Best Kambosos vs Haney Betting Picks

Best Kambosos vs Haney Betting Picks

Four different lightweight belts will be unified in the highly-anticipated boxing matchup between Devin Haney and George Kambosos Jr. on June 5 in Melbourne, Australia — the home country of the latter fighter. For expert betting picks on Kambosos vs. Haney, you'll want to keep reading on. We're about to tell you who to bet on to win and how — for free!

Kambosos vs. Haney Preview

Any betting preview of Kambosos vs. Haney has to start with the current betting odds. As it stands, the top-used online sportsbooks are pegging the fight uber closely. Though, Haney — the road warrior — is being favored ever slightly. Here's how the odds stand right now:

Devin Haney-180-180
George Kambosos Jr+150+150

We honestly believe Haney is being overvalued. When you look at the actual fight conditions themselves, the odds are actually quite stacked against him. Of course, come fight night, he'll walk into Marvel Stadium which will be a partisan crowd for Kambosos, to say the very least. Visa issues will also prevent his father and trainer to attend the Melbourne fight. Neither of those are small issues, which begs the question of whether Haney should be as long as -180 favorite.

Perhaps some of the hesitation from popular betting sites is that Kambosos still has his own question marks. Kambosos' standing in the sport was elevated overnight when he shockingly beat Teofimo Lopez in late November 2021. Entering the fight, Kambosos was as high as +1300 to win the fight. It took a grueling 12-round split decision, but Kambosos pulled off the stunner. But still, this feels like a "prove it" fight for the 28-year-old Australian. Was the Lopez win for real or did Lopez just have an "off" night (and fighting camp leading up to it)? This weekend will tell.

Kambosos vs. Haney Moneyline Pick

The key to Kambosos' upset of Lopez was his offensive approach. He came in "guns blazing", forcing Lopez to fight on his back foot with a constant stream of pressure. This offensive-first style led to a first-round knockdown of Lopez, but at the same time, Kambosos also got himself dropped later on. So there are pros and cons to that offense-led approach. As we make our Kambosos vs. Haney pick, it would be wise of us to guess how Haney would react to a similar game plan from Kambosos.

Haney is a way more technically-sound boxer than Lopez. Heck, he's likely the best pure boxer in the entire lightweight division. The smooth-boxing Haney has a killer jab and master defensive skills — two assets that should help keep Kambosos at bay. His ring IQ is also top-notch, which should help him prepare and adjust mid-fight in case Kambosos tries something different than what he did versus Lopez.

One last note about Lopez since that night hangs over Kambosos so much: it really felt like Kambosos' trash talk in the lead-up to the fight got under Lopez's skin. Once under the lights, Lopez fought less cool, which Kambosos capitalized on and likely explains the first-round KO. Haney also has Lopez beat on this mental front as he's much more collected in and off ring. Kambosos famously called Haney a "rat" and it doesn't seem to have fazed him one bit.

It won't be easy, but we're picking Haney to get the 'W. We just think he's completely opposite of the fighter that Lopez was, which will negate Kambosos' strengths. Take Haney to go into Melbourne and walk away the unified lightweight champion of the world.

Devin Haney to beat George Kambosos Jr.

Kambosos vs. Haney Prop Pick

The prop betting market for Kambosos-Haney is heavy, but we're eyeing the exact outcome wager. Here are all the betting options for each fighter to win:

Haney To Win By Stoppage+500+500
Haney To Win By Decision+105+105
Kambosos To Win By Stoppage+500+500
Kambosos To Win By Decision+260+260

Since we're already on record saying Haney wins, we really only have two betting choices here — by stoppage (+500) or decision (+105). While we think a decision win for Haney is the likely outcome, we're enamored with the betting value of +500. That's because it's not unimaginable to us that Haney could earn a stoppage win, and at those steep odds, it's worth taking a flyer bet on.

Haney doesn't have wow-power by any means. Sure, 15 of his 27 career wins are by knockout — but most came early on in his career whilst fighting tomato cans. But we just think Kambosos' style could leave him vulnerable to big shots, especially later on. It almost got him beat by Lopez so Haney will have a chance to put him down too.

Again, if you're a conservative bettor, just take Haney to win by decision. However, if you want to "up the risk", then take a flyer on the KO victory. The good thing is at the current +500 price, even a tiny bet pays out a lot if that outcome indeed pans out. It's the quintessential "low-risk, high-reward" bet and one we think is worth considering.

Devin Haney to beat George Kamosos Jr. by stoppage

How To Bet Haney vs. Kambosos

Time is ticking to make your Haney vs. Kambosos bets since the fight is fast approaching — remember, the time-zone difference means the fight will actually air on June 4 if you're inside the United States. So don't wait 'til the last minute to bet this lightweight clash, do it as soon as you're done reading this paragraph. To easily do so, check out one of the top-rated boxing betting sites listed below. They'll have a variety of odds on Haney-Kambosos, plus other bouts in the future.