Best NBA 2022 Champion Bet To Make Right Now

Best NBA 2022 Champion Bet To Make Right Now

If we're being completely honest, there are only six or so teams that have a realistic chance at winning it all this summer. We've scoured the most popular NBA betting sites and pulled each of those six teams' current odds at winning the title. Here they are:

Brooklyn Nets+275+275
Golden State Warriors+350+350
Milwaukee Bucks+750+750
Phoenix Suns+800+800
Utah Jazz+1100+1100
Miami Heat+1400+1400

The list above doesn't include the Lakers or Bulls, which no disrespect to those fanbases, but are pretenders compared to the contenders above. With that said, let's dive into our free betting picks below.

NBA 2022 Champion Betting Picks

First, let's do some "housekeeping." We'll be making not one bet, but two different NBA 2022 champion betting picks. At these steep betting prices, you can safely do that and still end up turning a profit so long as one of the wagers hits. 

But two, given the COVID situation that's ravaged teams the past two months, not putting "all your eggs in one basket" is the smart betting approach. Can you imagine the star player(s) of your NBA futures bet catching COVID in the middle of a playoff series? That team and your bet would be toast in that scenario, which is a real possibility. So be smart about it and practice risk management.

Golden State Warriors

Alright, if your bankroll is limited and if you could only make one futures bet on an NBA champion, then make it the Warriors. They are the "safest" choice in the entire betting field — yes, more so than the Nets, who have been champions favorites for two years running at the top online sportsbooks.

We don't trust Brooklyn and you shouldn't either. Sure, Kyrie Irving is back, but only in road games, and he has a long history of getting hurt anyway. Kevin Durant, while playing out of his mind right now, is also averaging 37 minutes per game. Is that smart given he's 33 years old and two years removed from an Achilles tear? We think not. And then there's James Harden, who as great as he is, has a knack for choking come playoff time.

But enough about the Nets, let's focus on the Dubs, who should be your betting choice. Amid its high-flying offense, we forget defense was the backbone of its three title wins in five years. And guess what? This season's iteration of the team is a defensive juggernaut once again. Golden State currently ranks number-one in team defensive efficiency at 99.7 points per 100 possessions.

And of course, we have to mention the team should be aided by the return of Klay Thompson. Maybe he won't be the Klay of old — the one who would guard the opposing team's best player regularly — but he's still an asset that can shoot lights out. The Warriors were 29-9 without him so imagine how good they can be with Thompson back in the swing of things?

All in all, we rest our case. There are not a better NBA futures bet right now than the Warriors. They're balanced, they're well-coached, they have the MVP front-runner, and they have championship DNA running in their veins. 

Golden State Warriors To win the NBA Finals

Miami Heat

Since we took a "safer" choice with Golden State, our second pick is more of a gamble. At +1400, the Heat are what some would call "longshots" but what we would call "undervalued." Here's a team that's 26-15 and two years removed from an NBA Finals appearance and most of all, a team that hasn't come close to playing its best basketball yet.

You see, the Heat have been ravaged by injuries. We've only seen them trot out Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, along with two newcomers (and recent NBA title-winners) Kyle Lowry and PJ Tucket, a few times this season. If the four can be at full-strength — which admittedly is a big if — this team could run the table in the Eastern Conference.

We're already on record saying we don't trust Brookly. That makes Milwaukee the biggest threat to Miami's chances of advancing on. It'll be a formidable test, but the Bucks have regressed from last year's championship run that included the aforementioned Tucker playing big-time minutes. 

So for bettors feeling a little riskier, Miami is the go-to bet to make. They've only scratched the surface of its max potential, which is a scary thought cause they're already good as is. 

Miami Heat To win the NBA Finals

How To Bet On NBA?

With NFL season winding down, this is the time of year when the NBA starts heating up. The All-Star game is next month and after that, it's one last stretch until the postseason begins, where things really get wild. If you want to bet on NBA from now until June, then you can do so easily at one of the betting sites underneath. These sites have it all for you — a huge betting menu, big-money sign-up bonuses, and so much more. Click around the table below to get started now!