Bet These Random Super Bowl Props NOT Related To Game

Super Bowl halftime betting

As you're fully aware, you can bet on the upcoming Super Bowl 57 matchup between the Chiefs and Eagles without caring one bit about the actual game and its outcome. One of the beautiful things about the "big game" is the random prop bets that have nothing to do with the on-field activity. Right now at top-used NFL betting sites you can bet on the halftime show, national anthem, and so forth. This article is dedicated to those random Super Bowl prop bets and our best picks for several of them!

Super Bowl Halftime Show Betting Picks

Alright, the halftime show is a big deal. You'll often hear people say, "I'm watching the Super Bowl for the halftime show." We raise that and say we're "betting the Super Bowl because of the halftime show." We got two different picks on the Super Bowl halftime festivities, which will be performed by none other than Rihanna.

1st Song Sang On Stage

Rihanna gracing the Super Bowl stage is a big thing. For one, she became a first-time mother last year, birthing a baby with rapper A$AP Rocky. Therefore, she's taken a leave of absence from the public stage. But there's no bigger stage than this show, which will be watched by over 100 million Americans. Cause of that, you got to start off with a bang. That's what this prop bet is about, which song will be RiRi's first on stage. Here are the top favored betting options:

Diamonds Forever+250+250+250
This Is What I Came For+400+400+400
Where Have You Been+450+450+450
Don't Stop The Music+500+500+500

Bookies were smart to pick the above songs as their betting favorites. We mean, all of them make sense in this spot. The favorite, "Diamonds", is applicable to the actual game since players are competing for a Super Bowl ring, which is typically diamond-studded.

Then there are tracks like "This Is What I Came For" and "Don't Stop The Music", either one makes 100-percent sense to start things off with. As we said earlier, some people do come to the Super Bowl for the halftime presentation and don't want the music to stop.  "Where Have You Been" could even be a personal ode for Rihanna since she's been MIA, and hasn't even released an album since 2016.

We'll say it right now, this pick and the others that follow are complete shot-in-the-dark guesses. Unlike the actual; game, there's not much research that's going to help you out with these picks. But hey, it's the Super Bowl and it's fun so why not put some money down for the thrill of it? With that in mind, we're wagering with "Don't Stop The Music." It's an upbeat song, perfect for launching her 10-or-so-minute set that follows.

Dont Stop The Music to be Rihanna's first song at Super Bowl

Guest Appearance On Stage With Rihanna

Rihanna's career has built off stellar collaborations. She's produced hit songs with everyone from Eminem to Drake to Paul McCartney. Surely, one of these previous collaborators is joining Rihanna on stage for at least one song, right? Probably and there's a bet for it. Here's which artists are favored to be in that guest spot:

Jay Z-225-225-225
ASAP Rocky+250+250+250
Kanye West+800+800+800

In our mind, this HAS to be Jay Z. Nevermind his deep connection with Rihanna — he signed RiRi to her first record deal — but Jay is also linked to the NFL. Heck, Jay and Roc Nation have a deal with the league to produce this very show. Look for Hov and Rihanna to team up to perform either "Run This Town or “Umbrella.”

Jay Z to be Rihanna's guest at Super Bowl

Super Bowl National Anthem Betting Picks

You knew this coming, didn't you? Perhaps the most iconic prop bet unrelated to the game is the over/under on how long the national anthem is sung before the game. Doing the honors this year is country music singer Chris Stapelton. Oddsmakers are setting Stapleton's rendition of the the anthem at over/under 127 seconds:

Over 127 seconds-130-130-130
Under 127 seconds-110-110-110

The average duration of the past five Super Bowl anthems has been 119 seconds — which puts it's right in-line with Stapleton's odds (oddsmakers never miss). Still, when it comes to this bet, we always like taking the over. This is a huge moment for whoever performs. Why wouldn't they like to soak up the attention and sing slower than usual, whilst keeping the camera on them? The bet to make here is over 127 seconds!

Over 127 seconds for the national anthem to be sung at Super Bowl

How To Bet On Random Super Bowl 57 Props

The hand-picked Super Bowl 57 props we chose above are only a small portion of what's available at trusty sportsbooks. With so much eyes on this Kansas City-Philadelphia matchup, bookmakers are pulling out all the stops for the Super Bowl, and that includes a deep betting menu. Visit one of the sites listed to see for yourself the full gamut of anthem, halftime, and actual game bets available for the Super Bowl.

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