What Are The MLS Standings Today

  1. The MLS differs a lot from its soccer league counterparts in Europe — the English Premier League, La Liga, Series A, and others. None of those European leagues have a playoff system, just a regular season and whoever finishes atop the table at years-end is crowned league champion. 

Whereas the MLS runs its regular season from March through October, each team playing 34 games apiece. Fourteen teams advance to the playoffs, which is played in single-elimination format until an MLS Cup champion is decided in November. 

Follow all the madness in the table below. No need to go to MLS online com because we update these standings in real-time. For newbies, a win earns an MLS team three points in the table, while a tie is worth one. The +/- indicates goal differential (GF – GA) and serves as a tiebreaker in case the standings are dead-even. 


MLS Betting Tips

If you end up mastering our MLS betting tips, you'll end up being rewarded handsomely. With a season that stretches from March until November, MLS is one of the lengthiest in all American sports. 

Of course, mastering it is easier than done. The sport is wildly unpredictable and no one really knows what'll happen once on the pitch. 

Nonetheless, we wanted to share some pieces of wisdom. It's something we've learned from observing the MLS from afar and it might be an assist to you.

MLS Playoffs Betting Odds

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In 2019, the MLS switched its playoff format to include 14 teams and move away from a home-and-away, aggregate-goal structure. Now, every single postseason match is win-or-go-home style, which only creates more chaos while wagering. As this new format settles in, MLS playoff betting odds will become clearer.

Here's a wild, but true fact: only twice between 2010 and 2019 did the team that finished with the best regular-season record (who is awarded the Supporters' Shield trophy) go on to win the MLS title. Just twice! That's a far contrast from the NFL or NBA, where top seeds typically win out. 

Therefore, once the MLS Cup odds are out, don't automatically side with the team with the better regular-season record. Instead, look for the team that ended on a high note and is streaking hot going into the postseason. 

Being Too Good For The Draw

Soccer adds an entirely new element to moneyline betting — the draw. MLS soccer odds will include this outcome when wagering on three-way moneylines or double-chance bets

Still, American-based bettors, by and large, hate draws. Merely allowing a game to finish tied is a common complaint naysayers will hurl at the entire sport. While we'd love a winner and loser in every match, you can't overlook the draw when betting. 

For better or worse, a lot of soccer matchups end tied. Heck, an overmatched team might even build their entire gameplan around preserving a nil-ni draw. 

While its human nature to put teams into binary categories — e.g. this team is better and the other is worse. Just know, the best teams don't always win despite their superior talent on the pitch. While it'll never be "sexy" to bet on the draw, many times, it is the smart money.  

Less Is More

All too often, we see bettors make too many bets on the MLS. Yes, that's a thing.

Hear us out: betting isn't about throwing money at every single wagering line. No, it's about finding value. And at times, it takes patience to find a bet that a bookie possibly under- or over-valued. 

That's why we advise to be extremely selective with your MLS bets. We know what you're thinking, "but if I bet less that means I'll also win less times." Not exactly.

The key is to find one or two bets that you absolutely love. Once you've found one, up the risk amount significantly on it. A win and you'll earn as much as you would if you hit on a multitude of small wagers. So in other words, "go big or go home."

Welp, that does it for our MLS betting tips. We hope this has been of value to you. Now it's time to heed our advice and start your MLS betting journey. Check out one of the sportsbooks below to get started: