Season-Ending NHL Picks That Will Pay Out

NHL Betting Futures

The NHL regular season is inching toward the finish with less than 10 games per team remaining. This is practically your last opportunity to get certain NHL futures bet in on the 2024 season. You’re going want to keep reading to put yourself in a position to profit in a month or so.

NHL Central Division Winner

Here’s a fun bet, which team will win out in the league’s most competitive division? It’s a two-team race to win the Central Division and here’s the odds at top betting sites for NHL:

Dallas Stars-275-275-275
Colorado Avalanche+210+210+210
Winnpeg Jets+1500+1500+1500

As it stands, the Stars have a three-point advantage over the Avalanche. The Jets are technically still alive — nine points behind the leader — but we’re not even seriously complimenting them in this bet.

In a bet this close, we’d usually just say “go with the hotter team.” Here’s the issue: both Colorado and Dallas have caught fire as of late. Just last week, the Avalanche were on a nine-game winning streak. The Stars, on the other hand, have won seven in a row. So you can’t use that argument to settle this bet.

Talent might be the separating factor in this pick, and in this regard, Colorado has the advantage. When this team is healthy — which has been a big if the last two years — they might have the most talented roster in the league. Top to bottom, they are well-balanced and at the moment, the Avalanche are injury-free as you can hope for this late in the season. We wouldn't be surprised to see the Avs overtake the Stars atop the division. They're worth a bet, especially at these odds.

Colorado Avalanche to win NHL Central Division

NHL Atlantic Division Winner

Another dogfight for a division title is happening out East in the Atlantic. Florida and Boston are fighting tooth and nail for the top spot in the Atlantic. Here’s how the best oddsmakers have this race pegged betting-wise:

Boston Bruins-120-120-120
Florida Panthers+120+120+120
Toronto Maple Leafs+1500+1500+1500

As it stands, Boston is at 101 points, whereas the Panthers are at 99. Here again, we fall back on the classic thesis of — who’s the hotter team?

The answer had been the Panthers. The keyword is had because they’ve been one of the best teams in the second half of the year. However, Florida has hit a rough patch. They’ve now dropped seven of their last nine games amid a string of injuries. The Panthers are healthier now, but boy, that’s not a trend you want to overlook regardless.

Here’s another thing: the Bruins just beat the Panthers 4-3 last week. In that matchup, Boston erased three deficits to eventually win 4-3. No one talking about it, but something feels off with Florida right now.

We’re laying a decent-sized bet on the Bruins here. Getting them at -120 odds feels like a steal given their current lead and the way the Panthers are trending. It’s worth sizing up for this potential payoff at those solid betting odds.

Boston Bruins to win NHL Atlantic Division

Presidents Trophy Winner

Last but not least, which team will claim the Presidents Trophy? This award is given to the team that finishes with the most points after 82 games are played. As you can see by the betting odds below, it’s the Rangers trophy to lose:

New York Rangers-200-200-200
Dallas Stars+300+300+300
Carolina Hurricanes+1300+1300+1300
Colorado Avalanche+1800+1800+1800
Florida Panthers+2200+2200+2200

Dare we say the odds are mispriced a tad? We mean the next-best teams after the Rangers are pegged as far as +360 odds. This is a massive gap that’s not actually reflected in the standings. The Rangers have the most points of all at 104, however, the Stars are right behind them at 103. So tell us, does New York deserve to be this big of favorites? We say no.

Look, the Rangers have been atop the NHL most of the season. Goaltender Igor Shesterkin has returned to elite form. By all accounts, they’re left and have a real shot at making a run this season. But we’re just not in love with New York's -200 odds, especially compared to other betting contenders. That’s why we’re skipping a bet on them here.

Instead, we're taking a longshot bet on Avalanche. Look, the "safe" choice is the Stars since they're so close in the point tally. But you saw our Central Division pick, and we think there's value in choosing Colorado to end the season on a run. We're sticking with that rationale here!

Colorado Avalanche to win NHL President's Trophy

How To Bet On NHL Season Futures?

The NHL futures betting market is loaded with opportunities beyond the three wagers we’ve mentioned. You can also bet on player awards or conference and Stanley Cup winners. To get a full list of these bets, we recommend one of the bookies below. Per our newest sportsbook reviews, any one of these sites has you covered for all things NHL betting from now until the championship in June.

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