Free Betting Picks To Win 2022 MLB Pennants

MLB Pennant Betting 2022

Which teams will win their league pennants? That question is worth a whole lot of money at the top-used online sportsbooks. If you want to cash in the futures wager, you’ll want to take our betting picks to win 2022 MLB pennants — both in the American and National League.

We’ll be offering two bets to win each MLB league championship. One bet is our most confident choice, but the other is a “sleeper” selection that may be worth taking a flyer on. There’s a lot to cover so let’s jump right into it:

Best Bet To Win 2022 American League Title

Baseball's best betting sites seem to believe it’s a two-team race to win the 2022 AL title. As you can see below, the Yankees and Astros are far and away the AL favorites:

Houston Astros+165+165
New York Yankees+175+175
Toronto Blue Jays+650+650
Seattle Mariners+1400+1400
Chicago White Sox+1600+1600

Most Confident Bet — Houston Astros

If we had to pick between New York and Houston, we’re taking the latter. Of course, that was far from an easy choice as these two teams are incredibly well-matched. The Astros have four more wins so far, but the Yankees have a run differential that’s +30 better. Both teams have as good of pitching staffs as anyone league-wide.

However, we’re favoring Houston for this reason: they took care of New York fairly well during the regular season. The Astros won the regular-season series 5-2, which means they would own home-field advantage in the event each team finishes the season with the same amount of wins. What’s more, each of the Yankees two wins were via walk-off fashion. In all seven games, a NY hitter never stepped to the plate with the team leading, believe it or not.

In head-to-head matchups, Houston just appears to have New York’s number. We’d take them in a heartbeat to continue that come October.

Houston Astros to win the 2022 AL Pennant

Sleeper Bet — Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto have the third-best AL title odds at top oddsmakers, but still feel like long shots given all the attention going Houston and New York’s way. But at +650 odds, they’re worth taking a swing on. The Jays are eight games behind the Yanks in the AL East, meaning a first-round playoff bye is highly unlikely. Still, this team is capable of managing the extra work load and punching a ticket to the Fall Classic.

The thing about Toronto is when their offense is firing on all cylinders, then they can really blow the doors off. Consistency has been an issue for the Jays’ lineup but for all we know, Toronto could “get hot at the right time” come the postseason. That’s a dangerous scenario, which makes them a worthy alternate bet.

Toronto Blue Jays to win the 2022 AL Pennant

Best Bet To Win 2022 National League Title

As with the AL, we see the same two-team battle to take the 2022 NL title. This one features another New York team, the Mets, and the tried-and-true franchise, the Dodgers. Look how close the NL betting odds are between both clubs:

Los Angeles Dodgers+150+150
New York Mets+250+250
Atlanta Braves+600+600
San Diego Padres+650+650
Milwaukee Brewers+1400+1400
St. Louis Cardinals+1600+1600
Philadelphia Phillies+1600+1600

Most Confident Bet — New York Mets

This may be a controversial choice but we’re indeed taking New York to win the NL — not Los Angeles. Controversial because the Dodgers have the league’s best record (five games ahead of the Mets). Controversial because the Dodgers have won 38 of the previous 46 matchups. Controversial because LA might set the all-time wins record (they’re on pace for 113 but the historic mark is 126 to tie).

Yet, we’d bet on the Mets to edge them in October. Why? Pitching, of course. While the Dodgers have MLB’s best team ERA, we actually think a shortened rotation — which is inevitable in October — would benefit New York more. That’s because Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer are the two best pitchers on either team and both belong to New York. Finally healthy, both are playing like the Cy Young’s they were from 2016 to 2019 (each player won two a piece).

It’s crazy to say out loud, but 2022 might finally be the year the Mets live up to expectations. The franchise’s first World Series title since 1986 is not unthinkable.

New York Mets to win the 2022 NL Pennant

Sleeper Bet — Milwaukee Brewers

The Brew Crew have been ravaged by injuries all-season long. That’s a major reason why the team is only seven games above .500 and fighting for their postseason life (they’d miss the playoffs if the year ended today). But the team is getting healthy with one month to go — pitchers Freddy Peralta, Brandon Woodruff, and Aaron Ashby are all back after IL stints. That trio at full-strength can help turn Milwaukee into a top-five or so pitching team. Typically, that’s a winning formula in October.

Milwaukee Bucks to win the 2022 NL Pennant

How To Bet On 2022 MLB Futures?

We’re in the final stretch of the MLB regular season with the playoffs beginning in early October. This is the perfect time to lay bets on 2022 MLB futures — whether that’s our aforementioned league picks or perhaps on the World Series winner. To get a full list of MLB futures bets, hit one of the sportsbooks listed underneath.

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