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Super Bowl 2020 Betting Guide: Latest Odds, Props, & Free Picks To Make

Super Bowl 2020 Betting Guide: Latest Odds, Props, & Free Picks To Make

If you think the Super Bowl is just an annual event to crown the champion of the NFL, then you’re sorely mistaken. It’s also the biggest sports betting event on the planet with literally billions at stake. Before you lay a wager down on the game or its props, read this betting guide for free advice and picks to make!

We're just days away from the big game, and current Super Bowl odds 2020 are practically neck and neck on the moneyline, per online sportsbooks:

  • Kansas City (-120)
  • San Francisco (EVEN)

Of course, there are so many betting opportunities outside the actual title game in the form of props. We've hand-picked the best Super Bowl odds Vegas 2020 that deserve your betting attention before kickoff. 

But before we give away our free picks, we have to remind you NOW is the time to sign up for a new sportsbook. With so much attention on the Super Bowl, online betting sites are rolling out the best sign-up bonuses and promotions of the year to entice you to join and bet. 

Leveraging any one of them, if not multiple, will reward you with free money to the tune of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This free play is guaranteed whether you're Super Bowl picks pan out or not — but if you listen to us, the former definitely applies! 

With that said, let's take a closer look at NFL Super Bowl odds 2020 currently available and what betting picks you need to make. 

San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs (-1.5)

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Honestly, we're a little surprised the Chiefs have the top odds to win the Super Bowl 2020. Why? Because this a classic great defense vs. great offense matchup and history tells us defense usually wins out.

Recent instances include 2017 (Pats vs. Falcons), 2015 (Pats vs. Seahawks), and 2001 (Bucs vs. Raiders). However, Super Bowl history is littered with even more examples. 

But here's the thing: the 49ers aren't just a stout defensive team. Its offense packs an explosive punch of its own.

Without a doubt, San Francisco is the most complete team in the NFL. During the regular season, they ranked second and fourth in total yards on offense and defense, respectively. Kansas City ranked 17th and sixth in those same categories.

We know, but "Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback in the NFL." We totally get that. However, the best way to slow down a prolific signal-caller is to pressure him with as little blitzing as possible. The Niners can do just that, evident by its 48-sack total this year, fifth-best in the league. 

As you may have guessed, we're backing San Francisco in this one. Not only are they the superior team, but underdogs are 5-2 over the past seven Super Bowls. Come February 2, and underdogs will improve to 6-2.

Betting pick to make: San Francisco (+1.5) and EVEN moneyline

Super Bowl Prop Bets To Make

Let's switch gears and talk about Super Bowl prop bets 2020. There are literally hundreds to pick from in this category, but we think these three below are the ones you absolutely can't pass up on. 

Super Bowl MVP

Perhaps the best Super Bowl prop bets 2020 and annually, for that matter. Essentially, you're picking which player will perform best from the title-winning team. Here are the five frontrunners, according to odds-makers:

  • Patrick Mahomes (+110)
  • Jimmy Garoppolo (+290)
  • Raheem Mostert (+450)
  • Nick Bosa (+900)
  • George Kittle (+1000) 

Since we're taking the Niners to win outright, our MVP pick has to wear red and gold. Garoppolo seems like the obvious choice since quarterbacks are most likely to win the honor, but we're not taking the bait.

There's one other way San Francisco will try to slow down Mahomes outside of its defensive line — with a clock-controlling run game. Expect the Niners to keep it on the ground plenty to keep Mahomes and company sidelined.

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Mostert, fresh off an NFC Championship where he totaled 220 yards rushing, is our MVP choice. While the Chiefs had success slowing down Derrick Henry's last game, Mostert will be a tougher task because Garoppolo is a better thrower than Ryan Tannehill. That sets up a deadly play-action offense that Mostert will feed off of. 

Betting pick to make: Raheem Mostert (+450)

What Will Longest Score of Game Be?

Here's a fun one, by the end of the big game, the most extended play for a score will be which one of the two:

  • Touchdown (-120)
  • Field Goal (-120)

Look, we've spent all article-long downplaying the Mahomes-lead attack. But that's not to say San Francisco will shut them down come Super Bowl time. That high-octane Chiefs offense can only be contained.

With impossible-to-cover weapons like Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, and Sammy Watkins, among others, the Chiefs are bound for at least one back-breaking touchdown. Bank on them to score on a bomb from Mahomes at least once.

Betting pick to make: Touchdown (-120)

Which Commercial Will Appear First — Donald Trump or Michael Bloomberg?

We had to throw in one non-game prop bet. While Demi Lovato's national-anthem singing props were indeed enticing, we think this politics bet is a complete steal:  

  • Donald Trump (-350)
  • Michael Bloomberg (+225)

We all know Trump was a billionaire long before entering the White House, but Bloomberg is one too. As a matter of fact, with a net worth estimated at $60 billion, he's 17 times richer than Trump. 

With incredibly deep pockets and trailing in the Democratic polls, Bloomberg has ramped up his advertising spend big time as of late. The Super Bowl, with the highest TV audience of the year, is the perfect showcase for Bloomberg to highlight his presidential campaign. 

Betting pick to make: Bloomberg (+225)

That does it for our Super Bowl 54 betting guide. We gave you five free bets, but now it's on you to heed our advice! 

If you need a sportsbook not only to lay down those bets but to earn a substantial sign-up bonus in the process, then visit one of our partners from the list below. You can trust each to take your Super Bowl bets with hassle-free deposit methods and later pay you out in a timely manner! 

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