Under-The-Radar Bets To Win 2022 Oscars Awards

Under-The-Radar Bets To Win 2022 Oscars Awards

2022 Best Adapted Screenplay Betting Pick

If the odds set by the top online sportsbooks are any indication, it’s a two-way race for the 2022 Best Adapted Screenplay bet. Here are the current betting odds to win this category:

The Power of the Dog-200-200
The Lost Daughter+500+500
Drive My Car+3000+3000

It’s shaping up to be a massive night for The Power Of The Dog. The Netflix production has an Oscar-high 12 nominations throughout the night and some pundits are even pondering the chances for a clean sweep. That seems like a stretch to us (Dune has it beat in some of the technical categories; more on that later), but it would be a stunner if The Power of the Dog is passed for Best Screenplay.

The movie was a critical success from the get-go and it’s only picked up steam as of late. Non-Oscar award shows — such as American Film Institute, London & New York Film Critics Circle, and most notably, the Golden Globes — have awarded the film one honor after another. Historically speaking, success from one award show typically carries into other. And get this, The Power Of The Dog is up to 265 nominations and well over 200 wins across award shows. Success, indeed.

But here’s the most important part about making this bet: out of all the categories that The Power Of The Dog is up for, the line for Best Adapted Screenplay has one of the best values at “only” -200. The odds for the movie are much longer in Best Picture (-250), which most betting attention will naturally gravitate toward to. Therefore, by placing a bet on The Power Of The Dog here, you’re maximizing your chance at profiting — which is half the battle of betting anyway.

The Power Of The Dog to win Best Adapted Screenplay at 2022 Oscars

2022 Best Supporting Actor Betting Pick

Few awards have been shaken up at the most-used sports betting sites as this award category. About a month ago, Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Power of the Dog) was a massive favorite to win the Best Supporting Actor bet. However, in the past few weeks, he’s been superseded by Troy Kotsur (CODA). Here’s where the betting lines stand right now:

Troy Kotsur-425-425
Kodi Smit McPhee+240+240
Ciaran Hinds+700+700
Jesse Plemons+3000+3000
Jonathan Kimble Simmons+4000+4000

This futures bet is a classic example of the “narrative changing” when it comes to award shows, which is all too common. Kotsur’s rise is very much “story” based. That’s not to discredit his acting performance (he was phenomenal), but the fact that Kotsur is deaf is an extra juicy storyline. The “academy” that votes on these awards, after all, is susceptible to a good story as much as anyone. Kotsur and the rest of the CODA cast have made the media rounds nonstop as of late to push this narrative forward — and it’s worked to perfection.

But you know what? The odds have shifted so much that Smit-McPhee at +240 is dripping with value now. There’s still a solid chance he could pull off the “upset”, plus Smit-McPhee did win the Golden Globe in this category. Those two awards overlap more times than not. So what the heck, we’re taking a flyer on Smit-McPhee due to his line now being undervalued.

Kody Smit-McPhee to win Best Supporting Actor at 2022 Oscars

2022 Best Editing Betting Pick

King Richard+175+175
The Power of the Dog+300+300
tick tick BOOM+1000+1000
Dont Look Up+1800+1800

Remember earlier when we said Dune had The Power of the Dog beat in technical awards? Welp, here’s one for Best Editing. In fact, we’re surprised Dune is only even money to win this one. That feels undervalued to us, hence why we’re picking Dune for Best Editing — and laying a big bet at that.

More than anything else, we’re backing Dune so big here because of its ambition, especially compared to other nominees. The story seamlessly packed politics, religion, and environmentalism into a classic coming-of-age story. And sandwiched between that wholesome plot is a massive war throughout endless amounts of sand. Put those ambitions in the hands of a bad editor and the film can offer more sizzle than substance. But in the hands of editor Joe Walker? The result was a commercial and critical hit, which lends itself well to an Oscar in this category.

Dune to win Best Editing at 2022 Oscars

How To Bet 2022 Oscars?

The best place to bet on the 2022 Oscars is at one of the bookies featured in the underneath table. Heck, these are go-to sites for all entertainment betting, whether that’s hit TV shows or the Grammys. All those bets are perfect compliments to a completely decked-out sportsbook that has betting lines for every sport imaginable. This time of the year, that's Champions League and NCAA basketball betting for March Madness.