Best Bets To Win 2022 American League Pennant

Best Bets To Win 2022 American League Pennant

Most MLB teams have now completed sixty games — meaning we’re more than one-third of the way into the 2022 regular season. This feels like an opportune time to revisit 2022 AL title futures. Based on what we’ve seen, we’ve re-picked our best bets to win the 2022 AL pennant. You’ll want to read through to get our most up-to-date betting advice.

Before we go any further, it would quite literally pay to see the current MLB futures odds, as set by the best online sportsbooks. Here are the current teams inside the league that are most favored to reach the World Series later this year:

New York Yankees+250+250
Houston Astros+340+340
Toronto Blue Jays+500+500
Chicago White Sox+900+900
Minnesota Twins+1000+1000
Tampa Bay Rays+1200+1200
Boston Red Sox+1400+1400

2022 AL Championship Betting Picks

Giving out AL championship betting picks is hard — and not necessarily because of the actual selection themselves (though, that isn’t easy either). It’s hard because we know bettors of all different appetites exist. For instance, there are those bettors that just want to be right — no matter the current odds, whether long or short. Then there are those that recognize betting value and aren’t afraid to take chances based on potential upside alone.

Rather than split hairs making a single AL pick, we’re going to make two separate ones — a “safe” choice and a more risky one. You’re free to bet both ways or just go toward the pick that fits your risk profile more. It’s up to you, but here’s who we’re backing with bets:

Safe AL Betting Pick - Houston Astros

Alright, only three AL teams can be categorized as “safe” bets given the current betting odds — and those are the Yankees, Astros, and to a smaller degree, the Blue Jays. There’s a huge drop-off in betting odds after those three teams. Among the group, we’re most confident in New York as our AL betting pick.

The Yankees own the league's best record as of this publish date and have looked deserving of so since the season began. Two factors have keyed New York to this impressive tear — starting pitching and Aaron Judge.

Let’s begin with Judge. He’s on pace to hit 64 homers and 133 RBIs right now. We’re not sure that’s sustainable (likely not), but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s finally emerged as one of the best hitters in all of baseball. His odds to win the league MVP are second-best at popular betting sites.

New York also possesses five legit starters on the mound right now. Surprisingly, the current starting pitcher with the highest ERA is Gerrit Cole (at just 3.63). He’s supposed to be the “ace” of the staff and if he’s the current weakest link of the rotation, that’s a pretty good sign.

We’re completely on board with this Yankees club. They have the depth and star power needed to not only take the AL, but perhaps the World Series as well. Bettors might want to be on New York for both those futures — we certainly are!

New York Yankees to win the 2022 American League pennant

Risky AL Betting Pick — Chicago White Sox

Make no mistake about it, up to this point, the White Sox have been the biggest disappointment league-wise. A team that began with championship ambitions is hovering around .500 and third place in the AL Central. But we’re not deterred. This Chicago team has the talent to turn things around and at its current betting price, we feel their worth a look from bettors wanting a riskier option.

For one, starting pitcher Lance Lynn is expected to make his first start of the season later this week. Have we forgotten he finished third in the Cy Young vote a year ago? In 28 starts in 2021, the right-hander went 11-6 with a 2.69 ERA and 176 strikeouts. Those are elite numbers, folks, and if Lynn can even sniff those figures, Chicago would have a huge boost.

And the offense, well, it’s not unimaginable they can rebound. It seems like the whole lineup is underachieving so far — including the likes of Yasmani Grandal, Yoán Moncada, AJ Pollock, Gavin Sheets, Leury García, and Josh Harrison. One thing that might get them going is a schedule. In fact, based on current records, no one is expected to have an easier schedule the rest of the way than the White Sox.

It may not feel like it now, but some stars have aligned that could get Chicago back in the mix. As bad as they been, it’s not like the AL Central is all that great anyway. One good streak of games from the White Sox can get them right back into the division race. Take a flyer on Chicago in the better-than-average chance they can right the ship.

Chicago White Sox to win the 2022 American League pennant

How To Bet On 2022 MLB Futures?

MLB futures bets for 2022 exist well beyond just who’s taking the American League. No, you could make similar bets on the NL and World Series winner or individual awards such as MVP, Cy Young, and so forth. To find all these lines in one spot, you’ll want to visit one of the bookmakers featured on the underneath table. They have it all, plus regular MLB bets if you’re looking for those too.

But that’s not the best part about betting at one of the listed sportsbooks. No, the real “goods” are in the lucrative sign-up bonuses. Every site offers one, though, some deals are better than others. The table lists current offers available so compare and contrast so you can maximize your bonus value!