Best Bets To Make For 2022 MLB Draft

Best Bets To Make For 2022 MLB Draft

The next crop of rookies will enter the league when the MLB Draft begins on Sunday, July 17. There’s plenty of money to be made betting on the 2022 MLB Draft and we’re giving you three free picks in this article. Keep reading for expert betting advice on it!

2022 MLB Draft — First Overall Pick Bet

The Orioles own the number-one overall pick going into the MLB Draft and they have no shortage of great options at the top spot. Here are the prospects currently favored to be picked first overall by top online sportsbooks to be:

Druw Jones-190-190
Jackson Holiday+375+375
Termarr Johnson+550+550
Brooks Lee+550+550

Coincidentally, two of the top-three possible choices happen to be sons of former big leaguers who made their mark in MLB. The odds-on favorite to go one is the son of 10-time Gold Glove winner Andruw Jones, Druw (love u replacing the e in both of their names by the way). Not far behind Jones odds-wise is Jackson Holiday. His father, Matt, is a seven-time All-Star. Like his old man, this Holiday can also swing with the best of ‘em.

Also in the mix to be the first choice is Termarr Johnson, who has no superstar dad, but definitely has star potential of his own. Scouts rave about the shortstop’s hitting ability. There’s not a ball he can’t hit and Johnson knows how to control the zone. He’s not a power hitter, but Johnson is the type that can reach well over .300 batting average in the MLB if he maxes out his potential.

You see the betting odds above and it seems all signs point toward Baltimore choosing Jones. His ceiling is widely regarded as the highest among the entire 2022 draft class. His defensive ability certainly feels dad-like already, but Jones is also an offensive threat — both to go long and steal bases. Thirty home runs and thirty stolen bases, at the very least, is the type of output he could bring Baltimore if he meets his high ceiling. Jones is the bet to make here at his -190 betting price.

Druw Jones to be picked first overall in the 2022 MLB Draft

2022 MLB Draft — Over/Under Kevin Parada Picked Bet

The Georgia Tech catcher, Prada, is one of the more intriguing prospects in the 2022 MLB Draft. Most know he’s going early, but just how early is the question. Popular baseball betting sites have pegged Parada’s over/under of being picked at 4.5. Here’s where the odds stand for each option:

Over 4.5 round picked-250-250
Under 4.5 round picked+170+170

Parada was one of the most prolific hitters in the NCAA this past season, belting 26 home runs — which ranked sixth-most nationwide. He does this despite one of the weirder pre-hit set-ups you’ll see with Parada having the bat slung over his shoulder. Look it up on YouTube, seriously, it’s worth a look. With his current power, he could belt 25-or-so homers in the best-case scenario.

His offensive ability is a premium for the position. We mean, there are not that many great hitters at catcher in the MLB right now. There are elite guys like J.T. Realmuto and Will Smith, then a huge drop-off from there. The point is, a lot of clubs could get better at the position and drafting Parada certainly puts them on that track.

But being picked four or better seems a bit far-fetched. That’s nothing against Parada either, but there are just four or five clear-cut players that are better than him. That list includes the aforementioned Jones, Holliday, Johnson, and also the likes of Cam Collier, Elijah Green, and Brooks Lee. All things considered, we’re hammering the over.

Obviously, -250 isn’t great betting value on that over. That’s why we suggest parlaying this with our first betting pick, Jones to go number one. Combine both to maximize your gains because we’re confident each result will play out separately.

Over 4.5 rounds for Kevin Parada to be picked in the 2022 MLB Draft

2022 MLB Draft — To Be Picked First Bet

There are a ton of betting opportunities involving players on a head-to-head basis. One were eyeing is who gets picked first between Brooks Lee and Termarr Johnson. It’s a very close bet, as seen by the underneath odds:

Termarr Johnson+135+135
Brooks Lee-175-175

We’ve already mentioned Johnson’s strengths, but let’s quickly cover Lee, who also plays shortstop like Johnson. Lee is the more polished player of the two since he’s coming from Cal Poly and not high school. Lee tore up the NCAA at the plate. He struck out under 10 percent of the time and had a running a walk-to-strikeout rate over 2.00 all season. Most scouts rate his hand-eye coordination as spectacular.

Johnson and Lee are both coveted players at the same position, but to us, Johnson has far more star potential. He’s younger, rawer, and his hitting ability has more upside than Lee’s. The MLB Draft — even more so than the NFL or NBA — is about upside since top picks get stashed away in the minor leagues, getting time to develop. Johnson’s upside makes him the slightly more prized talent to go in the draft.

Termarr Johnson to be picked first over Brooks Lee in the 2022 MLB Draft

How To Bet On 2022 MLB Draft?

There are dozens upon dozens of 2022 MLB Draft bets available right now. To get a full list of wagers, check out one of the underneath bookmakers. These betting sites offer great prices on MLB wagers, plus killer sportsbook bonuses that pay out hundreds of dollars in free play, if not thousands. See the table below to get started before the draft gets underway on Sunday.