Best Bets To Make For 2022 Hot-Dog-Eating Contest

Best Bets To Make For 2022 Hot-Dog-Eating Contest

The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest returns on the Fourth of July morning. The event isn't just for gutsy viewers who can actually stomach (pun intended) watching humans pummeling dog weiners and buns, but for bettors too. There are ample bets to make for the 2022 hot-dog-eating contest and we've included our absolute favorites throughout this article. Keep reading for expert betting advice!

No one should be surprised Joey Chestnut is the runaway betting favorite to win at the most popular online sportsbooks. It's gotten so one-sided that bookies are offering a Chestnut vs. the field betting prop:

Joey Chestnut-5000-5000
The Field+1100+1100

As you can tell above, there's not a lot of money to be made here unless you're of the belief that Chestnut will NOT win his 15th "mustard belt" in 16 years. We are not one of those people, hence why we need to find other prop bets to actually make money from this hot-dog showdown. We have our prop picks below so stick with us if you want to make money!

2022 Hot Dog Eating Contest Betting Picks

Alright, let's jump right into our 2022 hot dog eating contest betting picks. We've dug deep into the prop betting market and hand-picked the wagers below to deploy our money on. We advise you do the same because we're confident in these picks!

Chestnut To Beat Personal Record Bet

The all-time eating record was set by, who else, Chestnut. He chowed down 76 in 2021 to set the historic mark, breaking his own world record, as he's routinely done. Therefore, it's worth starting our picks on the all-timer and whether he can top the 76 count in 2022. Here are the current betting odds:


Over the past six years, here is Chestnut's finished dog count (from most recent to oldest): 76, 75, 71, 74, 72, and 70. Notice the trend? Aside from one year (2019), Chestnut has continuously improved upon his eating performance from the prior year. That's why we're confident Chestnut can slug down at least 77 hot dogs come Monday morning. Don't count out the eating G.O.A.T. and wager on the yes here.

Yes Joey Chestnut to beat personal record at 2022 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

Over/Under Hot Dog Eaten By Miki Sudo

Akin to Chestnut, Sudo has completely dominated the women's competition. Sudo rallied off seven straight wins from 2014 to 2020. Though, she sat out the 2021 competition due to being eight months pregnant, which led to Michelle Lesco winning outright. Sudo last ate 48.5 hot dogs in 2020 — shattering her own women’s world record of 41. The over/under comes just under that at 47.5. Take a look at how the odds stand:

Over 47.5 hot dogs+110+110
Under 47.5 hot dogs-140-140

Sudo doesn't have as strong a trend as Chestnut in gradually improving year after year, but it does exist. Here is her eating output over her career (from recent to oldest): 48.5, 31, 37, 41, 38.5, 38, and 34. Like Chestnut, Sudo's 2019 outing (when she ate just 31 dogs) feels like an outlier, which gives us the confidence to take the over here. We expect Sudo to set a new all-time mark for women.

Over 47.5 hot dogs ate by Miki Sudo at 2022 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

Sudo vs. Nick Wehry Bet

Remember earlier when we said Sudo missed the 2021 competition due to a pregnancy? Welp, the father of that baby is men's eating pro, Nick Wehry, who will be competing in Monday's event too. Right now, there's a real fun head-to-beat between the couple on who'll eat more dogs respectively. Wehry is favored ever slightly, as seen below:

Nick Wehry-155-155
Miki Sudo+125+125

Wehry, for his part, is one of the top-ranked men's competitors. Wehry has finished third overall two straight years, with final hot dog eating totals of 44 and 39.5. Notice each is well under Sudo's personal record set in 2020? We're on record saying that Sudo is going to top that with at least 49 scarfed down. If so, that should be enough to outpace her male partner so take Sudo to be victorious.

Miki Sudo to outeat Nick Wehry at 2022 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

How To Watch The 2022 Hot Dog Eating Contest?

If you're putting money down on this event, you might as well follow the hot-dog-stuffing-into-mouth battle live. ESPN will be airing the 2022 hot dog eating contest on its family of networks on the morning of Independence Day.

The women's competition is slated to begin at 10:45 am EST on ESPN3. Later, the men's competition goes down at 12 pm EST on ESPNEWS. That might be early for a certain portion of the viewing crowd, but there will also be re-airs on ESPN at 4 pm EST and 10 pm EST. Both contests are 10 minutes only so you'll want to make sure you're plastered in front of your TV in time.

How To Bet On The 2022 Hot Dog Eating Contest?

To bet on the 2022 hot dog eating contest — not just the aforementioned picks we made, but others — then you'll want to visit one of the underneath bookmakers. Not only do these sportsbooks offer a litany of contest-related odds, but there are also huge sign-up bonuses to take advantage of. Upon using one of the various deposit methods available to fund your account, you'll earn back anywhere from $500 to $2500 in free play from these books. Money earned can be used on the contest, effectively making your wagers free of cost. See the table below for a list of deals available on the table right now!