a pure entertainment and history standpoint. There’s too much on the line in this bout for you to skip out on. With that said, one of the bookies listed below can take your fight bets. We’ve only suggested sites that ranked high in our latest sportsbook review section below.

The best part about using these bookies is the free-play awards available at each. For instance, first-time bettors can cash in a lucrative sign-up bonus to the tune of hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play. All this money is rewarded BEFORE you even make a bet too, which means you can use it to wager on the boxing bout free of cost. For details on the best bonuses available right now, reference the underneath table.