Best Way To Profit Off Of Stevenson vs Santos

Best Way To Profit Off Of Stevenson vs Santos

The vacant WBC world lightweight champion will be on the line when Stevenson and Santos get down in the boxing ring. Don’t even think about betting Stevenson vs. Santos until you read this guide. We’re previewing the fight, plus giving out free picks so hang around for expert advice!

  • What: Shakur Stevenson vs. Edwin De Los Santos
  • When: Thursday, November 16
  • Where: T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • How To Watch: ESPN+

Stevenson vs. Santos Preview

It’s best to start our preview of Stevenson vs. Santos with a look-see at the latest betting lines. Across the best boxing betting sites, Stevenson is the runaway favorite to win. Here’s how the Stevenson-Santos moneyline currently shake out:

Shakur Stevenson-1600-1600-1600
Edwin De Los Santos+750+750+750

All eyes are on Stevenson in this one, let’s be real. He is attempting to win his third world championship in a different weight class. Stevenson won his first title at featherweight followed by junior lightweight. This is his shot at 135 pounds — a belt that was vacated by Devin Haney, who is moving up a weight class himself. Haney vs. Stevenson is the dream fight to make, but it appears it’s not happening soon.

The 26-year-old Stevenson has a real chance at being one of the faces of the sport. He now holds a 20-0 record with 10 KOs. The last time we saw him in April, he battered Shuichiro Yoshino en route to a sixth-round TKO. He’s a southpaw with elite footwork that makes him a quick striker and tough to hit for opponents.

Who is Santos? That’s probably a question many casual boxing fans and bettors are wondering. Well, he’s not a complete pushover, we’ll just say that. Like Stevenson, he’s a southpaw — but one much more reliant on power. Fourteen of Santos’ 16 career wins have been by the way of KO. The 24-year-old has one loss on his resume, but Stevenson is easily the toughest opponent he’s ever faced.

Stevenson vs. Santos Betting Picks

You’re going to have to make multiple Stevenson vs. Santos bets to profit off this because the moneyline leaves much to be desired. Speaking of which, that’s where we’ll start.


There’s very, very little chance that Stevenson loses this fight. Not because Santos isn’t a formidable foe, but Stevenson is just the real deal. In our book, he’s a top-5 fighter in the world right now and one that’s still improving.

Santos is over-reliant on his power. It’s a great trait, but we see Stevenson minimizing it cause that’s what he does. Get this, Stevenson allows the lowest power-punch connect percentage. He also ranks second among in opponents connect percentage at just 13.4%. Opponents are landing just 5.5 total punches per round against Stevenson, which is scary good.

With Santos power negated, there’s little path to victory for him. So this is an easy bet Stevenson’s way. Obviously, the betting odds aren’t the best, which is why we have two more picks for you.

Shakur Stevenson to beat Edwin De Los Santos

Over/Under Bet

All right, there’s actually an opportunity to make money off the over/under between Stevenson and Santos. Check out the current odds both ways:

Over 10.5 Rounds-345-345-345
Under 10.5 Rounds+255+255+255

As you can see, the over is the big favorite here — not as much as the moneyline, but not that lopsided. Regardless, we’re going to go against the grain and pick the under. This is Stevenson’s second fight at 135 pounds, but, boy, we’re impressed with his first outing. What we’re seeing is Stevenson finding his power. Less so from strength, but just impeccable timing more than anything else. Our money says Stevenson gets Santos out early.

Under 10.5 Rounds in Santos vs. Stevenson fight


Let’s dig into the Stevenson vs. Santos prop market. There are dozens of options available, but this one caught our eye immediately. It’s a round group betting prop. The goal is just to pick the range of rounds where the winner is decided. Here’s your list of options:

Either Winner In Rounds 1-6+900+900+900
Either Winner In Rounds 7-12+350+350+350
Fight To Go The Distance-335-335-335

We already called Stevenson by KO so that eliminates the fight to do the distance option for us leaving us with two choices — the first half of the fight (rounds 1-6) or the second half (rounds 7-12).

Our money is squarely on rounds 7 through 12. Stevenson is finding his power, but he’s still far from a knockout artist. We sense he’ll wear Santos down before finishing in the second half of the fight. Bank on it!

Either Winner In Rounds 7-12 in Santos vs. Stevenson fight

How To Bet On Stevenson vs. Santos

As soon as you’re done reading this, you’ll want to place your bets for Stevenson vs. Santos. Why? Because this fight is taking place Thursday night — not your usual Friday or Saturday start time. You don’t want to forget betting this, especially given this freebie advice we just dropped.

Any one of the bookies listed below will have you covered betting-wise. Per our latest sportsbook reviews, these sites are top-notch when it comes to the fight game. Beyond offering all the lines needed, there are also lucrative sportsbook bonuses to be had at these sites. Lucrative as in hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play on the line — more than enough to bankroll your boxing bets. See the table underneath for more details.