Betting Picks For 2022 F1 French Grand Prix

Betting Picks For 2022 F1 French Grand Prix

The French Grand Prix on Sunday, July 24 is the second-to-last F1 race before the month-long summer break. For expert betting picks on the upcoming French Grand Prix, you’ll want to keep reading. We’re about to tell you which drivers are most worthy of a bet to win!

Let’s begin with the current betting odds, as set by top-rated F1 betting sites. Here are the drivers most favored to win outright:

Max Verstappen+110+110
Tom Brady+135+135
Lewis Hamilton+850+850
Sergio Perez+1400+1400
Carlos Sainz+1800+1800

2022 French Grand Prix Preview

The Circuit Paul Ricard will host the penultimate F1 event before the break. In this event’s storied history that dates as far back as 1906, the host track has jumped around routinely. However, it’s been a fixture of Circuit Paul Ricard since 2018. Remembering those races is a good way to start the preview of the 2022 French Grand Prix.

No surprise, Lewis Hamilton claimed wins in 2018 and 2019. The 2020 edition was canceled due to the pandemic, but in the 2021 return, Max Verstappen won — beating out Hamilton by under three seconds. It was a see-saw race between those two a year ago and it might be again, only with Charles Leclerc in Hamilton’s place this time around.

Ferrari’s Leclerc reinserted himself into the world championship race with a win in Austria (inside Red Bull’s own arena no less) a week ago — his third victory of the year, but first since early April. With the triumph, Leclerc nudged back into second place in the title standings. His 170 points are 38 points behind first-place Verstappen. Oddsmakers have made the two virtual co-favorites and placed a big gap between them and the third favorite, Hamilton.

2022 French Grand Prix Best Bets

We will be making picks on two different bets at the 2022 French Grand Prix — one for who takes first and another on the fastest lap. There’s plenty to cover so let’s get right into it:

Outright Winner Betting Pick

Leclerc was victorious a week ago, besting Verstappen by less than two seconds. But we’ll be completely upfront: we’re queasy about giving Leclerc the edge again. Look, when Leclerc is on, he’s Verstappen’s equal, if not just slightly better. But consistency has been Leclerc’s big bugaboo in 2022 — and not necessarily due to his own driving, but management by Ferrari too.

We need to see one more strong showing from Leclerc before we jump back on the proverbial bandwagon. Therefore, we’re taking Verstappen, who is looking to get back in the win column after back-to-back races finishing without victories. Interestingly enough, that ties the longest streak of races Verstappen has been held out of P1 this season.

One more note: we sense there’s value in Hamilton at +800. The all-timer is starting to find his groove. The seven-time world champion has strung together three straight podium finishes and four consecutive finishes of P4 or better. Compare that to two top-4 finishes in the first seven races of the 2022 season, and yes, Hamilton is a streaky-hot driver. Sooner rather than later, Hamilton will score his first win — perhaps it comes here at a track he has so much success at. He’s a great darkhorse pick if you’re looking for it.

Max Verstappen to win the 2022 F1 French Grand Prix

Fastest Lap Betting Pick

While we think Verstappen is winning in France, that will not be because he has the fastest car. By all measures — both on-track results and the eye test — the fastest car on the circuit belongs to Ferrari. Therefore, we’re choosing Leclerc to take the fastest lap.

We saw evidence of Ferrari’s car superiority over Red Bull at the most recent Austrian Grand Prix. On three different occasions, Leclerc overtook Verstappen at the speedy Red Bull Ring. Three times! Folks, that’s not a coincidence. No, it’s proof of Ferrari’s high ceiling when the team isn’t shooting themselves squarely in the foot.

Bet Leclerc in this spot. Only helping his matter is Circuit Paul Ricard is widely regarded as a high-speed track akin to the recent Red Bull Ring. Whereas consistency has been lacking for Leclerc in the finishing spot, his pure-end speed hasn’t faltered much. Take him with confidence here!

Charles Leclerc to win fastest lap at the 2022 F1 French Grand Prix

How To Watch The 2022 French Grand Prix

If you’re in the United States, you’ll need to wake up early to watch the 2022 French Grand Prix live. The start time for July 24 is 9 am EST. Got to love the time difference between America and Europe, eh?

As always, ESPN has exclusive coverage of the event. ESPN is F1’s broadcast partner stateside, which means they — and only they — get to air the sport on television.

How To Bet On 2022 French Grand Prix?

While we like the two bets mentioned above, there’s a wealth more available at major online sportsbooks. In particular, the prop betting market is heavy for the 2022 French Grand Prix.

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