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Eric Uribe | Mon 20/04/2020 - 06:26 EDT

NFL Draft 2020: Preview, Latest Odds, & Betting Picks

NFL Draft 2020: Preview, Latest Odds, & Betting Picks
After almost two months without a big-time sporting event to bet on, the upcoming NFL Draft suddenly becomes a must-bet and must-watch attraction. Before it starts on April 23, read this betting guide for expert advice. We've hand-picked four wagers you absolutely need some action on!

There's a host of NFL Draft betting odds available at BetOnline. However, there's four, in particular, that should draw your attention and money. 

But before we dish out our free betting picks to make, don't overlook the welcome bonuses available at a given sportsbook right now. You can earn free money by just signing up and funding your playing account. And in a time of crisis like right now, who doesn't want free play? 

When Is Tua Tagovailoa Selected?

The talk of the NFL Draft is without a doubt Tagovailoa. Pundits and oddsmakers alike are unsure where the sensational, but possibly damaged, Alabama quarterback will land, evident by the current lines:

  • Field (+225)
  • Fifth Overall (+275)
  • Third Overall (+300)
  • Sixth Overall (+300)
  • Fourth Overall (+1000)
  • Second Overall (+1400)

Tua was the consensus number-one pick before a dislocated hip ended his 2019 campaign early. That injury looms particularly large now in a Coronavirus-impacted world that canceled pro days and in-person visits — robbing NFL teams the opportunity to evaluate for themselves if Tua is truly healthy or not. 

One landing spot we've constantly heard with Tua for a year now has been with the Dolphins, who hold the fifth pick. That #TankForTua chatter has been drowned out as of late by Justin Herbert of Oregon. However, it's during this period — a week before the draft — that NFL teams are sending smoke screens to bait teams into a trade. The newfound Herbert lovefest in Miami feels like that, a lie. Why would the Dolphins make their interests public if they really wanted Herbert to still be there at six? 

If Tua isn't chosen by the Dolphins at five, he could very well free fall due to his durability issues. That's why we advise splitting money on two bets here — sixth and the field. With plus-money odds on each, you can still come up profitably despite one being an automatic loser. Hedge your bet and choose both options!

Betting picks to makes: field (+225) and sixth (+300)

Highest Drafted Wide Reciever?

Many are billing the wide receiver class of 2020 as the deepest, most talented group of all time. Even more so than the 2014 class that includes studs like Devante Adams, Odell Beckham, Brandin Cooks, Mike Evans, Jarvis Landry, among many others. 

However, which pass-catcher will go first amongst the historically-good class? Oddsmakers are split between two players:

  • Ceedee Lamb (+110)
  • Jerry Jeudy (+110)
  • Henry Ruggs (+350)
  • Field (+4000)

In many circles, the run of wide receivers is believed to be starting around the eleventh pick, which belongs to the Jets. A WR-needy Raiders team also holds the twelfth selection. 

Adam Gase, coach and GM of New York, absolutely loves speed. Between Lamb and Jeudy, the latter is definitely more of the speed demon with a stunning 40-year dash time of 4.27. That leads us to believe Jeudy will be the first of many wide receivers to go come Thursday night.  

Betting pick to make: Jeudy (+110)

Total QB's Drafted In The First Round?

Quarterback is the most valued position, not only in football but perhaps in all of the sports. That's what makes the following over/under bet tantalizing: 

  • Over 4.5 (-120)
  • Under 4.5 (-120)

It's a foregone conclusion that four signal-callers will hear their name called during Thursday night's first-round — Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Jordan Love, and Tagovailoa. After that, though, it's a steep drop off in talent.

Jacob Eason, Jalen Hurts, and Jake Fromm are all in the mix to be the fifth quarterback selected. On paper, Eason certainly looks the first-round talent part — six-foot-six tall and a cannon for an arm. But his college production was only so-so.

Making matters worse, this past offseason was rare in that the supply of quarterbacks was higher than the demand. Tom Brady, Phillip Rivers, Nick Foles, Teddy Bridgewater, and Marcus Mariota all switched teams, while ex-MVP Cam Newton and former number-one pick Jameis Winston are still searching for new homes. 

Knowing all of this, we're predicting the fifth quarterback selected in 2020 won't be until Friday's second round. Take the under here!

Betting pick to make: Under 4.5 (-120)

Highest Number of People In The Same Room

Okay, we couldn't help ourselves with this next bet, but it might be the only time it's ever available again for wagering (and for everyone's sake, we hope that's indeed the case): 

  • Under 9.5 (+120)
  • Over 9.5 (-160)

It's become a rite of passage for NFL hopefuls to have draft-day parties, all the while camera crews from ESPN and the NFL Network air live reactions once they're picked. However, with strict social-distancing measures against COVID-19 — that ban gatherings of 10 people or more — no one really knows if the tradition will follow suit this year.  

Our money says the tradition will continue for at least one NFL player-to-be. Think about it, this is the moment-of-a-lifetime for these 20-something-year-old players. Coronavirus or not, they want to share that moment with loved ones just like the players they've seen get drafted before them. Take the over here — just don't criticize the kids online when it inevitably happens! 

Betting pick to make: Over 9.5 (-160) 

Like we said earlier, there are a BUNCH more betting lines available for the NFL Draft. You can find them at one of the reputable sportsbooks below. Sign up and deposit money into your account — which unlocks that free-play sign-up bonus we mentioned before — and you'll be ready to bet on the draft and other sports events down the road! 

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