3 Must-Make NBA Draft Bets To Make Money Off Of

3 Must-Make NBA Draft Bets To Make Money Off Of

Everybody knows Victor Wembanyama is going first overall in the 2023 NBA Draft but after that? It’s anyone’s guess, including bettors. Out of all the NBA Draft bets available, we’re confidently backing three to hit and pay out bettors big time. Keep reading for our expert picks!

  • What: 2023 NBA Draft
  • When: Thursday, June 22

Who Will Be Second Overall Pick?

THIS is where the NBA Draft really starts cause who gets drafted here is a giant mystery. The Hornets own the No. 2 pick, and they’re likely choosing between Alabama’s Brandon Miller and G-Leaguer Scoot Henderson. It’s a dead heat between the two at top NBA betting sites too, as seen in the latest odds below:

Scoot Henderson-125-125-125
Brandon Miller-115-115-115

Most of the pre-draft chatter has Charlotte picking Miller. Michael Jordan is selling the team for $3 billion, but is still expected to oversee this draft before moving on. But a “bat and switch” could also unfold with the Hornets picking Henderson instead or outright trading the Draft selection. Rumors have flown the Pelicans are interested in moving up to No. 2.

Our money says the Hornets stick at the two spot. This franchise has been one of the worst league-wide under Jordan’s watch and needs a potential superstar right away — both Henderson and Miller could provide that. The team has one star in the making, LaMelo Ball, and a sidekick could make them long-term contenders in the Eastern Conference.

But here’s the issue: Henderson is a guard, the same position as Ball. The two could play together, but it’s not exactly a perfect match. Miller, a forward, would be more complimentary of Ball. Miller is a better shooter than Henderson too which could lead to better floor spacing for the Hornets — a scenario where Ball would thrive under. For this reason, we’re advocating a Miller bet in this spot.

Brandon Miller to be picked No. 2 in the 2023 NBA Draft

To Be Drafted First — Walker or Thompson?

Here’s a fun prop bet between two prospects expected to go in the top-10. But among Jarace Walker and Ausar Thompson, who gets drafted first? Here again, the betting odds are split:

Jarace Walker-115-115-115
Ausar Thompson-115-115-115

Both players are forwards but are almost opposites on the floor. Walker comes out of Houston and is a brick truck of a player at 6-foot-8 (with a wing span over seven feet) and 250 pounds. His biggest attribute is playing defense, and can easily slot into a team wanting to play “small ball.” While he’s not a prolific scorer, Walker is a sneaky good passer.

Ausur Thompson — not to be confused with his brother, Amen — is a playmaker through and through. His speed and athleticism make him a threat to go to the basket at almost will. Ausur is also an imposing defender. The big knock on Thompson, however, is his jump shot is inconsistent. If he can develop a reliable jumper, stand out.

In many ways, Thompson is the upside pick, whereas Walker is the ready-to-play choice. We wouldn’t be surprised if one goes as early as No. 5 to Detroit. Our gut feeling is Walker could go there first. The Pistons have an abundance of young guards already and Walker would be an ideal fit. We’re throwing money the ex-Cougars way.

Jarace Walker to be picked first over Ausur Thompson in the 2023 NBA Draft

Over/Under Pick — Kobe Bufkin

We could help ourselves with this bet. In case you didn’t know, Bufkin was named after the late great Kobe Bryant. Of course, Bryant was drafted No. 13 overall in 1996 by Charlotte before being traded to Los Angeles. Maybe it’s irony but that same spot is where Bufkin is being pegged to go. The over/under is dead set at 13.5 for Bufkin’s draft selection:

Over 13.5 Round-115-115-115
Under 13.5 Round-115-115-115

Bufkin is the type of Draft prospect that’s been ascending the past few months, catching a few teams off guard. He broke out for Michigan as a sophomore averaging 14 points — a massive step up from the three he averaged as a freshman. Better yet, Bufkin averaged 17 in the last two months of the season. This late success means many teams are barely catching on to Bufkin and assessing where he slots in the draft pecking order.

To us, all this momentum means Bufkin gets picked within the top-13. Like the legend he’s named after, this Kobe flashes serious potential as a scorer. Bufkin is a top-tier finisher at the rim, has steadily improved his jump shot — traits that could make him elite at pick-and-rolls. His upside is too high for us, which makes the under bet completely worth taking.

Under 13.5 when Kobe Bufkin is picked in the 2023 NBA Draft

How To Bet On 2023 NBA Draft?

The NBA season is over, which makes betting on the NBA Draft one of the last money-making opportunities for bettors. That’s why bookmakers have rolled out plenty of betting odds for it, all of which you can find on-site. Start with one of the bookies listed below, these ones rated the highest in our latest sportsbook reviews.

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