Make These Early Picks On The 2025 Super Bowl Champion

Make These Early Picks On The 2025 Super Bowl Champion

Is it ever too early to predict who will be the next Super Bowl champ? No? We thought so. We’re doing just that in this article as we look ahead to the 2024-25 NFL season, keep reading for expert picks!

2025 NFL Super Bowl Odds

Minutes after Kansas City topped San Francisco in the 2024 Super Bowl, the best NFL betting sites rushed to offer odds on the title game the year after. Since then, Super Bowl betting odds have stayed consistent. As it stands, these teams are the betting frontrunners to win next season:

Kansas City Chiefs+600+600+600
San Francisco+600+600+600
Baltimore Ravens+900+900+900
Buffalo Bills+1100+1100+1100
Detroit Lions+1200+1200+1200
Cincinnati Bengals+1400+1400+1400
Philadelphia Eagles+1600+1600+1600
Dallas Cowboys+1800+1800+1800

Pretty much zero surprise with the above lines. The three teams with the best odds are carryovers from last season. You have the two Super Bowl-playing teams and a Baltimore side that topped the NFL record-wise in the regular season. We’re in the heat of NFL free agency right now, but no player signing or departure has moved the needle in a large way odds-wise.

Best Bets To Win 2025 Super Bowl

With a far-out bet like this, you’d be smart to bet on multiple teams for the Super Bowl — not go “all in” on one side. Why? Because a lot can happen from now until February’s title game. Injuries, coaching changes, just plain bad luck, any of those can derail your betting picks. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and picked out three teams most worth betting on right now. Don’t need large bets at this stage of the game, but at these steep odds, even a small wager can pay out nicely next year.

Kansas City Chiefs

We start with the two-time-defending champions of the world. They’ve wasted no time in saying a historic three-peat is the end goal. No team has won three straight Super Bowls in the modern era. The last team to do it was the Packers in 1965 to 1967.

By all accounts, it looks like Kansas City is running it back. Patrick Mahomes restructured his massive contract to afford the team more salary cap flexibility. That allowed them to re-sign stud defensive tackle Chris Jones to a near-$100-million contract. Lockdown corberback L’Jarius Sneed might be in line to get paid next. The franchise tag was put on him, but he wants a long-term deal. If KC can’t do that, he’s a potential hold-out or trade candidate.

Either way, our confidence in this bet comes squarely because of Mahomes. If you needed any more evidence he is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, you got it during the 2024 playoffs. Mahomes willed his team to comeback victories against the Bills and 49ers, and trounced the Ravens on the road. The Chiefs were betting underdogs in all three games yet won on the back of superior QB play.

Kansas City is a no-brainer bet. Until someone knocks them off, we’re going to keep blindly betting on them to win.

Kansas City Chiefs to be 2025 Super Bowl winner

Cincinnati Bengals

If there’s one team we believe can knock the Chiefs off the throne, it’s the Bengals. Heck, they’re the only franchise that’s proven they can do that.

When Joe Burrow has played, he is 3-1 against the Mahomes-led Chiefs. In fact, the only time KC missed the Super Bowl in the last four years is because Burrow and company knocked them out of the playoffs back in 2022. The Bengals very well might have the Chiefs “number.”

Admittedly, Cincinnati had a 2023 season to forget. Burrow didn’t start the season healthy and he eventually got his season ended with another injury midway through. See, this is why you spread your bets — weird events like this can happen to your Super Bowl pick. However, we’re confident the Bengals can and will rebound this upcoming season. A healthy Burrow makes Cincinnati a team to look out for.

Cincinnati Bengals to be 2025 Super Bowl winner

Philadelphia Eagles

All right, we had to pick one team from the NFC. Out of the bunch, the Eagles and their +1600 odds caught our attention. That screams value for a team one year removed from barely losing the Super Bowl thanks to an iffy defensive pass interference call. Philly too had a letdown 2023 season where they finished the season losing six out of seven games.

A giant culprit of its issues was awful defensive play. An issue exacerbated by changing defensive play-callers late in the season. However, there’s reason to believe those problems are a thing of the past. The Eagles were able to hire Vic Fangio away from the Dolphins to be its defensive coordinator. Fangio is widely regarded as a defensive-minded savant, and you can’t help but think that’ll rub off on Philly.

Eagles also signed Saquon Barkley a few days ago. This gives them an additional running threat to pair with quarterback Jalen Hurts. Imagine the RPO action these two will be able to pull off this year. All this makes Philadelphia a sneaky good bet for a Super Bowl run.

Philadelphia Eagles to be 2025 Super Bowl winner

How To Bet On Super Bowl Futures?

Super Bowl futures betting is a fun way to get action on the NFL this time of year. To get this bet, plus other futures (e.g. NFL Draft), hit one of the bookies featured in the table below. Per our latest sportsbook reviews, these are the “best of the best.” They also offer big-money bonuses too if you need free money to gamble with. The table underneath has full details.