Who To Bet On To Win 2022 NBA Western Conference

Who To Bet On To Win 2022 NBA Western Conference

The most popular online sportsbooks have pegged Phoenix as the overwhelming favorite to take the West. Its betting line is +280 shorter than the next-best team. Here’s a complete look at the top betting favorites per the bookies:

Phoenix Suns+120+120
Golden State Warriors+400+400
Memphis Grizzlies+500+500
Dallas Mavericks+1000+1000
Utah Jazz+1200+1200
Denver Nuggets+1200+1200


Betting Picks To Win 2022 Western Conference

We’ve done the “heavy lifting” when it comes to betting research and we’re confidently backing the two underneath teams to take the 2022 Western Conference title. Anything can happen over the next two months, but these two teams should be atop your to-bet list:

Phoenix Suns

We don’t want to say the Suns are an automatic bet — nothing is automatic in sports betting — but they’re the closest thing to it. There hasn't been a better team in the entire league than Phoenix, evident by its 64 wins, which was eight more than the next-best team (Memphis). The franchise has proved the 2021 season, which ended in an NBA Finals defeat, was no fluke. With expectations high, the Suns exceeded them in every measure. 

There’s a lot to praise about Phoenix. You could start with head coach Monty Williams, who is a favorite to win Coach of the Year at top-used betting sites for NBA. You could go to the backcourt duo of Devin Booker and Chris Paul, who are elite playmakers with the ball in their hands. But what most impressed us about this year’s Suns team is its depth.

A next-man-up mentality has spurred them all year long. We mean, look at the playing time it’s best three players have missed this season — Booker (13 games), Paul (16 games), and Deandre Ayton (23 games). That’s enough to crush most NBA teams, but not these Suns who keep rolling on and on. Phoenix’s opening night lineup only started 38 games this year (going 31-7 in the process). All in all, the Suns deployed 13 different starting rotations this year. 13! And still, they win a whopping 64 games.

Don’t underestimate depth when it comes to postseason success. This late in the season, everyone is on tired games, which will only be exacerbated by the looming seven-game playoff series. But thanks to its deep rotation, it’s less of an issue for the Suns. It’s probably no coincidence that they’re undefeated (47-0) this year when taking a lead to start the fourth quarter. Phoenix simply doesn’t tire out like many other contending teams.

As we eluded to, the Suns are almost “must-bet material.” They’ve been a step above every other team all year long, have two perennial All-Stars leading them, a deep roster, and possess all the motivation in the world to right the wrongs of the 2021 NBA Finals. Take Phoenix here if you like making money.

Phoenix Suns to win 2022 NBA Western Conference title

Memphis Grizzlies

Admittedly, the Suns +120 betting line doesn’t lend itself to making two separate wagers on the Western Conference futures. You just won’t make any profit that way. And while we’d vouch for a Phoenix bet over anyone else out West, we understand there are many bettors that like “going against the grain” and picking longer betting lines (and the bigger payoffs that come with that). If you’re so opposed to picking the Suns, then consider the Grizzlies.

You know the age-old saying, “defense wins championships?” Welp, look no further than Memphis. They rank NBA-best in blocks and steals, plus third in opponent points off turnovers. There are just no “gimme points” against the Grizz — not now and certainly not in the playoffs during a seven-game series where they can get acclimated to their opponents.

But while defense might be the backbone of its success, Memphis can also score with the best of ‘em. This season, they rank second in points per game, first in rebounds per game, and sixth in assists. Not unlike the Suns, the Grizzlies are extremely capable on both ends of the floor.

Of course, the knock on Memphis is an obvious one: inexperience. This core of players has never won a thing in the NBA and all of a sudden, they’ll outlast proven commodities like Phoenix and Golden State? It’s a valid concern, but one that can actually become a positive. Unlike those two aforementioned teams, the Grizzlies are still “underdogs.” Despite its success, most teams aren’t buying them as legit NBA championship contenders. With little to no expectations, Memphis could shock teams in the postseason. That makes them the perfect dark horse to bet on out West.

Memphis Grizzlies to win 2022 NBA Western Conference title

How To Bet On 2022 NBA Playoffs?

The betting opportunities are nonstop from now until June when the NBA Finals start and end. The best place to bet on the 2022 NBA playoffs is one of the betting sites listed in the underneath table. They have a large menu of postseason wagers, whether it’s futures like the ones we covered above or daily bets on games (spreads, over/under, props, etc).

What’s more, these same bookmakers offer killer sportsbook bonuses that could score thousands of dollars in free play right off the bat. You could use the bonus winnings to make free bets on the NBA playoffs too — and what’s there not to like about free gambling? Check out the table below to see what bonuses are currently available for the taking!