Expert Picks To Win All 4 MLB Division Series Matchups

Expert Picks To Win All 4 MLB Division Series Matchups

And then there were eight. That’s the number of playoff teams left in contention for the 2022 World Series title. We’re breaking down each matchup in the Divisional Series, which begins on Tuesday. You’ll want to read this to get our expert betting picks for all four MLB series!

Atlanta Braves vs. Philadelphia Phillies Betting Pick

Of all four playoff matchups, this one has the closest odds. No surprise, the reigning champion Braves are betting favorites, as they should be after earning a weekend of rest while the Phillies gutted out an upset sweep of the Cardinals. Here’s how the best baseball betting sites have this series pegged odds-wise:


Philadelphia advanced to this stage on the arms of Zack Wheeler and Aaron Nola, a 1-2 starting pitching duo that can hang with anyone left in playoff contention. However, neither will be on the mound in Game 1 as they’re resting up after the wildcard series. This is where the benefit of the bye week really comes into play for Atlanta.

But you know what? There’s something about picking Philadelphia here that we really like. Maybe it’s the team’s mental confidence at the moment (high). Maybe it’s the low expectations they’ll play with since they’re underdogs. Maybe it’s the nature of a five-game series where even one stolen win can be the difference-maker. So yes, we’re backing the Phillies here. No, they’re not as balanced as the Braves but its starting pitchers give us the utmost confidence in getting the upset victory.

Philadelphia to beat Atlanta in 2022 AL Divisional Series

San Diego Padres vs. Los Angeles Dodgers Betting Pick

As it’s been nearly all season long, the Dodgers are firmly entrenched as the World Series betting favorites across both leagues. So of course, LA is going to be favored to advance past the Padres. Sure, San Diego upset the New York Mets over the weekend, but oddsmakers aren’t pegging the chances of a repeat upset in this series:

LA Dodgers-210-210
San Diego+175+175

We’ll be completely blunt with our pick here: the Dodgers are going to dominate the Padres — as was the case in the regular season. Not only did LA win 14 of 19 games against their division rivals, but they did so by outscoring San Diego by a whopping 62 runs. You’d have to be crazy to think the Padres are topping the Dodgers here. We’re sure not, which is why LA is getting our money.

Los Angeles to beat San Diego in 2022 AL Divisional Series

Cleveland Guardians vs. New York Yankees Betting Pick

New York Yankees-210-210

Another series, another big betting favorite as the Yankees have almost 1-to-2 odds over Cleveland. It’s reasonable odds given the differences in how each team spends money and the experience of the two rosters (Guardians are one of the youngest in the majors).

New York carries a $249 million yearly cap budget that will balloon even more next season after they pay out the new AL all-time home run king Aaron Judge. Behind Judge’s record-setting ways, the Bronx Bombers belted 254 homers this season. Cleveland? 127, which was 29th league-wide.

We have a tough time imagining the Guardians' offense coming alive enough to pull off the upset. Sure, October baseball is more pitching-orientated, but you still need to score runs — especially to beat a high-powered attack like the Yankees. Cleveland scored just three runs in the wildcard round (over two games) and that won’t be nearly enough to beat New York.

New York to beat Cleveland in 2022 AL Divisional Series

Seattle Mariners vs. Houston Astros Betting Pick


When evaluating who to pick between Houston and Seattle, we can’t help but think about the polar-opposite expectations for each at this stage. The 106-win Astros are built for a World Series win and anything less is a disappointment. The Mariners have already overachieved with last weekend’s wildcard victory in its first playoff series in 21 years.

Sure, the pressure might be off Seattle, but this is not a good matchup for them at all. Heck, Houston isn’t a good matchup for anyone, sans the Dodgers. In 19 regular-season games between the two, the Astros won 12. The Mariners will have to play the series of their lives to win three games first, which we just don’t see happening.

We’re confidently backing Houston here. Offense, defense, and pitching — they own the advantage over Seattle in all three areas. Second in the AL in home runs and strikeouts, this Astros team isn’t losing in this spot. Not to a Mariners club that’s probably just happy to still be around.

Houston to beat Seattle in 2022 AL Divisional Series

How To Bet 2022 MLB Playoffs?

You’ll want to jump on these 2022 MLB playoff bets right away since Game 1’s are on Monday and Tuesday. Betting prices will change dramatically once games get underway. To lock in current odds, visit one of the bookmakers listed below.

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