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Super Bowl LV Prop Picks

Super Bowl LV Prop Picks

There are prop bets, then there are Super Bowl prop bets. Seriously, the “big game” brings the best out of bookies when it comes to in-game side wagers. While there are hundreds of props to pick from, we’ve hand-chosen the ones that offer the most value for bettors. See our free prop picks right here!

You can't only watch the upcoming Chiefs-Bucs championship matchup without making Super Bowl LV prop picks — you just can't! If you do, well, then you're leaving both money and fun on the table. Don't be that guy or girl.

And while the Super Bowl prop wager options are never-ending, only a few are worth your time and money. Those select few are covered throughout this article, along with our free betting advice. Let's dive right into it:

First Score Of The Game

KC TD+180+150
TB TD+225+200
KC FG+300+350
TB FG+300+400
KC Safety+4000+8000
TB Safety+4000+8000

Here's something to nibble on: in each of the past four Super Bowls, either Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes has started in it. What's more, in three of those contests, the game's first score ended up being a field goal.

Look, we expect both quarterbacks to put up points in bunches by game's end, but the very first score? We'd rather temper expectations and say it's a field goal rather than a touchdown. Think of it as the signal-callers "feeling out" their opponent at first.

As for who gets it first, our money is on the Buccaneers. The Chiefs are notoriously slow starters in the playoffs and that continues in Super Bowl LV. 

Betting pick to make: TB Field Goal (+300)

Over/Under: Home-Field Advantage Mentioned On Broadcast

Over 1/2 times-200
Under 1/2 times+150

Here's a straightforward bet that while in over/under betting terms, is essentially a "yes or no" wager. Will the term "home field advantage" be mentioned during the CBS broadcast? 

Outside of Bovada, we couldn't find this prop offered elsewhere. Regardless, we LOVE — and we mean love — this bet. Why? Welp, Tampa Bay is the first-ever team to play a Super Bowl in their own home stadium.

Think about that: in the 55-year history of the league, that home-field advantage feat has never been done before. Ever. It's a rarity when something happens in the NFL for the first time, which leads us to believe it HAS to be mentioned at least once on air. 

This is a bet you hammer home. Sure, the -200 odds aren't super favorable, but we just can't picture those three words not being uttered once given its historical achievement. 

Betting pick to make: Over 1/2 times (-200)


Longest TD Of The Game

Tampa Bay+100+100
Kansas City-130-130

Like we alluded to before, we expect an offensive explosion come Super Bowl time, but which team will strike the loudest?

Both teams have the Hall of Fame-level quarterbacks. Both teams have multiple Pro Bowlers on the offensive side. Both teams have aggressive play-callers. However, only one team has nagging issues in the secondary — and that's the Buccaneers.

Its two starting safeties, Antoine Winfield Jr. and Jordan Whitehead, are currently listed as questionable and doubtful, respectively, for the title game. That's worrisome against a Chiefs team that loves chucking it deep. Obviously, safeties are the last line of defense and if Tampa is hampered back there, Mahomes and company WILL surely take advantage. 

Chiefs are the bet to make here. And if we had to pick the player that scores this long one, it would have to be Tyreek Hill. He has an uncanny ability for back-breaking plays against defenses, healthy or hampered safeties be damned. 

Betting pick to make: Kansas City (-130)

MVP Of The Game

Patrick Mahomes-115-111
Tom Brady+240+180
Travis Kelce+1000+1000
Tyreek Hill+1200+1000
Chris Godwin+3300+2800
Leonard Fournette+3300+2500
Mike Evans+3300+2500

Ah, yes, the Super Bowl MVP winner is perhaps the most widely bet-on prop. This is a wager with a ton of possibilities — beyond the names above, which are only the betting front-runners.

For this one, let's take into account recent history. Over the past ten years, here is the position breakdown of the game's eventual MVP: seven quarterbacks, two defensive players, and one wide receiver. Every single player was on the championship-winning team, too. 

So there you have it, odds are high that the quarterback on the prevailing team also ekes out the MVP honor. So the next question you have to ask yourself is, do you think Kansas City or Tampa wins it all? Your answer should dictate your betting pick here.

For us, we're taking the Chiefs and consequently, Mahomes as the MVP. We said it once, we'll say it again: this Kansas City team is a dynasty in the making. And the key to that dynasty is none other than Mahomes.

Betting pick to make: Patrick Mahomes (-115)

That concludes our Super Bowl prop betting guide. If you're looking for a complete list of available props — all hundred-plus of them — then check out one of the online bookmakers below. 

Not only do these sportsbooks offer the full gamut of prop wagers, but there are also special Super Bowl promotions running at this very moment. New bettors can rack up sign-up bonuses to the tune of a thousand dollars in free play by merely creating an account and depositing money. Now ask yourself, wouldn't a free $1000 be nice when gambling on the big game?

Yeah, we thought so! Check the table below for in-depth details on promos currently running at these betting sites. Then follow the link to get started and earn your free cash within minutes!

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