Best Bets To Win 2021 MLB Pennants

Best Bets To Win 2021 MLB Pennants

2021 NLCS Betting Pick

Atlanta had Los Angeles on the ropes. They were up 5-2 in the bottom of the eighth — only five runs away from going up 3-0 against the reigning champs in the NL title series. Then disaster struck as the Dodgers pulled out four straight runs to re-seize momentum, which is reflected in the series odds set by online bookies:

Los Angeles Dodgers-130-130
Atlanta Braves+110+110

LA are betting favorites despite being in a 2-1 series hole. Call us crazy but we’re fading the bookies and the casual bettors that are likely on the Dodgers, who have been championship favorites since the get-go. Why, you ask? Dave Roberts, that’s why!

Pitching wins baseball postseason games, that’s no secret. However, we fear Roberts is burning out his pitching rotation. Take Game 4 starter, Julio Urias, for example. He was brought in for relief in Game 2, a poor performance where Urias was tagged for two runs on three hits (blowing the save in the process).

This is on top of a regular season that saw Urias pitch over 185 innings. The ace is as good as it gets, but fatigue might be a real factor come Wednesday night’s crucial Game 4. The same goes for Max Scherzer, who is also suffering from Roberts’ "load mismanagement" in our opinion.

We’re going out on a limb and picking the Braves to pull off the upset. They blew a 2-0 NLCS lead a year ago to these same Dodgers, but we believe that experience has actually hardened them for 2021. Give us those plus-money odds while they last!

Atlanta Braves To beat the LA Dodgers in the NLCS

2021 ALCS Betting Pick

Houston Astros-120-120
Boston Red Sox+100+100

Like LA, the ALCS betting favorite Houston also needed a late rally to avoid a large series deficit. Houston scored eight of their nine runs in the final two innings to tie the series up at two games apiece. Game 5 is Wednesday in Boston before the series heads back to H-Town.

It’s a small miracle the Astros are even in this position if we’re being frank. In each game of the ALCS thus far, the Red Sox have forced the opposing starting pitcher out before the fourth inning. You can either take that as a positive for Boston’s offense or an outlier trend that’s unlikely to continue, which would obviously benefit Houston.

We’re in the latter camp. Look, we get it, Lance McCullers Jr. being out with an injury is a tough void to fill, but this Houston starting lineup is still wildly underperforming. A regression back to the mean feels imminent and any such improvement would be a game-changer for the Astros, which haven’t struggled to score thus far in the playoffs.

No upset in the making here, we’re picking the longtime AL favorites Astros to deliver on their season-long hype and advance to the postseason. In a series that’s teetering toward seven games, Houston just has more big-game experience (and the home-field advantage) to gut out the close victory.

Houston Astros To beat the Boston Red Sox in the ALCS

2021 World Series Bonus Bet

Alright, this next piece of advice is for bettors that have a high-risk tolerance. Rather than betting individual series winners, one can bet on the exact series matchup and reap a far bigger reward.

As you read above, we’re penciling in the Braves and Astors in the Fall Classic. At certain bookmakers, that matchup is hovering around +250 odds in the exact series prop bet — which pays about double of the individual series picks. This wager is great if you’re really “going for broke” as MLB betting opportunities dry up this late in the season.

Personally, we’re laying three different bets. Not only the exact World Series matchup prop, but also the individual league title bets. We’re THAT confident in our betting research.

How To Bet 2021 MLB Playoffs?

Per usual, the MLB postseason hasn’t disappointed one bit. But it’s nearing completion and with that, opportunities to make money on MLB bets are as well. If you’re going to bet MLB, the time is now. To do just that, check out the online bookmakers listed below.

Every bet we mentioned above (plus more like individual games and in-game props) is available at the betting sites underneath. These lines will shift after each game and those updates odds will be reflected at these bookmakers too.

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