NBA Betting Picks

NBA Betting Picks

Check here for the latest free NBA picks. We take care to research carefully and apply our own betting strategies. This betting guide will help you make the best NBA bets and NCAAB bets tonight!

NBA Championship Pick

With the Brooklyn Nets having won the NBA Championship last year, it is no surprise they have emerged as this year’s favorite as well. Following close behind them are the Lakers, Clippers, Utah Jazz, and Bucks.

The favorites, in this case, are only the relative favorites, meaning they are the most likely to win, but the field still has a more than 50% chance of winning. This means that the Brooklyn Nets, even being the favorite, will bring in rewards as if they were the underdog. For that reason, we pick the Brooklyn Nets as the best NBA bet to win the Championship.

NBA Odds for the Championship

Here are the latest NBA odds for the Championship from top sports betting sites.

NBA Outright Winners Odds 2023BovadaGTBetsMyBookie
Golden State Warriors+450+450+450
Boston Celtics+625+600+600
Brooklyn Nets+700+700+800
Los Angeles Clippers+800+800+800
Milwaukee Bucks+850+850+900
Phoenix Suns+900+900+900

How to Read Our Free NBA Picks

When we make our NBA picks, it is not out of nowhere. We put research into each recommended wager.

This means that we look at how teams match up on a position-by-position basis. Will the center for the Lakers be able to dominate the court?

We also look at the possibility of court fatigue. Court fatigue can have an effect on basketball games when a team has to travel a long distance to face off against a home team. This can turn an even matchup into an underdog situation. NBA teams may also be fatigued after several intense or hard-fought games.

Take these basketball predictions for what they are: free picks from experts, who are also human. This means that while we combine our years of experience in sports betting with specific research for each basketball bet, it is impossible to predict the exact outcome of every bet. Instead, use them as building blocks to making your own betting strategy.

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Types of NBA Picks

When it comes to free picks for NBA betting, they will cover the whole gamut of betting options. Bettors more accustomed to betting on the MLB or NFL will recognize many of these bets. Of course, they change slightly when we adapt them to making the best NBA bets. These NBA predictions will serve you well.


Futures are bets for big events sometime in the future. For example, betting on the outcome of the NBA playoffs, rather than any specific matchup, is one example of a futures bet.

For example, if you think the Dallas Mavericks will win the NBA Championship, even if it is in October, you can place that bet already.


Moneylines are the simplest bets around. You simply bet on the winner of the basketball game. For example, if you think the Clippers will come out ahead of Denver this Wednesday, simply add them to your bet slip and place that wager. You can place these common bets throughout the NBA season, or in college basketball as well.


Parlays are when you combine multiple bets into one larger bet. A word of caution: you must win every part in order to win the whole thing, otherwise, the whole ship goes down. These are difficult bets, however, the rewards can be very handsome.

Some betting sites will not let you combine bets from a single NBA game into a parlay, as this would be very easy to manipulate. However, you can combine moneylines with future bets, such as who will win the Western Conference.

Point Spreads

Basketball point spreads are a lot of fun because these are such high-scoring games. Here bookies present you with a number, say 7.5, and then you decide if the underdogs, for example, the Sacramento Kings, will lose by more or less than that number.

This is a way handicappers have of evening out the odds a bit. This can be a more profitable way to cash in on a game that has a clear favorite. This way, the odds even out a bit, and the reward grows with it.

Team and Player Prop Bets

Props are any bets that do not have to do with the end of the game. They are the most fun, creative NBA basketball bets.

You can have prop bets that deal with teams. For example, you can be on if the Los Angeles Lakers or the San Antonio Spurs will score first. You can also bet on if the Toronto Raptors or the Milwaukee Bucks will get more free throws.

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Finding the Right Sportsbook

Choosing the right sports betting site for basketball wagers is absolutely essential. How else will you be able to put these NBA expert picks in action? You will want ones that offer a deposit bonus, for sure. This will get you off to a nice start, allowing you to place bets throughout the entire NBA regular season.