Betting Predictions For 2022 NL Pennant Winner

Betting Predictions For 2022 NL Pennant Winner

You may be surprised to know that we’re already one-fourth of the way into the 2022 MLB season. There’s a large enough sample size of data on teams to make updated betting predictions on the eventual NL pennant winner. That’s exactly what we’re doing in this article, so read on for expert betting advice on this futures wager.

The NL pennant odds haven’t changed all that much from the preseason. No surprise, the Dodgers remain the overwhelming favorites to win the league at the top baseball betting sites. Below you’ll find up-to-date lines on the NL betting favorites:

Los Angeles Dodgers+200+200
New York Mets+375+375
Milwaukee Brewers+550+550
Atlanta Braves+750+750
San Diego Padres+800+800
San Francisco Giants+850+850
Philadelphia Phillies+1200+1200

Betting Advice For 2022 NL Pennant Race

There are three NL teams we have our eyes squarely on in this futures bet and we’re approaching each in a different way with our bets. Allow us to give you our betting advice for the 2022 NL pennant race:

Make LA Your Biggest Bet

Picking the Dodgers to win the NL should be of no surprise to anyone reading this. There’s no real argument to be made; this team has the best roster in baseball. They’re heavy MLB World Series favorites at top online sportsbooks partly for this reason but also because they’re flat-out playoff experienced as division winners in eight of the previous nine years.

If you can only make a single NL pennant bet, then it almost has to be “The Boys In Blue.” Even if you’re making multiple bets (more on who our alternate pick is later in this article), the Dodgers should still command the majority of your wagering money. We really believe the gap between them and the next-best NL team is that big.

Of course, LA is not without risks (as any other team in the league). The NL West is arguably the best division in baseball with San Diego and San Francisco right on their tail. Plus, they’re already losing pitching arms 40 games into the year. Starters Clayton Kershaw and Andrew Heaney are currently out, which has forced LA to call up raw prospects to the rotation. That’s tough, especially when playing in a tightly-contested division with a low margin for error.

Regardless, we have all the faith in the world in Los Angeles to get this situated. After all, this front office can always make an acquisition if things somehow get more dire. So take the Dodgers +200 line with confidence here.

LA Dodgers to win the 2022 NL pennant

Fade The Mets Hard

New York currently owns the best record in the National League. They’ve lived up to its lofty preseason expectations — if not exceeded them with ace Jacob deGrom out. But these are the Mets, and we all know the disaster is always around the corner with this franchise. Welp, it just struck and thrown the team’s season off route.

The Mets' other pitching ace, Max Scherzer, is now injured too. He left the game a few days ago with an oblique strain. The early impression is Scherzer will be out until July or so. That’s a massive loss for New York, given Scherzer had a 2.54 ERA through eight starts. The ageless wonder was living up to the $130 million contract he signed with the franchise over the offseason.

New York is now in survival mode. It would be one thing if deGrom was returning soon, but there’s still no timeline on his comeback — which to us, doesn’t sound like good news. DeGrom has been missing in action since spring training with a stress reaction in his shoulder, and our money says he’ll likely return later than Schertz.

Even if the two pitching aces get off the injury list, can bettors actually trust them to stay off it? We have serious doubts. Schertz will be 38 years old in July, and at that age, injuries are tougher to recover from and prone to resurfacing. DeGrom, well, he’s been injury-prone for over a year now, and that reputation is beginning to stick. We just can’t imagine a scenario where the Mets win the pennant with both those aces being less than Cy Young material.

Brewers Are A Great Underdog Bet

Alright, we know many bettors aren’t keen on taking the Dodgers to win the NL. Perhaps it’s personal bias against LA at play or maybe they’re just seeking a bigger payday with a “longshot” bet. If you fall into either category (or both), then we have an alternate NL bet for you — the Brewers!

Milwaukee sits atop the NL Central at the moment, and this team is sneakily well-rounded with above-average pitching, hitting, and managing. Furthermore, it feels like former MVP Christian Yelich is sort of back. He started out slow in April but picked up the hitting pace this month. Yelich even hit his third career cycle the other week — tying him for most among active MLB players.

We’d give the Brew Crew a serious betting look if you’re opposed to betting the Dodgers or just want an “insurance policy” in case disaster hits LA this year. The team’s + betting line is rich in value.

Milwaukee to win the 2022 NL pennant

How To Bet 2022 NL Pennant Futures?

If you want to bet on the 2022 NL pennant or the AL, then you can do so easily at one of the top-rated betting sites listed below. Though, the odds we've listed above might be different since these sites are constantly refreshing their lines based on how the MLB season is going. You can see up-to-date odds by visiting one of the underneath bookmakers!