Will Inter Miami Win The 2024 MLS Cup?

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The MLS has become the Leo Messi show. Question is, can Messi lead Miami to an MLS Championship? If not, then who does win it? Welp, we have some answers in this article as we preview the 2024 MLS title race.

2024 MLS Championship Odds

We’re already one month into the MLS regular season. However, little has changed as far as MLS championship odds are concerned. Inter Miami were favored before and they remain the top contenders. Here are the top teams being pegged to win the title, per the best betting sites for MLS:

Inter Miami CF+225+225+225
Columbus Crew+900+900+900
FC Cincinnati+1000+1000+1000
New York Red Bulls+1200+1200+1200
LA Galaxy+1200+1200+1200
Los Angeles FC+1400+1400+1400
Philadelphia Union+1400+1400+1400

The odds can and will change wildly from now until late October when the playoffs start. Injuries are always the big variable (more on that shortly) that can derail a team’s title hopes in a second so account for that. But let’s get to our picks, which is the reason you’re reading this anyway.

Betting Advice For 2024 MLS Championship

Our betting advice for the MLS Championship isn’t just who you should put money on. It’s also who you should NOT put money on. The latter is almost as important as the former. So without further ado, here’s some overarching advice on how to approach championship futures:

Don’t Go All In On Miami

Everyone and their mother seems to be convinced Miami is winning the title this year. It’s a big jump for a team that was one of the worst in the league in 2023. Of course, that was a year played mostly without Messi. This marks his first full season in the Miami jersey, and he’s brought his Barcelona friends either him — Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets, and Luis Suarez.

So far, the squad has been as good as advertised. They are 3-1-1 in the season — tied for most points in the league. Moreover, they’re scoring in bunches. Miami has a whopping 13 goals, four more than the next-best team. Despite this, we’re going to exercise some betting caution.

That doesn’t mean don’t bet on Miami. That means don’t only bet on Miami though. Remember when we talked about injuries earlier on? Well, Inter Miami and its aging roster could be susceptible to them, especially once the MLS season drags on in the Fall. We’ve already seen Messi injured and the season just started.

So yes, go ahead and put money on Inter Miami. This Barcelona remake squad is miles more talented despite their older age. But add a secondary bet too. We have an idea of who that team should be.

Inter Miami to win 2024 MLS Cup

Columbus Crew

Look, the smart thing to do is probably choose a Western Conference team if you’re already betting on Inter Miami, an Eastern Conference squad. However, we couldn't bring ourselves to do it. To us, it really feels like Columbus vs. Miami is the de facto title game.

Obviously, the Crew are the reigning MLS champions of the world. So far this season, they haven’t missed a beat also racking up 10 points like Miami. But whereas Miami is winning off backbreaking offense, Columbus is doing so with smothering defense. The Crew have allowed just two goals in five games played in 2024.

We’re confidently betting on Columbus in this spot. They’re a lot younger and more deep than Miami. That might not be apparent now but it will be down the stretch. We say put money on both these powerhouses and let the better club win come October.

Columbus Crew to win 2024 MLS Cup


This is our advice on who NOT to put money on. That would be LAFC. It’s surprising to say that out loud given the team has been MLS golden franchise since it started. They’ve also played in back-to-back MLS Cups. However, we get the sense LAFC is trending downward. They’re still good, don’t get us wrong, but not championship-good anymore.

Just about half of the total minutes played in 2023 didn’t return in 2024 for LAFC. The biggest loss? That would be team captain Carlos Vela. Yes, he was superseded by Denis Bouanga as the top-scoring threat, but Vela could still play. Not only that, he was a calming presence in big moments. That is no more, and Giorgio Chiellini is also gone. The Italian retired over the offseason, leaving a big hole at defense for Los Angeles.

There are just better championship picks than LAFC this year. Don’t let recency bias trick you into betting them again because this year’s squad isn’t as stacked as years past.

How To Bet On 2024 MLS Futures?

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